Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, February 29, 2016

Little boys and puppy dog tails

Mercy refused a picture with the puppy. :o(
This is Winter our new boy. We lost our big boy Snow last November. We've had our 2 British Lab girls Sassy 3 yrs, Martha 2 years. And now here's our British Lab boy, Winter, above with Isaiah. He's 8 weeks and 16 pounds.

 Noah takes the pets in stride! :o) He's thinking Winter is a bit more friendly than he anticipated!

 We call Mosie~ "Moses the terrible", because he pulls the cat's tail constantly!! Moses loves Winter! He is fascinated with him! And Winter even enjoys a good tail pull! LOL!!

 In fact Winter pulls Mosie back! LOL!!

Pauly wondering if he has any interest in the new puppy. Pauly's a people person- pets aren't of much interest to him.

Winter tries to see if a puppy kiss can change Pauly's mind!

Julius wondering what kind of mischief he can get into with a new puppy. He's already tried to kick the cat- but she sees him coming a mile away.

Jacob doesn't like Sassy, or Martha, and he never liked Snow, or the cat. Here he is telling Winter he doesn't like him either!

It's a good thing Winter hasn't noticed. because he really really likes them all!
Mercy follows Winter wherever he goes! She loves the cat!
Winter is really going to be a fun boy!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Noah's Sillies

 (you can barely see our cat Violet above peeking out of her bed)
Please excuse Noah's ever constant "mop top" LOL!!

Noah only communicates by body language. Sometimes his facial expressions betray him, he can look happy when he's sad or look sad when he's happy. We've learned to always look at his body language to see what is going on.
He's a very curious boy. Its fun to find him very interested in things that he may have ignored for days!

Things like our cat Violet. (you can see more of her on our other blog :o) click on the top photo of this blog.)
Noah has had no interest whatsoever in this little fire ball (cat) shooting past him.

Until today! Today he noticed something was in the cat bed!! LOL!! 
I love his expression. He's really thinking hard on this. What he thinks we'll never know. But he is showing/expressing that he likes it/her! He's relaxed and happy to have her in his environment.

And then there's unexplainable things he does, like this!! This was Mercy's unwanted wagon, the wagon Mosie was sitting in a while back. Now the older 4 kids use it to pull the cat around in. 
For some odd reason, Noah put it on his head??

 You can see his hand here balancing it!! LOL!!

 Yes!! Noah you are a very silly boy! And Oh! How we LOVE you to pieces! And he soaks in all of our hugs and kisses! What a beautiful boy he is!

Isaiah trying the "flash" here much to Noah's amusement. Noah's facial expression is not what his relaxed body language is saying.

Praise God for His many Blessings! We Thank God for Noah!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Love Bug!

                                       (photos by Isaiah)
My Dearest Mosie,
How can I put into words how much I LOVE you, and how blessed I am to be YOUR- yes!! YOUR Mommy. Please know I never take this for granted. And I Thank God for you every day! It is only by His Blessing you are with us!

This month you turned 11 years old. You are only 1 year younger than your big brother Isaiah. And you are 1 month older than your much taller/heavier brother Jacob! :o)

You LOVE boy stuff. But you've lived so long without (7 1/2 years)that some things (toys) are just too big or too much for you. So when I saw this Mosie sized race car track, I knew you'd love it for your Birthday!

And you do love playing with it, watching it, caring for it. You love the little plastic box we keep it in and you learned how to open it to look inside and peek at it often! You place your little glow in the dark fast cars on your dresser when you go to bed. Your big brother Isaiah who adores you; helps you put everything exactly the way you want it. In return you've learned to trust him with these things.

 You love having responsibility and helping us all. You understand so much more than we ever thought you could!

You can completely feed yourself now. Your tiny little hands that could not wrap around Daddy's finger when you were 7; are now big and strong enough to hold a spoon. Your big sisters and Isaiah complain about your "mess" until I remind them that they too made messes when they first fed themselves!

 (Here you are in the middle of the race track. Enjoying Isaiah's creativity and putting back cars that fall off.)
Nothing happens around here without you watching, you noticing!

 We didn't have to have a fancy dinner to celebrate your Birthday! You don't enjoy any "special" foods, you enjoy all healthy foods. You eat gluten free, and nothing processed, with lots of good fats.

You prefer fruit to Birthday cake. So to celebrate we sang lots of Happy Birthday!! And you had a banana with Heavy Whipping Cream. (no sugar, mom doesn't believe in sweeteners except teensy bits of raw honey/maple syrup. :o) Of course if you had wanted cake we would have made it for your birthday, after all it only comes once a year!

 We said/say prayers for your birth family, because we are Thankful to them for you! You don't understand but I know your heart can feel the LOVE we have for them and you!

Your biggest frustration is that you cannot talk. You really really want to talk. You have your adaptive speech "Go Talk" but you think its weird and useless and you have so much more to say. So you get in our faces and make "ack" sounds to get our attention. Sometimes you manage a "Da-Da" and you get very excited! But as soon as its there its gone. It doesn't help that your 4 other brothers will not ask you to "speak". You love sign language and understand a lot of it, but you refuse to sign.

That stubbornness is how you survived. We respect it, we work with it. After seeing how much you can do now, I know that in the future you will figure this out too! You are incredible and I believe in you!

You hate being picked up to be moved away from danger or trouble. So you've learned quickly to watch and listen and you remove/move yourself. You love this new control. You hate being small enough to be lifted up or moved!! We respect that and make sure to only help you! ;o)

There isn't a day that I don't mentally Thank (in prayer) ALL of the wonderful people who helped contribute to bring you home. I know if you understood you'd Thank them too. Because your heart is much bigger than your little body!

I can't remember you ever being anywhere else. I can't remember a life before you. Each year you give us more than we could ever give you. You are amazing! Absolutely amazing! And there are no words to express the amount of LOVE I have for you.
I LOVE you my precious son. Thank You for LOVING me/us.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The "system" aka the Government

There is one less little boy at our house. He was supposed to come with his brother only for Thanksgiving. But he stayed until January 29th. And we LOVED every minute of it!

We really miss him.

But the County was incredibly excited to get him into the first ever home for severely Autistic children in the State, with his brother. There will be 12 severely Autistic children living there.

This group home was developed and partially funded by a Dr/mom who could not find a "home" for her severely Autistic son. No he did not live with her. (yes I'm curious as to why) The County is giddy with glee to make this "new" Group Home work.

In an age where the Government is currently insisting on implementing "person centered living" for adults with disabilities. Threatening to close their "sheltered workshops" or DACs as we call them because they are to now be surrounded and supported by non-paid staff at every opportunity. These children will not be living "person centered lives".
And try telling MA and SP that they can no longer attend the Whitney Senior program for elderly adults with disabilities (MA) or their (SP's) only hope for earning money, her DAC is shutting down. They are 59 and 60 years old. They are expected to attend anything they want with the community (un-paid staff) fully supporting them. What a mess. They don't want this change.

We are supposed to give MA and SP "exactly" the life they want. (yes the State quibbles over the definitions of the meanings of words like "exactly"! OY!)
But we do this already for them and have made their wishes our goal to provide them. Now it's a law. We are mandated to do so. Seems redundant.

CC is a child but he longer has a family.
Yes he has Autism, he wears depends, he is non-verbal, he has challenging aggressive behaviors.

But he can function in a family.
He was learning how here and we were amazed.

He loved having a strong father figure in Tom.
Yes he hit, but he was learning not to hit here. Because he was learning how to socialize.
Our frustration is with those who do not understand him.
Where are his rights?

School made us bring him home if he hit or made himself vomit. Seriously? That's his disability.

Most times he did those things just to leave school and come home. If they have the patience he would learn not to.

His para at school is a tiny little woman. CC does not respect women. He's 13, he has never learned how.

Poor CC who has not attended or received consistent schooling of any kind in 13 years needs public school, so why send him home??
We asked the County- we asked the school- doesn't he have any Educational Rights? He needs to be in public school. He does not need to come home!!!! He needs the supervision of public school to learn these social skills!!

 We miss him dearly. But the law states he has to be with his brother TA. Which seems so unfair because his 6 other siblings do not have to and of course can't because they do not have Autism.
We would support him if they would place in another family. We would take him as respite any time.
This way we'll never see him again.

Their minds are made up.

He is lost in the "system" now.

He'll imitate what he lives with and it will be 12 other severely Autistic children, with paid staff.
No "person centered" planning for a child like CC.
He'll grow stronger and more aggressive.

He'll always be in our prayers.
We thank God for him, he is an amazing little survivor.