Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, June 4, 2016


 No news on G yet. This could take forever. We are told by the State he needs to move on because we don't qualify for a Child Foster Care license. (we already have 10 children under age 18)
The County wants him to stay here. He is thriving. And we adore him. Where will he go? A staffed Group Home, "if" they can find one. We asked for a Denial of the license so we could appeal. But they won't even answer us that yet.

 Love to kiss the top of G's little (big!) head!

 You can barely see the red string in front of him holding his cherished Happy Birthday mylar balloon.

G is one of NINE boys here! There are only 7 of us girls!!

Mr Noah deep in thought, turned 13 this month! Woo-Hoo! We have 4 teenagers now! The hormones have really affected him greatly. We are dealing with a little depression and some regression in behavior. He's still as sweet as ever. But not so cheerful.

 Moses our Minion in charge! LOL! He is learning "sign" language at an amazing rate right now. This is why we like to homeschool year round. Last Fall he still wasn't signing or attempting to communicate other than random throat sounds that were not understandable. Now he taps someone for help and points to what he wants. He follows requests to "pick up your toy". (the toy that he randomly drops on the floor!) He feeds himself everything and signs for more. He is amazing!

Jacob is now walking through an entire room before taking a break. He loves to explore and look out windows. He's very curious. But he still fears strangers. Instead of crying when he sees new people he now "shuts down". He won't look in their direction and he won't make a peep. He only communicates with tapping or touching at meals. The rest of the time he prefers to be left alone- ha! ha! As if we can do that! He's too cute!

 Julius turned 9 this month. My baby! He's been home 5 years. He and Pauly have the least memories of their orphanage. Jakie and Noah still miss things from those days. Moses misses nothing about that time, but those memories motivate him to work super hard at his independence. An independence that he never takes for granted.

Julius is our cheeky monkey. Always up for trouble. Which entertains Moses greatly! So Moses will bring Julius "trouble"!!! He'll get things to give Julius, like the water squirt bottle we use to squirt our cat if she's naughty. Julius can get the cover off and pour out all the water!! Darn Mosie!!
We have to squirt Mosie if he pulls the cat's tail- he just won't stop!!
Julius is very bright but not very motivated. He doesn't learn from his mistakes. So he repeats them over and over. He is as stubborn as can be!
He knows many signs but he won't use them unless I tell him to "tell me". Even then he might ignore me.

Precious Pauly.
He has very poor hearing, he qualifies for deaf/hard of hearing services. And he has his Autism.
His world has been expanding though. Recently he started "showing" he was angry!! He took a toy from his sister Mercy's basket. Mercy used to not even care about her toys. But she is growing too, and now she has decided that she does care!! So she followed Pauly to the hallway where he had sat in a chair to play with the toy, and she grabbed it back and ran to her room with it!! Pauly got up and followed her. She is fast and he is slower. He got into the room and saw she had the toy by her. He looked very unhappy. He walked back into the hallway and sat in his chair and stomped his feet, making an unhappy sound. He was mad!!
Most of the time Pauly is very silly, happy go lucky, and now he gets angry!

 Samson is busy learning to vacuum, fold his laundry and keep himself busy. He's always willing to help. He'd love nothing better than to spend the day telling his brothers and his dad what to do! When he has nothing to do he has a hard time finding something to do. He's not a TV watcher. He only likes one setting on his IPad. (fireworks)
He does like music. He has his own Bose radio/CD player that is turned off and on by him just touching it. He listens to CDs and makes tall lego towers. He used to write and draw until he decided he wanted to decorate his room with markers. We thought he'd outgrown this but I guess when you get creative it's hard to stop! :o)

My biggest boy helper, now 12. He has a heart of gold. And he shares a room with three of his brothers! They are very good roommates. Isaiah tends to them, getting his brothers what they need and they in return stay out of his things. :o)

We are super excited. The boy's favorite Brother in law Dan is making them new bunk beds!
The bunks they have now are stacked 2 high with too much bed space. I measured and brainstormed. The new bunks will be 3 high instead of 2. They will be the same height as the old bunks because the bottom bunk will sit on the floor with no space underneath. They will be 7" narrower and 17" shorter. They'll take up less space!

One set will go in Samson's room, with Samson on top, Noah on the bottom, Moses in the middle. Right now Samson and Noah share the bunk beds and Mosie has a trundle that slides from under.

In Isaiah's room the other triple bunk will sleep Julius on top, Pauly in the middle and Jacob on the bottom. Right now we have 2 sets of bunks in that room for Isaiah and those 3.
We are not sure if we'll keep Isaiah on his top bunk with the bottom bunk empty, or give him a single bed.

Last of all this boy. The leader of the pack! LOL!!(remember that song from the 60's!?) He just finished putting in a lovely ceiling fan in the living room to keep us all cool this summer. Now if only he'd finish painting the ceiling! ;o)
He has been growing more grey hair than usual chasing our sweet G. around. It has really helped G to have an ever present man/foster dad in his life. I tell Tom God sent G to him. They learn from each other. :o)


  1. I loved this post! From what I recall, I think Moses would have been the most scary boy to adopt due to his previous environment and stunted growth (presumably due to malnutrition) but I'm amazed at how well he is doing and it seems (from what you wrote) that he has surpassed the other boys! That's awesome!

    1. YES!!! It's true! He was the most critical. Other than Jacob's post experimental brain surgery. But yes!! He has surpassed his brothers abilities and our expectations!! (((HUGS)))

  2. I'm curious if you will eventually send the boys to school. I had such positive experiences with my son in the special ed. program in the schools when we lived in your town. I imagine how the boys would blossom with public school plus your loving home! Do you see thst for them in the future?

  3. Our foster boys CC and now G do attend public school.
    I have sent 4 of our older (now ages 20-40) children to public school special Ed. Our daughter Joy was the first infant in our district to attend the "birth to 3 yrs" program at Public School.

    I have taught Independent Living Skills to adults age 18+ in my Waivered/Adult Foster Home for 29 years. Teaching MA to live in her own apartment for 6 years until her health needs made that impossible for her.

    Our Samson went to Public School until he was 10 and I saw that they were not preparing him for independence. You can read about it here~
    He is almost 21 now. Just yesterday the dentist office was telling me how it made their day when he came for his visits! He hated his time at Public school from age 3-10.

    One of my daughters who loved Public School was asked to leave when she was 16 because they couldn't deal with the reality that the was dying. They feared that she was going to die at school. She died 11 years later, never returning to school again. We haven't had the best experiences ourselves. But we are happy for everyone who has.

  4. Oh how I enjoyed this post! I love all the updates! We have tripple bunk beds in our boys and girls room as well. Praise God for them as it does free up so much space. Ours are built right into the walls. Very sturdy. I cant wait to see the ones your son in love builds! Wonderful pictures of everyone! Praying for G! Blessings!

  5. I love your posts! I'm praying for G. Good to see The Leader of the Pack included in here too! : )


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