Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, April 7, 2016

After "they" told us no :o)

Meet our sweet boy "G"!! He is turning 7 this month. He happens to have Autism.
And we happen to adore him.
Altho we had a rough start. ;o)

You see we had requested the County "use" us for very difficult to place children and they told us no.
(The County describes difficult to place children as mostly boys with aggressive behaviors.)

They told us in February after CC left that he was a onetime "thing". They were desperate then, but not now.

They said we had "too many" children. They counted the 10 here, not just the 6 with special needs. They said even with Tom here 24/7 that we had 5 children each to watch and it was "too many."

Bless their hearts.

So where do the boys like CC, TA and G go when there is no inbetween from abusive family to permanent Group Home??

To our house! :o)

Yup, they say no to us, until a little boy named G was in the Hospital ER with no one to care for him because his behaviors are over the top. He- was-left-there.

Unlike CC who had no where to go until his state funding would pay for his Group Home. G had a foster family- they gave up on him.

We don't do this for money. We do this for LOVE.

We've done such a good job. We have successfully integrated 2 very aggressive little people into our home. This is Thanks to all of us here, we work together, we don't do it alone.
Mercy and
even me. :o)
We work as a team. We are therapeutic. Our weapon is prayer, God leads us in LOVE.

This is our Lego box. It gets dumped 50x a day minimum! G dumps it happily and freely. Isn't the best lego always at the bottom?!

The purple ri*ft*on chair on the left is for time outs. Mercy has graduated from time outs in this chair. She is 8 1/2. G is using it now- but not for long, he's incredibly smart. He's figuring it all out!!
 G's little duffel bag and back pack.  These were packed for him as by foster mom as she left him at the hospital and walked away. He cries out her name.................

 We play "tipping tractors" from the Cars movie all day long! LOL!! This is G's favorite past time. He wants a "tipping tractor" Birthday cake!

Another "tipped tractor" on his night stand!
G adores Tom. Tom drives him to and from school it takes forever for bus service to set up. Tom wears G out when his energy levels are high. Silly Tom, 61 years old chasing G around the kitchen.

Do you see a little pink Minnie Mouse foot to the right under the blanket?? Yes! G loves Minnie Mouse.

We noticed after we bought Mercy cute plush dolls like Minnie and Olivia etc she did not like them. :o( BUT!!! Our boys did! LOL!! So Moses sleeps with Olivia and Pauly carries Mercy's pink purse- its so silly!
So G fit right in, he even came with his own Minnie! ;o)

G's sleeping in his bed here. He's such a good boy. Faith carried him to bed after he fell asleep on the couch.

There's no such thing as a little boy with no where to go as long as Tom and I are here.
Thank You Lord for answering our prayers, and allowing us to LOVE your fearfully and wonderfully made children.


  1. Good thing there are people like you out there. We did foster care years ago, but had to stop as they said we had too many children -- and they wouldn't budge. We felt we were a good home and had much experience with special needs to offer, but it just didn't matter. So glad you are there to help a very hard to place child. You just seem to have such a heart for them.

    1. Sharon there is this small growing population of boys ages 6-17 with Autism that are too young for Group Homes, but too aggressive for regular Foster Care. They are desperate to find them a safe place. Like you, our years of experience bring us wisdom. If they can't use us or you, the kids will suffer.

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth and Tom, for opening your home and sharing your love with all these children!

    1. Thank You Barb! (((HUGS))) and prayers

  3. Thank you God, for putting children where then need to be...in families. God loving families. I pray daily and always for your family... for health, strength and energy to care for the children God placed in your home. Blessings!

    1. Thank You Susan! (((HUGS))) I pray for you too!

  4. Oh! Go ahead & make me cry, whydoncha? That's what Elizabeth DeHority said to me so often. You are among the bravest of the brave, the most graced of the graced, the most enthisiastically called of the called. I work with challenging and challenged children. Often 2:30 can't come early enough because my brain is melting. You always amaze me. I haven't popped over to your place in a long time. Oh, am I glad Google (or God or ESD) tapped me and whispered "Go take a gander at The Road Down Home." You are always a blessing to me. You raise my spirits. Keep on keepin' on! Much love from Rhode Island. Esther

  5. Now I am going to cry Esther. We are missing our Dear Dear Precious Gift From God friend aren't we. The emptiness she left in this world is so hard to bear. And yet God pushes us on.
    I am so glad God and ESD tapped you on the shoulder!! LOL!! I think of you so often, and wonder how you are!
    Your work is equally amazing!! You are always in my thoughts and prayers! Lets not lose touch! (((((((BIG HUGS)))))))

  6. You amaze me with all you guys do ... and challenge me in my own life ... and the way you give glory and honour to God inspires me in so many ways. Blessings to you all xx


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