Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fifteen woke up to rejoice in His name, and then there were fourteen left behind thanking and praising Him .

                       Our Mary Ann (above) at the lake, 2011.
                  I made her sweatshirt. It says "Camping Woman".

Inside the bunkhouse 2014. It was very cold outside, but very warm inside.:o)

 Always the ever watchful Mary Ann. (2014) Julius is dancing as she makes sure no one gets hurt. :o)

Our van has 15 seats. (2014) Every seat was filled with LOVE and JOY! The gals are hard to see way in the back :o) Mary Ann's empty seat sits empty now.

2014, the year after she survived pneumonia and ARDs. She was no longer steady on her feet. She lived every day to the fullest! And each day was a GIFT from God!

Always helping the children she loved. (2011)

 We called each other "BEST buddy". At bedtime she told me "Goodnight Sweet Prince"! I told her- hey! I'm not a prince! She laughed! (2010) We teased each other constantly! Same old jokes over and over! It never got old. Everyday was better than the last.

She modeled prayer shawls for me to sell for the boy's adoptions. She loved the boys. She called them the babies. Moses was her favorite. They had a special friendship. (2012) This was taken in her bedroom.

 So many silly sweet faces, she was crazy! The best kind of crazy ever! (2011) She liked it when we told her she was a "Wild woman"!!

We went to Taste of Home here, in WI in 2005.
We also toured the Jelly Belly factory in WI.
Not shown in this picture- Tom, Isaiah (18 months) and our gal SP. A dear friend Kathy invited us to come. My lovely post pregnancy body at age 48 1/2!! (Mary Ann was 48 1/2 too)

 Last summer (2016) in her camping trailer she shared with SP. Oh what a glorious absolutely wonderful time we had at the Lodge. She loved it. We loved it. It was the best time ever! Even though she won't be back to see the finished living quarters this year, we'll celebrate in her memory. It was all built to accommodate her.

 I made her an alzheimers sensory blanket this year. She loved it!

                Yes my sweet LOVE, I miss you so much I ache.

Here it's 2012, meeting the first two boys- Pauly and Julius.
At her Senior Center she made me a key chain for them. It hangs by my computer, it says Judith and Pual in beads. She forgot Julius' name. :o) She loved doing crafts there!

I can't sort my thoughts. I can't sum this up into a post. I can't write what I feel because it is a mix of JOY, sadness, LOVE, anguish, and most of all loneliness. Feelings- coming and going. We were both so incredibly ill this winter I thought it would be me, not her.

Samson and the boys are waiting for her to come home.

July 17, 1987 Mary Ann stole my heart and forever changed my life for the better. That was 29 years and 9 months ago. We were both 30 years old. We lived like twins. We were the same age, we both turned 60 this year. She shared her life with me and I shared mine with her. I don't know how to be 60 without her.

She was afraid to die. The Lord knew this and she died incredibly peaceful. She never suffered a serious illness her entire life other than her last bout of pneumonia. She lived a beautiful life! Praise God. I have been INCREDIBLY BLESSED to have been part of it. I am so undeserving.