Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, September 11, 2017

Who's the boss? ;o)

We take 2 boys out at a time throughout the day. It gives them extra attention. And they concentrate on learning better. We try to "pair" them well. This time Kitty decided that Julius and Moses would be a good "pair". But they aren't. Moses does not enjoy Julius' constant antics. And Julius takes advantage sneaking off when Moses is asking to see or do something. :o(
But it was Kitty's choice. :o)

Moses is 2 years older that Julius. Moses wants Julius to respect him. Moses is wiser than Julius. But Julius doesn't respect anyone. He only does what Julius wants. I have to be very firm with Julius about even doing fun things. Because he will take over for attention seeking. His medication helps only a bit.

 Miss Kitty found some pretty wild flowers to put near our memorial for Joy, Angel and Molly.

                                                         The boys waiting to go - go- go!

I asked Samson to come out and show us his Birthday gifts. He said no! LOL! He said he was busy. He told me to show Julius and Moses.

 Kitty and the boys waiting to see if Samson was coming. I told them not now. ;o)

Inside, Noah (striped shirt) and Jacob (blue shirt) were inspecting Dora's doll house! So cute! Pauly (dark striped shirt) was inspecting something stuck on his hand!

 Somebody I love dearly needs her bangs cut! She is smiling at big brother Isaiah here taking pictures. She used to hate pictures. Now she asks Kitty and Isaiah to take her picture!
She was out in the yard earlier.

 They like to try out all of the outdoor furniture! LOL!

Working on getting Julius to "sign" something we can recognize! ;o)
Just 6 years ago Isaiah wore this shirt when he was 7. All of the boys were all so tiny when they came I honestly never thought they'd grow into Isaiah's old clothes!

                                       Moses is such a sweet boy! He's 12 years old now.

 We were using the magnifying glass to look at bugs and flowers. Julius was fascinated!

 It's a good thing he's adorable! LOL! Because he can really tire us out!

 Moses is so helpful, he's a delight! He's trying out Samson's birthday bat.

                                                He's not quite sure if he "likes" it. :o)

                                        Julius found an old Samson Bday present from 2014!

                                         Julius showing how Samson's ball thrower works.

                                  That didn't last long! Julius has a short attention span. :o)

                                                                Always on the go!

Moses signing. He's very good. He remembers more of them than Julius. He'd rather talk. But he can't articulate his "voice". He has apraxia.

I'm amazed they didn't hit each other! LOL! They do frustrate each other! Moses is never physically aggressive. But Julius trips his brothers. :o(

Moses continues his habit of putting his hands in his mouth, and throwing his arms behind his neck. We gently remind him. He stopped for a while. Mary Ann chewed on her fingers. I think he took that as a sign that it was o.k.

                                         He's not too thrilled holding Kitty's flowers!

                                The sun started setting. Time to go in! It sets at 7:33 now. :o(

                                                                    Samson's soccer net.

                              The boxes where he keeps his things, under the 5th wheel trailer.

                                  His new soccer ball, and little blue ball, with his wiffle balls.

                                             The other kids keeps stuff in these 2 boxes too.

                                                 His badminton net, ready for tonights game!

Samson says Thanks for stopping by! (((HUGS)))
(excuse my typos! running off to paint the Lodge siding ;o)


  1. So good to see pics of the kids. They look so good and so big. I throughly enjoyed reading and looking at all the pictures of all the kids.

  2. wow, lots of activities going on. Fun!

    1. Thank You Jody Lynn! Samson used to sit at the picnic table every summer we went up North. Then at about age 17 he got up and took his football out and started running! From then on he was hooked on sports!

  3. Now you got my girls into seeing your other blog here. We enjoyed the pictures and updates. I shared with them about your boys, some with down syndrome which they had never heard of before and they kept saying, "They look just fine! They look really nice!" I think they wanted to be there playing with them all. : )

    1. The boys would love to play with them! All the kids would love to have them here! :o) You'll have to tell the girls that Paul is named after Paul in the NT, and Julius was named from Acts 27. See if they can see why! Paul and Julius were adopted together and at the time I was reading Acts and I knew then that would be their names! ((((HUGS)))

  4. Every time you post pictures of the children they look so much taller and more mature! :) What a wonderful family and life. I can see how happy they all are. What joy they must bring to your heart. I know here our days can be really hard at times but I always feel content and happy deep inside watching them all grow and progress. We are all so very blessed. Hugs and blessings!

  5. Thank You Susan! :o) Yes days are physically hard, but God gifts me continually with JOY! (((HUGS)))


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