Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, August 21, 2015

Our MA Love!

 I told Isaiah to take a picture of MA while she was "busy". But he's busted here. :o) She caught him! She wonders what he's doing! 

She's wearing her Shiloh Shepherd tshirt that has a white Shiloh like our boy Snow on it. She says its our dog. But it's a different shepherd- almost as pretty as ours! ;o)

She loves to load her cart up with things from her bedroom and wheel them into the living room. To the left in the background you can see SP's bed. (her quilt) SP's bedroom is off the living room.

The "cart" is supposed to be between MA and SP. I had made space for it. But Tom forgot. SP and MA argue terribly and they will hit each other. There was a table between them but I moved it to make room for the cart. 

MA has a walker with a basket. She loaded it so heavily with all her favorite things. Because of that weight it was not going to last. It needs to be used mainly as a walker for her. 
So I found this cart that has a handle on the end and nice industrial wheels. The bottom shelf is even a short basket. She loves it. She holds the handle on the end as she walks. She's thrilled it holds more great stuff!

Both of her ankles have "crushed" from the weight of her body. They were just so tiny, not so much because of her weight. She used to complain about her knees a lot but never her ankles. She has a very high tolerance for pain. She really should not walk, but her family insists and then she gets all worked up and tells us she has to walk. :o( She only walks from room to room in the house here. Never outside or at the store. We watch for signs that she doesn't over stress her feet. 

She is very fragile. She gets sick so easily. She is more like an 88 year old woman. We thank God for each day. She brings us so much JOY! We are very blessed! 


  1. What does MA do during the day?

    Actually it'd be kind of interesting to know what everyone does during weekdays. Your helpers do homeschooling and I imagine help with meals. What does Samson do? What do the boys and Mercy do?

    This isn't a criticism at all, just something I'm curious about and you could elaborate more in a blog post if you like the idea.

    ~context/reasoning behind my comment ~
    I'm 21 but considering adoption in the future and I'm learning and thinking about what special needs I would be comfortable with. So I am learning from blogs, and I think they're a great source because it's real life, and hey! that's what I'll be living if/when I adopt.
    And I will be interested in following you while the boys grow up and see what the teen years are like for you!

  2. Hello! Miss Anon ;o)
    MA attends the Senior Center. She is mainstreamed into their activities. The special needs clients have their own room/program there. They also volunteer!
    SP attends a DAC, that means Day Activity Center, but now it provides work training. SP refused to work until she turned 50! Since then she earns a small stipend for screwing light bulbs into sockets for refrigerators. She's quite good at it! The women are our Waivered Services/Adult Foster Care clients.

    Samson is 20 this month. He attends home school. He has 1-2 more years of homeschool. My job with the women is teaching them Independent Living Skills. I taught MA to live in her own apartment for 6 of the 28 years we've been together. I also supervised/taught her in her apartment.
    So I will continue to teach Samson Independent Living skills after he graduates Homeschool.

    My 4 non special needs kids ages 11-14 have too many activities to list. They help as they choose, attend homeschool year round. And they have lots of activities they enjoy like Astronomy, Entimology, Theology, Ornithology, too many to list!

    Mercy and the 5 boys attend homeschool. The boys also enjoy shopping. Mercy loves rides in the van but often refuses to get out! She begs for us to drive through McDs after every counseling or Dr visit! LOL!

    That is a very very abbreviated version of what they do, since Tom and I are in and out all day, always taking someone along with us!
    p.s. I have a contact button here- you can e-mail me :o)

  3. MA looks so happy and content working away on her activities. Love the cart! I bet she does love it holding so much more! More to tote around. :) SP refuses to work till she is 50! That is so cute. You do such a great job with your whole crew at the house there. Never a dull moment...just like here. I would have it no other way. Hugs and blessings!


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