Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tender hearts

I just LOVE boys. I think as girls we find boys fascinating. :o) From never having a brother. To hoping to marry a handsome boy some day. To having a husband, my very own boy (now 61 year old), for 45 years! To giving birth to my first boy. I have many granddaughters but only one grandson from my first birth son. A lifetime of trying to figure them out! ;o)

I remember the first time I learned that there were many little baby boys who were black, needing homes, twenty five years ago. The cost of adopting was reduced substantially just to place them. :o(
And then four years ago I learned fewer boys with disabilities were adopted.  And I've never understood why.

I LOVE my girls, I LOVE knowing how they think. Their hopes and dreams. I'm so glad the Lord blessed us with both. But choosing one over the other, I just can't.

Unless one is the underdog. And I think boys get a bad rap.

CC sorting his blocks.
There is an order to everything. Each block has a meaning. You know he likes you if he shares.

This weekend we had to tell the children our decision for TA.

It was hard.

The girls (Faith 14, Lysa 13, Kitty 12) understood. We need their help. But the girls can't help with the personal needs of a 12 year old boy, taller than them, stronger, aggressive. He will need strong male caregivers in his home. TA overpowers Isaiah and me together.

 Isaiah cried.

Later he told the girls that when he grows up he's going to find TA and adopt him.

They told me and I cried.

Isaiah's heart is so tender. He has so much LOVE for the underdog. He has a HUGE desire to serve the Lord helping those who need.

I couldn't be "prouder" of Isaiah. And I don't say that lightly. Pride is not something we esteem. But its the best word I can use here. To try to explain that this 11 year old boy, a special GIFT from God! Given to me (a surprise pregnancy) when I was 47 years old and not expecting such a gift of JOY! He has brought so much JOY to our lives, and now as he grows he brings JOY to so many other's lives as well.

There are adult siblings that will never know him, and I'm sad for their loss. Nieces and Nephews who are forbidden to visit him.
But the Lord Himself surely GIFTS Isaiah with many more family members than we imagined he'd have. And I can honestly say that all of us in this family adore him!!

In the photo above, CC, (13 yrs) a sweet young man with Autism who mostly chooses not to touch or hug, puts his arm around our/his LOVE Isaiah. And CC is smiling. I just LOVE CC's heart for LOVING Isaiah!
(once when Tom tried to hug CC he punched him!!)

We THANK God for our boys!!
(I wish I could show you the smile on CC's face in the picture above but due to his privacy we can't.)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Boys, Autism, Love

 Julius got new AFOs. Of course Tom picked out the design! LOL!
These are old shoes, he has high tops for them now.
He walks so much better now- not so "bow legged". He likes them!

Isaiah has been a huge help since TA and CC have come. Sadly TA is too aggressive. He doesn't know his strength and he is always aggressive in his requests. Isaiah truly LOVES TA. Isaiah has a HUGE heart for those who need our help. He has nothing but patience and kindness towards TA, and CC.

TA and CC are not short in stature like our boys with Down Syndrome. They are also very fast and very very strong. CC gives warnings when he is upset. We are thankful because then we can re-direct him, help him. TA does not give warnings.

Sadly we had to say that we could no longer let TA stay, or come.
We were all sad. We are not set up for his aggressive and destructive behaviours.

 TA even scratched Isaiah's face, grabbed Tom's glasses. Tom and Isaiah got the worst of the scratches. I'm just not strong enough to help. And altho Tom is strong, he's just too old now for doing it all day.
It spreads us too thin and we have no time left for ourselves or MA and SP.

Tom catching TA before he knocks the food off of the pantry shelves.
We had TA try Mercy's adaptive seating- he is just too big. We just aren't set up for such big boys. :o)

They are such sweet boys.
CC will continue staying with us.