Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Out takes :o)

Grandma (my mom) sends all 10 children their own Christmas bag with a $15 gift card, oranges, apples, bananas and home made Christmas cookies. This year she was 83 years young and she still doing this for us! The kids wait every year for this!

Grandma has patiently waited for photos of the kids.
Much easier said than done!  Once a week Isaiah sets out to try to get a nice picture. These are some of the cute ones. All adorable, but...........a "good" one?!

Jacob hates having his picture taken. But then he hates anything that isn't Jacob's idea! LOL! It's best Isaiah take his photo, he can make Jakie "smile"!
When he doesn't get "his" way he cries. Its almost comical because he uses it to detract us. But we tell him "Your not dying Jakie! It's o.k." He will start getting his PT at the clinic this week instead of at home. We expect lots of tears. Silly boy!

Pauly has great moments where he's absolutely spot on. Smiling, happy! Most days his autism makes it hard for him to relax for a picture. :o)
He is a perfectionist with his school work, he gets so tense for fear of doing it wrong. He'd rather not do it than fail. We tell him over and over he did it just right! :o)

Moses loves to "help". Always ready to be a big boy, even though he's so small in size. He'll be 12 years old next month and wears size 4. Slooowly growing into a 5. And he eats a lot! He loves his food!
This week he went to the dentist with Tom and Noah. As soon as Tom got him out of the van Moses ran to push Noah's wheelchair. Tom stood behind Moses and helped Mosie push his big brother's wheelchair with him.
He is incredibly smart, and is respectfully interested in everything. The other 4 boys are still kind of opportunists, they do what we are doing, or watch us, or wait to see what to do.
But Moses immediately finds  things to do anywhere he is. He explores, asks questions, (he is nonverbal but has great body language- facial expressions) points, and runs to get "his" things! We just love his enthusiasm!

It breaks our hearts that when he first came home he didn't care if he lived or died. (see his picture on the side bar at 15 lbs age 7)
Oh what JOY he brings!

                     This photo of Jacob we'll send to Grandma. :o)

And this one :o)
It's always so sweet to see Pauly happy. But sometimes his autism makes him happy in a manic way and we lose touch with him. It is hard to have to ask him to stop laughing. It becomes a cycle.

Moses wearing Isaiah's Bowler. Yesterday Isaiah had a tie on so Mosie wore one clipped to his Tshirt! :o) 

He's so handsome. Just yesterday he was 4. Where does the time go? Julius, Noah and Jacob are "tall" they wear size 7 boys clothing.
Julius can be cocky when you ask him to do anything. He gets bored easily. He has so much potential, but he has so many behaviors that get in the way.
He knows he's cute. He has that Bulgarian confidence we love! He still has PICA. (eating things that are not edible) We have to check his mouth constantly, he's faster than we are.

Sometimes taking a picture with 2 in works better! One will look at the camera!!

Our little man Noah. When he came at 9 1/2 he looked like a baby! What a handsome young man he is and strangers love his smile!
Even if they feel awkward trying to relate to him on his level, they all melt when he smiles at them!!

It seems crazy that he, Julius and Jacob can wear Isaiah's hand-me-downs! Isaiah wore those same clothes the year Julius and Pauly came home 2011. (Noah/Moses/Jacob came home 2012.)

We worked 2 days to get a photo we liked for the top of the blog. Even though I like the new blog photo I wish the flash wasn't so bright. I know nothing about photo shopping.

Can you tell how much Isaiah LOVES his brothers? :o)
And they adore him! He shows them what boys like. And they are there for Isaiah when he's overwhelmed by his 3 bossy teenage sister! Noah and Isaiah are both 13 (teens) now. Noah is older ;o)

I LOVE just scooping them up in a bunch for hugs!!

Samson is the best big brother ever! And he helps his brothers so much. He doesn't understand that they have Down Syndrome, or that he has Down Syndrome. They are just his precious little brothers and he's the big Bro!

Samson's visual field causes him to tilt his head. So pictures have always been a challenge. We want everyone to see how handsome he is! He is smaller in height from his heart condition. He wasn't expected to live this long. What JOY we have that he has had 21 years! Everyday is a blessing. As his chore/learning household skills list grows, he becomes a happier young man! He likes to keep busy! He feels important, and he is!

Pauly too is smaller in stature from his heart condition. The other 4 boys have super healthy hearts!

(Mercy was hiding :o(
Thank You Heavenly Father for these precious Souls. We PRAISE Your Holy Name!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cuteness continues

This morning as MA was sitting in her wheelchair waiting for the Senior Center van. She noticed a stack of scarves I had completed sewing, on the table. The teens had not put them away yet. These above are waiting to be sewn. (I wrote about my scarf making on the other blog.)

While no one was looking, MA scooped the new fleece scarves into her arms and sat in her wheelchair holding them. You see she thought "they" were her Busy Blanket I made her! It was so cute. We had to tell her they weren't hers.

After MA puts her Busy Blanket down to eat, use the bathroom or go to bed, it stays in her living room chair. And every single time she returns to it she asks "What's this?" :o) And she loves it like it's new again!
She is so cute, her heart is so pure (even if a few curse words slip out). Oh how I Love her!

Then there's THIS Princessa!
Oh my she makes my heart melt. My beautiful daughter. A Gift from God.
This is how she hides when we are taking pictures. We wish she would like her picture taken..............she doesn't.

Recently she "found" that if you pull your ears hard enough- they will bleed, and are possibly removable. :o(
We scrambled to stop this quickly. After brainstorming we decided to try wrestler's ear protectors.
(above she's telling Isaiah "no pictures" in her non-verbal way)

 At first she fought wearing the ear protectors. It's tricky choosing your battles with her. I really do respect her opinion. But ears must stay on heads. They are just too cute not to.

And so she loves them now and wears them willingly. Our prayer is that she will grow out of this new obsession, as she has with other obsessions. Unfortunately new obsessions start. And altho we can live with some of them, the self injurious ones are non-negotiable.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My sweet Love (friend) MA"

I saw a DIY blog that had a post about "Busy Blankets" for people with dementia and alzheimers. I knew MA would love a "Busy Blanket".

I was intrigued, I was wanting to make her one; but I am so short on time. I felt I just couldn't make one for sweet MA's birthday.

I looked to buy one. Most of the "busy Blankets" on etsy looked cluttered to me. Too much on them. Most were made of cotton quilting fabric. Not very soft. But then I saw the DIY post was using fleece! That would cut my time tremendously! I thought I just had to give it a try. Later the blog owner told me she'd gotten the fleece idea from another DIY blog friend.

If you are interested, I am going to post how I made my "Busy Blanket" on my other blog- Uncontainable Joy. Just click on the photo of the boys at the top of this blog.

I had to make her blanket pink because that is MA's favorite color! :o)

MA and I will both be 60. Her 60th was in December, mine is in the Spring. We have loved each other dearly for 30 years. I think of David and Jonathan when I think of our friendship. I love her more than a sister. We are not related by blood. I've shared everything about my life with her these 30 years.

She really liked the blanket!
So often she gets easily distracted by a loose thread or a clothing label. So I sprinkled just enough trinkets on the blanket to keep her busy!
Her favorite part is the scalloped edge, of the one unfinished edge! I ran out of pink to go all the way around. I scalloped all the edges with my olfa.
I also put a "tag" on it and wrote my name there so she can see that it's from me. She forgets. :o)

Everyday is a gift from God that she is here with us. A virus' or illness could sweep her away quickly. She's not physically strong. Years ago people with Down Syndrome who were elderly and had frail health did not live this long. I can't imagine my life here without her.
I Thank God for her!