Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, November 9, 2017

October 2017 flew by!

 We got home from the woods October 1rst. We were busy starting up our yearly OT, PT visits and getting to our 6 month dentist, Dr and orthopedic appointments. It was a busy month!
The weather didn't cooperate much. It's much colder than normal and we have had snow.

It wasn't until Halloween we found any time to dress up our pumpkins! The teens handed out a bit of candy at the door till 8 p.m. The new thing is "trunk or treat". At the Church about 6 blocks away cars parked, handed out candy from their trunks to kids. The Church let them plug in lights and decorations. We don't go out ourselves. The oldest teens ate a bag of candy each. Good thing they were small sized pieces. :o)
The boys don't like candy. Samson and SP requested pumpkin pizzas from the local Take and bake.

Of course the boys may have hoped we'd forget to dress them up this year! ;o) They'd forgo the whole thing if I didn't insist! ;o)
L to R back- Samson, Julius, Pauly, Noah
L to R front Jacob, Moses
Moses, bless his heart did get a kick out of my joy!
They are so CUTE!!

                             Jacob ran away here. (above)

                                     Julius was sent to time out!
                            Pauly (sitting) waits to escape! :o)

The two who humor mom just to make me smile! :o)

Tonight it is about 6 degrees out. A bit of snow here. There is a lot of snow up north in our woods, so our trips to go back end early this year.
But we are warm and happy and so blessed!
God is so good to us! No colds or virus' yet this year for any of us! Praise God!

We realized that from the Senior Citizen program Mary Anne attended she brought home constant virus', colds and flu. SP attends a program for ages 18 plus. So the illnesses run through quicker rather than linger and hang on. How bittersweet it is to miss Mary Anne so much and yet be so thankful not to be ill from what she brought home. We couldn't ask her to quit going because it was her life. What joy that she went every day she could up until she died! Thank You God!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Noah and Jacob

My very handsome, sweet, loving Noah Faithful age 14. He's holding an Ark Therapy chew in one hand and a squishy ball in the other.
Noah has the sweetest soul. He always listens to me when I talk to him. He always wants to hear what I have to say. He tries to love everyone. (warning may be TMI) But his body betrays him when he messes his diaper before his PT visits. LOL! Poor guy he hates driving to PT and prefers his therapist doing in home PT. Tom discreetly cleans him up in the van. And then he greets his therapist with a big hug.

 Jacob here (now 12) saying as usual leave me alone. He attends PT with Noah. Jacob has the same habit of showing displeasure as Noah, only Jacob shows it when we travel a long way. A short drive to PT is fine with him. But drive longer than 10 minutes and he's done.

 Their feet touch the ground now when they sit on the benches. I can't believe how much they've grown! They are slightly over 4' tall. Only Pauly and Moses still need a car seat. Neither will walk on the un-even outdoor ground. Their footing isn't strong enough unless the surface is flat. They don't like to fall ever, so they won't chance it. They aren't daring like Moses and Julius. :o)

 Faith adores all of the boys. She knows Noah has FAS (and DS) and she feels closer to him, since she has FAS too.
Faith only has one "speed", she is our energizer bunny. Faith doesn't have bad days, altho Dad can frustrate her and she gets quite upset. I am able to win her over easily. It's just all in remembering that she often doesn't realize that everything is o.k. and she need not panic. If I'm calm she's calm. Oh how I love her. :o) The FAS specialist told us when she was 2 she'd never bond. She has bonded. And altho it is not exactly text book bonding, it is not for her lack of wanting to bond with us all. I held her in my arms from age 2 months on- she wanted to bond. She watched every move I made. :o)

Lysa trying to get a picture of Jacob. He's very passive aggressive, sweet boy we love you anyhow!
 She took his hat off, it didn't help he's not looking at the camera!

 I told her to get under him! He's not impressed!

 Noah and Samson are always ready to help when asked! Jacob's trying to slink off the bench!

 After the boys went in, Samson rests from helping!

 A picture of our 30' x 30' Lodge end of the building. The umbrella is over Lysa's "kitchen" where she washes the dishes.

The whole compound on 19.25 acres. Left is the 5th wheel, center the trailer, right the garage end of the building, the van, the outhouse, the canopy over the dog potty area.

A silly video of Faith entertaining her brothers. If you get bored skip to the end where she hugs them. So sweet!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Becoming a man with the help of his "little" brother

We are always searching for ways to experience the outdoors! The teens wanted to camp out in our old tiny two person tent! We used to set this tent up at the lake property. Few kids ever slept in it.

Isaiah put the small tent inside the bigger screen tent. :o) He was thinking that if it rains this would do the trick! LOL! I'm afraid if it rained they would still get quite wet. Especially since the wet ground pools the water until it can soak in!

The 4 oldest teens said they'd ALL 4 sleep in the tent together! It wasn't realistic!
I suggested Isaiah ask Samson to camp out with him first and then the 3 Teen girls could camp together the next night.

Samson was thrilled to be asked. It was a cold night. 45 degrees. They had their below zero sleeping bags with blankets. The girls were lucky, it was a warm breezy night for them!
Samson is showing the tent here. The night he slept in it they had on sweat shirts!

 The children who were raised in our home with him are now 22  - 27 yrs old. (he's 22) They never did things like this with him. He was treated as someone they had to "watch". It was true he had delays. But not to the extent that he couldn't participate. These 4 teens (Isaiah 13, Kitty 14, Lysa 15, Faith 16) include him in everything. It was their idea to get him to help them more and for him to help their younger  brothers.

 Kitty took these pictures so he could show his "camping"!
I said "See he's happy, he's smiling!" And Samson replied- "Yeah! I'm smiling!" He's such a goof!

 Samson and Isaiah (13 yrs) have a buddy system. Their camping clothes are stored together so Isaiah gets Samson's out when he changes. Throughout Isaiah's day he reminds Samson of things he needs to do. Tonight Isaiah got Samson some dinner from the trailer. It was very hot, so he did not get him a spoon; knowing Samson might not be able to wait to let it cool down enough. Isaiah is so considerate and keeps Samson's needs in mind.

 In return Samson tries to help Isaiah in return! As Isaiah was falling asleep in the tent. Isaiah heard his Dad talking to me. So he answered him half asleep. :o) Samson told him "No Dad's talking to Mom!"
I always cherish that he calls me Mom because the first few years (we adopted him at 3) he called every woman BUT me, Mom! Women strangers looked at us like "Why is he calling me Mom?" every teacher was Mom! Embarrassing!

 The guys made it through the whole night in the cold! And I barely slept, listening to see if they needed me! :o) By 6 a.m. they were refreshed and I was exhausted!

                                 Isn't he sweet! My son Samson Malachi. I thank God for you!

Tonight I was out painting our Lodge/garage siding and I could hear the guys doing something in the garage. I asked what was up and Isaiah told me he was having Samson help him. Isaiah wanted to cut up some wood from a project I asked him to do. The wood really didn't need cutting, but after I saw these two guys prepared for woodwork how could I say no?

Isaiah makes sure Samson knows safety around tools! He also shows Samson where the tools go on the tool bench so Samson can run and get what they need.

 Isaiah has very good control over the saw. Samson only keeps his hands where Isaiah tells him.

                                                Isaiah explains everything, Samson listens well!

 Samson takes helping seriously. He feels honored to help. In reality Isaiah is the one gifted by Samson teaching him patience and understanding. They teach each other. :o)

 Samson didn't even look up at the camera like he usually does because he knew he was busy helping!

  Isaiah explaining to Samson about the wood, not sawing screws and what he would cut.

                                                                              Back to work!

               Samson was getting him a different saw blade to try. He had several laying out.

                                                                     Finishing it up.

Samson doesn't ever take for granted that he's asked to hang out and help. He was hurt when his "same age" brother (Gabriel) left home and never came to see him again. He felt like he'd lost half of himself.
I'm happy to say that now Samson has an even better, happier, more fulfilling relationship with his "big" little brother Isaiah.
God has answered Samson's AND my prayers! Praise God!

Each day I see Samson grow and blossom from all he's learning and soaking in from the 4 teens who include him (all on their own) in their day to day lives. Not because they should, but because they want to! Praise God!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Who's the boss? ;o)

We take 2 boys out at a time throughout the day. It gives them extra attention. And they concentrate on learning better. We try to "pair" them well. This time Kitty decided that Julius and Moses would be a good "pair". But they aren't. Moses does not enjoy Julius' constant antics. And Julius takes advantage sneaking off when Moses is asking to see or do something. :o(
But it was Kitty's choice. :o)

Moses is 2 years older that Julius. Moses wants Julius to respect him. Moses is wiser than Julius. But Julius doesn't respect anyone. He only does what Julius wants. I have to be very firm with Julius about even doing fun things. Because he will take over for attention seeking. His medication helps only a bit.

 Miss Kitty found some pretty wild flowers to put near our memorial for Joy, Angel and Molly.

                                                         The boys waiting to go - go- go!

I asked Samson to come out and show us his Birthday gifts. He said no! LOL! He said he was busy. He told me to show Julius and Moses.

 Kitty and the boys waiting to see if Samson was coming. I told them not now. ;o)

Inside, Noah (striped shirt) and Jacob (blue shirt) were inspecting Dora's doll house! So cute! Pauly (dark striped shirt) was inspecting something stuck on his hand!

 Somebody I love dearly needs her bangs cut! She is smiling at big brother Isaiah here taking pictures. She used to hate pictures. Now she asks Kitty and Isaiah to take her picture!
She was out in the yard earlier.

 They like to try out all of the outdoor furniture! LOL!

Working on getting Julius to "sign" something we can recognize! ;o)
Just 6 years ago Isaiah wore this shirt when he was 7. All of the boys were all so tiny when they came I honestly never thought they'd grow into Isaiah's old clothes!

                                       Moses is such a sweet boy! He's 12 years old now.

 We were using the magnifying glass to look at bugs and flowers. Julius was fascinated!

 It's a good thing he's adorable! LOL! Because he can really tire us out!

 Moses is so helpful, he's a delight! He's trying out Samson's birthday bat.

                                                He's not quite sure if he "likes" it. :o)

                                        Julius found an old Samson Bday present from 2014!

                                         Julius showing how Samson's ball thrower works.

                                  That didn't last long! Julius has a short attention span. :o)

                                                                Always on the go!

Moses signing. He's very good. He remembers more of them than Julius. He'd rather talk. But he can't articulate his "voice". He has apraxia.

I'm amazed they didn't hit each other! LOL! They do frustrate each other! Moses is never physically aggressive. But Julius trips his brothers. :o(

Moses continues his habit of putting his hands in his mouth, and throwing his arms behind his neck. We gently remind him. He stopped for a while. Mary Ann chewed on her fingers. I think he took that as a sign that it was o.k.

                                         He's not too thrilled holding Kitty's flowers!

                                The sun started setting. Time to go in! It sets at 7:33 now. :o(

                                                                    Samson's soccer net.

                              The boxes where he keeps his things, under the 5th wheel trailer.

                                  His new soccer ball, and little blue ball, with his wiffle balls.

                                             The other kids keeps stuff in these 2 boxes too.

                                                 His badminton net, ready for tonights game!

Samson says Thanks for stopping by! (((HUGS)))
(excuse my typos! running off to paint the Lodge siding ;o)