Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A vacation 5th wheel for two special ladies :o)

 This 5th wheel used to be at the lake. It slept 7 of us. The rest of us, including our lovely ladies slept in the bunkhouse. This trailer is now exclusively for the 2 ladies we love. We are hoping to get their wheel chair ramp next Monday.
We are daily updating it with things they want and need.

                   Welcome!!! C'mon in!! Here is Faith sitting on SP's bed, keeping the ladies company.

 In the green shirt (back) is MA busy with her very important "stuff"!
SP is in the navy blue sweat shirt. They are watching Shrek.

For 29 years MA has blessed our family. :o) Only 3 years ago we nearly lost her to pneumonia. Every day she lives is a gift from God.

MA is busy busy busy! Tonight MA and SP shared pepperoni pizza, And chocolate cake with hot cocoa!
The potty behind MA is so they don't have to climb the steps in or out, or up the to the top level of the 5th wheel. (There is a curtain for privacy.)

 Isaiah took this standing in the back, the "potty" room. MA wants to know what he's doing back there! LOL! Straight ahead leads up steps to the bathroom that is too tiny and difficult for them to use.

Storm clouds and rain threatened all day. For many years MA and SP trekked to the outhouse in the rain. Not any more! Now they stay dry!

 SP looking as pretty as one can look while they are on vacation in the woods roughing it! :o)
We have been blessed having SP in our family for 27 years now. I'm not at liberty to share, but SP also has a life threatening health condition that makes every day we have together a gift from God.

SP turned 60 last December and MA turns 60 this December! :o)

The younger boys are playing in the cabin side of our building. (more pics on the other blog :o)
We bought a different brand of indoor/outdoor rugs to lay on the floor temporarily. We thought they were like the one we purchased for out dining room, but they aren't as nice at all. :o(

We've been so busy. Every day it looks more like our new home! God is good!
Wonderful weather, wonderful people, beautiful northern MN woods! Thank You Lord!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Happy Birthday and a wagon ride

 It was hot. Really hot 90 degrees. Thank goodness for the breeze! Mosie was getting stir crazy in the trailer. So he wet out for a wagon ride! We have 2 children wagons, but Isaiah decided to try pulling him in our wagon we use to bring in our groceries and supplies. Mosie wasn't so sure!

The good thing is by 9 p.m. the temperature drops down to around 60 and we do most of our moving and lifting then.

In a couple of days we are supposed to be getting a nice cool down in weather.
Then I can turn the oven on in the cabin to bake Samson a Birthday cake! (In the mean time I make snack cakes in the toaster oven in the trailer) Our friends at Sweets and Such have a little frozen (ice cream) surprise for him. Today it's hot enough to drink ice cream. We can't transport it the 8 miles from the shop in our hot van now!
To the left of Samson is the Builder's trailers and supplies. He's watching the subfloor put in.

Stopping near the raspberry bushes for a snack. We have quite a few huge bushes. And Blackberries too! yum!

So far educationally Moses is exceeding his brothers in comprehension. We knew Noah may never understand a lot of what we do, due to his combination of 9 years in a crib and FAS. (not his DS) But Moses has been a HUGE surprise in a small package. Even Julius who understands a lot can not learn as easily due to his constant attention seeking behavior. Which is a bigger handicap than DS.

DS as always is the least of our worries with our boys. In fact DS partially makes our boys kinder, more patient and more forgiving. Something that little boys without DS would understandably not be, if they have gone through the same deprivation.

Trust is a different issue. I don't think Julius, Moses, or Jacob will ever trust anyone again. Which is understandable but hurts our hearts.

This is week 2. So much more to do!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life in the woods! Making do!

This is our cabin. Today the builders will put in a sub floor here for us. We moved 90% of our things into the other side which is the garage. Leaving a bit of furniture that the builders will move as they work over the next 3 days.
In the meantime we put down an 8' x 11' rug. Its an old rug from home. For the boys to play on. And a few little chairs to keep the 6 littles off the concrete.

The dogs are being moved outside under a shady tarp. It gets quite warm in here so they'll like that.

 *Warning* lots of mosquito bites on the 6 littles. And all 6 scratched and itched them bloody no matter what we tried. The mosquitoes ate up Noah and Mercy the worst, then Moses. Not so much the other 3.
(Julius above :o)

 Jacob trying not to smile. He cries every time he has to go in to the trailer, OR out of the trailer! Sheesh! Jakie!
He complains a lot! But he's ours! :o)

 Noah, tired, but always such a trooper. He's not sleeping well. He is so curious about everything. He loves investigating his environment. He has no fears.

In 2014 Miss Mercy loved camping.
In 2016 Miss Mercy hates camping.
She yelled for 3 days,(and one veeeeery long night) and finally she decided she will make the best of it! Goodness this sweet girl is stubborn! Good thing we love her and we're more stubborn!

 Moses was not thrilled to be here. But he's smart as a whip. He figured out how it goes. And in typical Mosie mode he bosses everyone around he can. Pushing them where they should go. And showing them how camping is done! LOL!!

 Pauly was tired here. He wanted to go to bed. So we took him in. He's a trooper as long as he gets his hugs and sits on my lap.

 Samson turns 21 today! Wooo-Hoo! Pizza and ice cream party after the builders leave! He wants his gifts when we get home. No where to put anything now! So he gets 2 parties! I'd say 21 deserves at least two! He has lived with a heart that should not be beating this long! Praise God he has!

 Isaiah took the photos.
Big sister Kitty making sure all is o.k.

 Even a time out chair is here! LOL! A visual reminder to Mercy. We used it the first 3 days but she's "done" with it now! :o)

 Baby gates to keep Mercy from wandering outside. The boys are very good about sticking close to us. Mercy likes to "hide" in corners and under things.
You can see thru to the garage side. That will be walled off next month.

There is so much room for everybody. God has truly blessed us. We are having a great time!
We are making so many new friends here and the Community is much nicer than at the Lake. Even though we are 8 miles away. We are accepted as new comers (although we've owned this land 18 years) not as Vacationers. Everyone wants to help. The people who live here encourage us, as we hope to live here too.
(more photos on the other blog)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A gift from a Brother in Christ! :o)

A precious young man, a Brother in Christ, miles away (we'll call him B) noticed that Isaiah had a Tea Pot Lamp in his new bedroom. It was the only lamp we had! LOL! But Isaiah is such a trooper, a lamp is a lamp! :o) So B bought Isaiah this beautiful new lamp as a gift!

Don't you LOVE how God crosses our paths!

We had budgeted decorating money to laminate some very in-expensive posters from Amazon. The Lord blessed us greatly when the Store's laminating machine broke down!!! So the laminate was wrinkled on tops an corners of all posters. So it was given to us for free!! The posters look fine. Thank goodness they weren't valuable! The Laminate Store would have charged us only if we decided to purchase new posters (they'd pay for the replacements) and try again. So we saved them money as well in not having to buy us new posters. :o)

We probably would have thought of buying Isaiah a more functional lamp in January for his birthday!  But B beat us to it! I know for certain that we would not have found a lamp that Isaiah likes as much as this one!! It has a "plug in" outlet, (how cool is that!?) storage, and turns on easily from the top- not the cord!! I know there's more cool stuff about it Isaiah told me but forgive me for forgetting! ;o)

 Now here's another really cool thing I want to share, how B and his Mom sent Isaiah this gift!

Maybe I'm slow, but I had never even thought of this! If you buy a gift from Walmart, you can pay for it online and then ship it to the nearest store of who you are giving it to. Add the gift recipient as pick up person (or their Dad :o)

For a couple of years now I have bought yarn online from Walmart for a precious friend. I had it sent to my house and then I paid to have it mailed it to her!! DUH! Now I can "send" it to her nearest Walmart and her daughter can pick it up!

PRAISE God! I can save on shipping and send extra skeins with my savings! I can think of so many Birthdays etc this will be great for too!

O.K. like I said, maybe I'm slow, but I'm super excited to learn this and wanted to share! :o)

Last but not least- here is my precious boy, who has been blessed by B for thinking of him. And blessed by God for reminding us we too need to reach out and share like B did. God has multiplied the goodness of the gift from B!
Thank You B! and B's Mom!