Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Happy Birthday and a wagon ride

 It was hot. Really hot 90 degrees. Thank goodness for the breeze! Mosie was getting stir crazy in the trailer. So he wet out for a wagon ride! We have 2 children wagons, but Isaiah decided to try pulling him in our wagon we use to bring in our groceries and supplies. Mosie wasn't so sure!

The good thing is by 9 p.m. the temperature drops down to around 60 and we do most of our moving and lifting then.

In a couple of days we are supposed to be getting a nice cool down in weather.
Then I can turn the oven on in the cabin to bake Samson a Birthday cake! (In the mean time I make snack cakes in the toaster oven in the trailer) Our friends at Sweets and Such have a little frozen (ice cream) surprise for him. Today it's hot enough to drink ice cream. We can't transport it the 8 miles from the shop in our hot van now!
To the left of Samson is the Builder's trailers and supplies. He's watching the subfloor put in.

Stopping near the raspberry bushes for a snack. We have quite a few huge bushes. And Blackberries too! yum!

So far educationally Moses is exceeding his brothers in comprehension. We knew Noah may never understand a lot of what we do, due to his combination of 9 years in a crib and FAS. (not his DS) But Moses has been a HUGE surprise in a small package. Even Julius who understands a lot can not learn as easily due to his constant attention seeking behavior. Which is a bigger handicap than DS.

DS as always is the least of our worries with our boys. In fact DS partially makes our boys kinder, more patient and more forgiving. Something that little boys without DS would understandably not be, if they have gone through the same deprivation.

Trust is a different issue. I don't think Julius, Moses, or Jacob will ever trust anyone again. Which is understandable but hurts our hearts.

This is week 2. So much more to do!


  1. We have been going thru a hot spell as well. Praise God we have a pool, for the children to swim in, in the afternoons. If I let them swim during the day they would get badly sun burnt. Your children are growing up so much in your last few posts. They all look so much older and more mature. Time sure does fly by. May God give you all strength and health as you work while you are there. Blessings!

  2. Elizabeth, I always glean something helpful from coming here to read. Today it is hearing you say three of your boys may never trust anyone again. I'm coming to think the same thing about Katie. Just helpful to hear an experienced adoptive mom say it out loud.

    1. Susanna it is so good to "see" you! ((((HUG)))) I stop by once in a while when I get time! Thank You for your kind words. Our sweet pumpkins (including Katie) will always regress when it comes to trust. They survived by not trusting.And they were taught not to trust. And its hard because being non verbal they have no words for "trust". It reminds me of my first son (developmentally delayed with FAS)we adopted at age 7 1/2. He was verbal so that was helpful. But he had no idea what love means. He thinks he was loved when he was neglected and abused. I don't argue because I know he "loved" them. My definition of love, and my loving him, completely overwhelmed him. He's 40 now, and he still doesn't understand what love is. I hate accepting damage done like this. But because we love them, we love everything about them, even their inability to love or trust. After all it was not their fault.
      We are so blessed by our Bulgarian Loves aren't we!!
      You are always in my thoughts and prayers!


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