Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Too big for his britches!

 This is a very small wagon (10" x 13"). But Moses fits in it perfectly. (he's wearing 5T jammies) He has a new fascination now-riding and driving! He can pull the wagon with his legs! Something his brothers haven't figured out yet!
His other favorites are his little cars that pump and go or wind and go.

He really doesn't need any help here. He sets it up to drive it himself! Yes it is a "frozen" wagon. It is Mercy's but she doesn't have any interest in it. We couldn't donate it because Moses says then it's his!

Nope, he's not gonna "drive" for pictures! LOL!! 
In the background Jacob is making "buh-buh" noises with his hand. We discourage this, but he used it for comfort for 7 years. Hard habit to break.

 Jacob says to Isaiah "I said no pictures bro!" LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my spirited boys!

 Pauly singing! LOL! It sounds like a low monotone "uhhh". But its beautiful! He also plays a "mean" xylophone! He whacks the keys with such force! If he misses hitting a key you hear "whack-whack" on the plastic! And then he hits the keys again. He plays for up to 15 minutes. We clap, he saunters off to sit in his thinking chair!

 Noah just hangin out. Never a dull moment for Noah!

Julius' regular photo pose! He stops everything he's doing when the camera comes out! He's so big that at his last Drs visit the chart showed he was fat?? I- don't- think- so!

 Precious Pauly, autism steals his spontaneity. Pauly and Moses are still the same size. But Moses is 2 1/2 years older.........and he knows it!! Julius has "out grown" his closeness with Pauly. Julius has moved on to other things. This made us and Pauly sad.  

Pauly LOVES having a buddy. And Moses decided that he would be Pauly's new buddy. It was so sweet. They held hands, Moses helped Pauly. 


Moses became bored with Pauly's predictable routine of repetition. And his lack of emotional response to Moses. And if Pauly got the sillies and laughed because of something he was thinking.......Moses wasn't impressed.
Moses got bored.

So Moses decided to tell Pauly what to do! OY!

He pulls Pauly out of his thinking chair- he pushes Pauly to walk. Pauly sits on the floor, disturbed that Moses would ask this of him! Moses pushes Pauly to stand. Pauly gets up and goes back to his favorite thinking chair. Moses runs after him, pushes him out again. Pauly walks/stumbles till he sees another chair and sits! Moses tries to pull the chair away, with Pauly refusing to budge.
So Moses hits him!

Now agitated Moses wants everyone to know that he's not happy! So he runs to his other brothers and hits them too! They are oblivious to the fight? that is going on and ignore him. Moses doesn't care, he got to hit them!! 

He even goes over to take Jacob's toy away just because he can! (there was a year and a half when he couldn't win that fight with Jacob)


And then mom tells him "No hitting Moses! Give Jacob his toy. Tell your brothers you are sorry." He does with my help. But he lets me know he is not one bit happy about it. 

All those years. 
7 1/2 years of being told what to do and "taking it" from adults who don't LOVE you; have come boiling and spilling out. 
Now he's 10, even if he's not the size of someone 10. He taught himself to walk and run, hit and climb. Now he is in charge. He has gotten too big for his britches!

After lots of hugs and finding his favorite fire engine. He's sorry. We LOVE him, his brothers and Mercy to pieces! 
And now we need to find something Mosie size for him to drive!

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  1. Soooo...Moses is gonna try to be the boss! I can see it now! Really, I know it is not funny with the hitting and all but it is so good to see him develop and grow. To assert himself. To find himself, his person. They all look so happy and BUSY! My crew is so busy. It makes me tired just watching and refereeing them somedays. How is Jacob doing? Surgery in just a few days. Praying for you all and him. Blessings!


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