Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Five pumpkins!

Mercy as usual refuses to pose. 
My 5 precious boys grudgingly complied with my request.
Sweet Pauly (8) and Moses (10)

 Different hat for Pauly.

 These two are the most huggable and squishable! Altho Moses would beg to differ! LOL!

 Julius (8) aka Mr Smarty Pants! He's not impressed!

His favorite "pose face"! :o)

 Cute as a button.......... and he knows it!

 Noah (12) Jacob (10)
Horror upon horrors! Jacob was not happy. Poor Noah looks away thinking "What's up with this guy!"
We think Noah's clasped hands are praying for Jacob to stop !

Ooops! Darn hats and little heads. 

 Noah always finds something to smile about!
You can measure how upset Jacob is by how far his tongue sticks out! He can stick it out reeeeeally far!

                                                   Crocodile tears- oh my!

Dad to the rescue. He reasons with Jacob. Goodness knows he's not dying! LOL! Even Noah thinks "yeah- why? are you crying?"

But Jacob is a pro at pouting! Can't stop now!

                                             Poor Noah not that darn hat again!

                                                                Phew! Fixed!

 Noah wonders how long Jacob will make us wait!

Nope, no happy face, not even for Dad.
Not the most exciting pictures. But happy memories for us!


  1. The cutest little pumpkin boys I have ever seen! They have grown even since your last post! All so handsome and adorable. Moses has lost those chubby cheeks! And poor Jacob not wanting his picture taken. Bless his heart. He was too cute anyways. To bad Mercy would not pose as well. A pumpkin princess! I know they are all a joy to you but Noah seems to be such a happy little guy! What blessings!

    1. I adore all of my precious boys! But Noah very special, I think he is a living angel! :o) He LOVES everyone, everybody, everything. He has a sweetness about him that is nothing we've seen in anyone. He is truly a gift in our lives. He teaches me daily!

  2. Bless them xx love noahs little face x hugs and kisses to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Donna I'm so sorry, I promised a post on Noah~ we've been so busy. I will do one.

  3. No worries xx I understand how busy the little ones keep you x x


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