Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Noah feeding himself

He was not able to understand the concept of feeding - "himself" by "himself". He expected that he would always have to be fed. He saw no one ever, not being fed by someone else, for 9 years.

Now he is 13. A teenager. and he can feed himself! Oh the JOY!

When Moses asks for seconds. When Pauly reaches over and steals Moses' crumb cake. When Jacob looks to see who has food he might want. When Julius eats neatly like he's done it his whole life!
Oh the JOY!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Isaiah's new room

Isaiah's new bed from W*al*mart. Only $214.00 and built beautifully. Its also very sturdy and all edges rounded/finished. Altho they still "feel" sharp when you hit your head on them below! LOL! (yes I hit my head 2x now)

The Spiderman wall sticker was from Samson's top bunk. Isaiah asked us to leave it. We couldn't put it next to Samson's new bed anyhow.
No decorations up yet- but it will most likely be airplanes for this future Air Force man!

This is under the new loft bed.
Recently I had re-decorated MA's room and this cabinet and book shelf she used to have, had nowhere to go! It was exactly what we needed!
The table already in here, was moved from the corner of the room to under the bed. It was once the kitchen eating table for MA and SP until I bought them a new table.

Mosie was following me around as I took the pictures so I told him he could get in them :o) He acts all shy- but it's an act!!
At the dentist on Tuesday it took 3 adults to hold him down!! He's very brave!

 This is the view into Isaiah's room from the hallway.

I think you can tell he's very happy. He gets a lot of visitors in his room and he adores us all :o) Just as we adore him!
The boys still have their toy shelf in his room. They still play in there.

The Special Ed homeschool shelf behind Moses. This is also story corner where you can sit on my lap or the floor for stories.
We have a new shelf coming that we will move all of this to. It will move into the boy's room. Then Moses can pull out "his" learning tools by himself. This shelf is too "packed". :o) Moses is very good at deciding what he prefers to work on.

Moses under Isaiah's bed. The boys come in and sit to see what big brother is doing.
That door behind Moses used to open into the boy's new room. This was the old Duplex kitchen, it opened to the hallway and here it opened to the old Duplex Living room. The only bad part- only 2 outlets in this room. They didn't use much electric back then! :o)

The computer wires are hooked up today for Isaiah's typing lessons. Last night Isaiah was up till midnight typing! LOL!! He can now have the lights on without bothering his sleeping brothers. We sure don't encourage him staying up so late at age 12. He needs his sleep!

                                       All ready to work!
He still has empty shelves to fill. But it won't take long before he does! (the table was in front of the bookshelf to the right before)

 Samson (left) Noah (middle), Jacob (right) all working on a Lego project. Of course they stop when I come in the room to take pictures!

In case you are wondering that's our window fan behind Samson. And we put a sheet over the the chest that holds diapers, because Samson was "carving" the top with his Legos??!!! The Army "flak" jacket was my Dad's. :o) Isaiah wears it now.
Everyone stops when they see the camera! LOL!!

We are so blessed! I go to bed AND wake up every day Thanking God!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Moving Day! Part 1

On the 4th of July our Son in Love Dan and his beautiful wife Grace (our daughter :o) came over with the boy's new bunks.
The bunks Dan made for me to my measurements.
Above we are clearing out and moving furniture from where the old bunks were. Walls were washed from 5 years worth of fingerprints!

Lots of vacuuming and everything moved to make space for constructing!!
This is one end of the room.

                            This is the other end of the room.

This is the middle of the room where the bunks will go side by side.

My sweet LOVE Faith helping vacuum. I can get nothing done without her! Oh the JOY she brings us! (This is Isaiah's new room she's vacuuming)

My sweet surprise gift from God Isaiah vacuuming. He shared this room for 5 years, first with 4 brothers, then with 3 brothers.
Now this room will sleep 6 brothers! With lots of play room!

Moses tries out his bunk without a mattress! He loves it!

 Coming into the bedroom here. The first triple bunk to the left- Noah on the bottom, Moses in the middle, Samson on top. Straight ahead to the right is Samson's things. He had them in this room the last 5 years but his bed was in another room. He is happy to be closer to his stuff!

 Side by side, two triple bunks.
We did have to add a few pieces of paneling on one side of each bunk where a wall used to "close" that side off. The 5 little boys are not comfortable with open spaces. Their bunks used to have one side enclosed by a wall. And they liked the ends of their beds closed off as well. Here one end is closed by the wall, one end open to climb up. The top bunk on the right now has a "tent" top Tom added for Julius. Julius loves it! It's his little hide away!

                        This end of the room completed.

 The wall opposite the beds. Shelves with school work. Nothing decorated yet. I am going to re-paint walls this Fall first. (after our vacation)

If anybody wondered, G and CC had their own room, our spare room on the main floor. They never had to share a room or come into our boy's bedrooms. Our boys need their privacy :o) And space away from boys who could hurt them. After time G and CC learned to be nice to our boys so we were blessed that their hearts became protective towards Mercy and the boys.

The picture above is how G liked to keep his room! Kids with Autism are very particular, and like the control of their things. In his own room G could do that.

Isaiah now has a room to himself. I didn't get photos yet, his new loft bed was set up yesterday..

This house that we have lived in for 39 years, this house the Lord blessed us with, has always been the perfect house for every season of children we have raised. We THANK God and PRAISE God! We have never needed to move because there was not enough room. This "house" has always had the space we needed, for the work God asked us to do. We are completely, and utterly humbled by God's goodness! PRAISE God!! Our cup overflows! THANK YOU God!