Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, April 18, 2016

7 of our Easter Bunnies :o)

Noah wondering "whaaaat?" ;o)
Noah is our go to guy for fun! He loves adventure, spontaneity, he's ready for anything! And all he asks for in return is a hug. He has an amazing sense of humor and loves to laugh!

We all had a bad cold- please excuse the boogie residue and flushed cheeks!

 Pauly showing his sensory issues with wearing a bunny hat. He's our "piglet", he always needs re-assurance.
He gives great hugs too! Pauly was the first of the boys to give hugs and kisses! He is so sweet!

 Miss Mercy who hates to have her picture taken, actually wanted in on this picture! :o) She is growing and maturing in amazing ways that only kids with Sotos can and do. Her maturity was at about a toddler level. Recently her personality has expanded and bloomed! She's now "talking" (altho not yet understandable) AND sleeping all night! She's a much more cheerful little girl! Before when she cried she sounded like a small baby, the way babies cry and catch their breathe. But much louder! Now when she's unhappy, she cries or complains sounding like a child. And it's not as loud! It's like any little girl would protest! ;o) Very normal! :o)

Last Friday they did an MRI on her body from head to toe; with and without contrasts to figure out the mystery of what surgery we will do first. There are 3 surgeries needed and they are big. One is for her tethered cord. I hope and pray the surgeries won't set her emotional maturity back. That she will be able to recover well and that we can help her manage her pain. She is self injurious, and if the surgeries are too stressful, she could bite and hit herself. And that would be hard to bear if we can't figure out what she needs.

She's cute as a button, but if you want to get a hug from her it may take all day! She runs and hides! In the end she laughs, she enjoys the chase! LOL!
She's very much my little Princessa!!

 This chocolate bunny is just too cute for words! My "buddy", my grown up man, my son. I LOVE you more that words can say Mr. Samson! You are a big help around the house keeping order and "telling" on trouble makers! ;o)
He greets everyone with a hug! and a smile and a big "Hello!"

 Moses gets so tired of us trying cutesy things on him because they fit! LOL!! But he's such a doll! He's huggable and kissable, altho he doesn't want anyone to know it! He has learned the most, grown the most, and changed the most of all the boys. Who knew that in that tiny 7 yr old, 15 pound body that there was so much potential. He went from barely being able to sit to running!

 Jacob, so delightful and free from pain since his corrective brain surgery. He understands everything we say to him. He just started giving hugs back! He loves kisses and to be tickled. After I gave him a hair cut this month he gave me the biggest hug ever! It was such a wonderful surprise. He loves us to have long conversations with him, even though he does not talk. He likes to listen!

Poor Julius!! Our wiggle bug was so sick here. He likes to be silly when he's not bossing everyone around. Sometimes he's a bully to his brothers. He can do so much, help out, school crafts. But his behavior trips him up. We just started telling him "no afternoon snack" as a consequence for being mean. He didn't think we'd do it. It was hard- look at that face- how do you say "no!" But he's getting it!
If I need a hug I just call Julius! :o)

Moses is hoping that next year this will no longer fit him! LOL!!

My cup over-flows! Praise God!!

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  1. Oh... to much cuteness!!!! Overwhelmingly sweet! They are all doing so well. Glory to God for the progress in Mercy. Will be praying about her surgeries for wisdom and peace though the whole process. Blessings!


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