Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, August 10, 2018

This young man helps keep things going!

I love this picture above! :o) Samson is always included in everything. Here he's holding their latest wild life "find"!
These are his oldest teen siblings still at home. left to right- Faith 17, Kitty 15, Isaiah 14, Lysa 16.

                                Above relaxing in the Lodge on a hot day.

 He's super excited today! Today HE gets to mow! Usually he's the mower helper. Collecting sticks, rocks, pine cones, so they don't get mowed over.

 The lawn may not "look" like it needs mowing, but believe me, the lawn grows super fast in the Woods! Since we were up last time for 4 weeks, we kept it short. That way when we returned it was manageable! 

                He's all ready! A hat for flies, gloves for blisters!

Dad completely covered.........for flies?? He's chicken! The mower is now started. Samson builds his confidence to move it! Dad tells him which way to go!

 And off he goes! He's very confident! He's really not worried about any danger. So we help with warnings. :o) Everyone has to learn that way don't they!

 At first he didn't realize he needed to mow straight ahead before turning! ;o) After all its a long way isn't it!!

 His vision is compromised, he has a visual field that is higher, and looking down is challenging. So going straight was abandoned for now. We needed to put a target at the end for him to mow towards! We are learning too!

 Dad helps him turn so he doesn't get caught up under the pine tree!

 Helping him learn to keep "straight". He's a very fast learner!

Now he's got it!! He did a fabulous job! He mowed until he became tired. He has a heart condition so he lets us know when he's tired. He never uses his heart as an excuse. So we watch him too. The lawn mower is heavy!

Isaiah just keeps him company and sometimes helps him turn. Samson prefers mowing with someone he loves than alone!

Proverbs 18:24 New King James Version (NKJV)

24 A man who has friends [a]must himself be friendly,
But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

God Bless!! We are so glad you stopped by!

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