Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Surviving the hot weather

We bought Olivia the pig for Mercy. I was thinking she'd like the story books and the stuffed toy.  

She didn't.

She doesn't like "books", she like catalogs and magazines. She likes to rip and tear them!! She doesn't like "closeness" with anyone here. Her sensory issues make those things too difficult. Her RAD causes her seek temporary affections from strangers. 

She didn't like any of the cute toys I bought her. I felt sad at first that her older sisters couldn't share some fun girly memories together. We still dress her for tea time, ballerina days and in party dresses. We just accept that that is as far as she will allow it! ;o)

Pauly (above/below) and his brothers find the toys she rejects quite interesting! So they toss them around until they are no longer interested. We donated the other really feminine things, but the things the boys wanted, we let them have them.

Sweet Pauly. Picture taking makes him "worried". His autism makes him "worry" about everything. It has been so hot here he can't eat out on the deck now. He hates any changes to his routine. He hums and groans loudly in distress. Until we hug him and tell him its o.k. Pauly! 

Moses has developed quite the personality as he grows into a more "normal" size for a 10 yr old. His larger size allows him to reach higher, climb, and puuuuulll open gates!!! He just loves to get into things. Here he's busted! LOL! He wants to get into the bathroom toilet. If you catch him he wants you to go away! LOL! 

If you don't leave quickly he'll encourage you to go! I'm almost happy that he isn't too big to win this fight! LOL! I want him to grow to his full potential...........but............I don't want him to find more trouble! LOL!

He has noooooo idea how cute he is! He thinks he looks very serious and some what threatening. Poor guy. He looks way too huggable. His very very favorite thing now is to get anything he finds of his 4 older siblings; and hand it to Julius to see what kind of damage that Julius can do to it or with it.
They have become a Team. And not for good. Hopefully they'll grow out of this stage!! ;o) Soon!!

Jacob working diligently day by day by day to walk. Gaining strength. Accepting affection and attention from us more and more each day. This little boy so hurt and damaged by the world, finding his place on his terms. Finding what LOVE means.

And he adores his big brother Isaiah. (our photographer)

Mercy is very careless with her things. This is her very favorite "jingly" Minnie Mouse. In the past Noah would have chewed this and soaked it in saliva. But he is a big boy now. He lost his therapy chew stick here, so he has his hand in his mouth- ouch! But he's careful not to chew on clothing and plush toys. What a precious boy! I LOVE kissing that face- he beams like sunshine when I kiss his cheeks all over. It makes both our day!

This is one of our 5 homeschool "desks". You might notice fluffy white dog hair on the carpet from our big dog. The minion trundle bed is Mosie's. He has a tent bed he sometimes chooses to put on top when it's pulled out. Or he chooses the little side boards dad cut for the trundle, so he doesn't roll out of bed in the night. We store those things in Noah's bunk during the day.

Silly, silly, silly boy! 

This boy (Julius) takes my breath away when he does things on target for his age. He is so smart. He has come the farthest in IQ of all five boys. But his stubbornness and refusal to be flexible makes him much lower functioning. Ask him to set the table and he drops the plates on the floor. Ask Mosie to set the table and he runs to take on the task. He may stack the plates in one spot, or scatter the cups, but he tries!! Ask Julius to throw away his kleenex and he eats a bite of it. Ask Pauly to throw away his kleenex and he takes your hand to lead him to the waste basket. Julius understands every task completely, his impulsiveness wreaks havoc. 

We learned many years ago from our LOVE MA that the gift of IQ is not what determines success. MA was not always the smartest in her class, but she was always willing and eager to try. Mosie, Pauly, Jakie, and Noah may struggle to learn and remember. But their sheer determination pulls them ahead in gaining independence. MA was always remembered, not for what she did but her determination!

And our princess needs a hair cut. She hates the hot weather and over heats very easily. (we have AC) We are both quite grumpy in this high humidity and sweltering heat right now. She so wants to run on the deck. She's feeling cooped up. We tried 2 trips to the air conditioned store but it wasn't to her liking. I felt bad because she put up such a fuss that her peers (children her age) were staring at her like she was an oddity. But you know, she stared right back. Her stares had no meaning behind them. No ill will. She was just looking back. But it was good that she held her own. :o) The future holds a lot of being misunderstood for her. I won't always be there. She needs to stay strong.

JOY overflows from these incredibly sweet blessings! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Let's pray Timothy Home!

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His photo is on the right side of my blog too!
Thank You!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Twinkle twinkle little star............

How I wonder what you are............

 Up above the world so high................

 Like a diamond in the sky............

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are.

A while back I was told by an anonymous person that I can't talk about my sweet Merc (pronounced Mers with a soft s) on my blog. Not true. We have full legal custody. She is not in foster care. She has never been in foster care. She is our child, our beautiful daughter.

We were getting ready to take her to the Dr when we took these pictures. She was not happy. :o) Altho even when she is happy she tells us no pictures. :o) 

Her toy in front of her is a musical Minnie that hangs on her bed. She loves toys that play musical lullabies. I wish they made more of them.
That afternoon she ran into the sun setter awning on our deck and hit her cheek. She loves to run, but doesn't look. Often she falls onto a brother in the way. We are working on this! 

Merc is non-verbal so we "read" her body language to give her what she wants from us. Sometimes we never know what it is. Or we think we figure it out and we don't. We look at each other and shrug in frustration. And poor Mercy cries in frustration. She is almost 8 so it is a loud cry! ;o) Think of a baby cry coming out of 8 year old lungs.

My biggest solace on rough days is taking a hot bath. Well, until Merc joined us 2 1/2 years ago!! If she is in bed, either at nap time or bed time, no matter what time of day or night. If in bed, she screams as soon as I run the water for my bath. 

If she is playing and awake and I take a bath she just runs back and forth to the door very quietly. No fuss. She just wishes the door was open! She is curious! 

I wish I knew why she screams/yells about it when in bed?

The funny thing is that no one- not even me!! Can even hear the water running in the bathroom from that distance??!! Especially with the door shut! So that has ended my taking a bath any time she is in her bed.

And that's o.k. because she is more important, even when I don't understand. And when she's grown- Lord willing ;o) I can resume my late night baths!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

You can hear MA in the background laughing, oohing, aaawing, saying "holy buckets" and "Oh my gosh" !!! LOL!! The 4 older kids (Faith, Lysa, Kitty, Isaiah) were talking too. The little boys and Mercy were in bed :o)