Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A vacation 5th wheel for two special ladies :o)

 This 5th wheel used to be at the lake. It slept 7 of us. The rest of us, including our lovely ladies slept in the bunkhouse. This trailer is now exclusively for the 2 ladies we love. We are hoping to get their wheel chair ramp next Monday.
We are daily updating it with things they want and need.

                   Welcome!!! C'mon in!! Here is Faith sitting on SP's bed, keeping the ladies company.

 In the green shirt (back) is MA busy with her very important "stuff"!
SP is in the navy blue sweat shirt. They are watching Shrek.

For 29 years MA has blessed our family. :o) Only 3 years ago we nearly lost her to pneumonia. Every day she lives is a gift from God.

MA is busy busy busy! Tonight MA and SP shared pepperoni pizza, And chocolate cake with hot cocoa!
The potty behind MA is so they don't have to climb the steps in or out, or up the to the top level of the 5th wheel. (There is a curtain for privacy.)

 Isaiah took this standing in the back, the "potty" room. MA wants to know what he's doing back there! LOL! Straight ahead leads up steps to the bathroom that is too tiny and difficult for them to use.

Storm clouds and rain threatened all day. For many years MA and SP trekked to the outhouse in the rain. Not any more! Now they stay dry!

 SP looking as pretty as one can look while they are on vacation in the woods roughing it! :o)
We have been blessed having SP in our family for 27 years now. I'm not at liberty to share, but SP also has a life threatening health condition that makes every day we have together a gift from God.

SP turned 60 last December and MA turns 60 this December! :o)

The younger boys are playing in the cabin side of our building. (more pics on the other blog :o)
We bought a different brand of indoor/outdoor rugs to lay on the floor temporarily. We thought they were like the one we purchased for out dining room, but they aren't as nice at all. :o(

We've been so busy. Every day it looks more like our new home! God is good!
Wonderful weather, wonderful people, beautiful northern MN woods! Thank You Lord!

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  1. I love MA's and SP's trailer. It is set up perfectly for them and their needs. What a blessing. It was so nice to see some photos of them. It made my day! Praying for their health. God is so very good, Always! Blessings!


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