Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Helping as best we can, Can you PLEASE help Mercy House?

 G is not thriving here. He has serious emotional/behavioural issues. He does things sweet 7 year old little boys shouldn't. He physically destroys everything around him. Even the things he likes, cookies, toys. Without any regrets. He seems almost tortured in his "need" to do this.

Some days the human me asks "Why are you doing this?" Of course I know why we are doing this, we are doing this because we can't turn our backs. We can't not love. We see extreme need. It breaks our hearts. We just can't turn our backs. This is a fallen world no matter where we live. And if we are extremely blessed- God sends us. And that is our JOY to serve Him. Only by His Grace do we do this. We are not special.

His parent's parental rights will be removed soon. He will no longer have supervised visitation. He will be left to grow up "In Care". He is fortunate that here we are a family. There's a Mom and Dad here, even if we can't be his mom and dad, we can still love and nurture him. He is blessed by the other children here who love him unconditionally, even when he swears at them, or hits and kicks.

Most Care Providers for his level of needs are absolutely not families. They are sterile facilities. Is it too much to ask a family to take in a child like Mercy or CC or G? There is no right or wrong answer. All I know is Lord Willing we are here. And the County can't find very many people like us willing to do this.

Because there is no other "place" for him as a 7 year old child, chances are good we can continue to have him here in what we think is most appropriate.
Our hearts are hurting for all of his losses and how he has no say or control over what happens to him.

I was going to put his Birthday party pictures up but I see Isaiah didn't load them! And I don't know how yet! LOL!

I promised a good while back that I would help a family that is doing something in the Philippines that I think is so worth supporting. I was very excited to spread the word about them. Unfortunately I became quite ill and that has really set me back. satan never rests. I'm slowly catching up now! :o) Catching up at 59 is more challenging, in fact catching up each year is more challenging! Lord Willing I won't be stopped!

I tried to snag a few pictures, pictures that completely broke my heart, but wasn't able to. I did snag the map! :o)

Here are their links~

Nikki's beautiful blog, where I met here a few? years ago, maybe 4??!! years back while adopting our boys
The photo at the top of her blog could be my G here in America.......lost and who will help.

And this is Mercy House, their Mission~

I have truly been so inspired by them.
They moved from the comforts of their home to go into the battle field. They walk the walk. They follow where God leads.

Best of all they give God the Glory. They are very humble people.

PLEASE consider sending them a donation. Donations are tax deductable. They spread God's LOVE in conditions that make it so very hard. PLEASE help them help these beautiful children.

And PLEASE!! You absolutely MUST PRAY for them, the children, their work!

Thank You for visiting! We never take your friendship for granted!

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  1. Bless his heart...Our Billy destroys things constantly as well. He is slowly learning to play with toys and not do this but it has been two and a half years since we got him and he still does it. If we give him a treat he crumbles it up. Same with his meal. We have to keep telling him not to play with his food. As he crumbles it all up and destroys it. He peals all the stickers off of toys and picks at everything. If he does play with a toy appropriately it is for a short period of time and then he uses it for a weapon or tries to force it the wrong way and break it. His little brother does it some as well but not as badly as Billy does. He also stretches out clothing so it is all misshapen and pulls strings out and bites wholes in them when I am not paying attention. I pray for you all often and you are always in my thoughts. Obedience is not always an easy road but it is a rewarding and blessed one for sure. Blessings!


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