Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, June 7, 2015

June is birthday month!

Still sporting winter heads of hair! It just hasn't been that hot here...yet, to do our traditional summer shave. Which we do to help watch for ticks etc when camping. Today we will begin our first week of hot weather.

May was our month to move. If you read our other blog you have seen our new camping trailer. (click on the top photos of the boys to see that blog)

Pictures here courtesy Isaiah :o) This is lunch. (soup with veggies, muffins mixed in for those who don't chew well, and pizza for the chewers) And birthday cake. Birthday cake is apple cinnamon with whip cream on top. The boys don't care for "traditional" birthday cakes with frostings etc. To them it's over kill. But they love their simple cakes and fruit muffins!

The tan "plates" have ridges so food can't spoon out!

Julius far left copying all of big sister Faith's gestures! LOL!
Noah next to Lysa and Pauly in the middle.

Julius still copying!
They are eating pizza for their birthday dinner!
Noah getting every last bite with his fingers!
Noah turned 12 and Julius turned 8!

Mmmm! Hafta get every last crumb!

 Julius being shy here. He wants to eat in peace! He's so happy! He wants more!

Pauly is so easily distracted! :o) He never remembers if he ate or not- if distracted he just moves on! He might even sign that he's done!! 

 Typical Julius the "clown"!! Faith has moved to avoid "pizza fingers"!!

 Julius wondering if he should get his own cake now??

 Noah says- we are waiting for our cake girls! LOL!! Where's our cake? 
Pauly wondering if he really even likes pizza? Chewing is lots of work!

 YES! There's the cake!  With whip cream, so cute on the face!
Mercy (right) decided to ruuuun when pictures first started.

 Mmm! He loves it!

Always eat every crumb! LOL!

 Noah needs help- NO Lysa! That's his left hand!

Ready for my second piece!!

Moses says eating is over rated- he wants to help take pictures!!
He LOVES machines! He begs us to turn on vacuums, mixers, choppers! Our little mechanical man!

Noah (far right) studying whether he thinks he can eat this on his own!
Pauly left of Noah. He's taking his cues from Mercy.
Mercy left of Pauly.
Julius far left watching the ceiling fan, hoping to some day get up on the table and touch it!! Boys!!

Recently the older kids and I were discussing sin. That even people with disabilities are human and have the ability to sin. Some more than others, just like us without special needs.
We discussed the little things the boys and Mercy do when following their will, not God's. Whether intentional or not, we see them make choices they shouldn't. We see them learning not to, just as we learned right from wrong.

Except for Noah. Noah,  hurts no one, gets angry with no one, loses his temper with no one, only tries to do whatever is asked of him. He LOVES everyone! And he never ever complains. 

When Noah first came the only thing we noticed that caused him distress, was a few nights of mourning the loss of all of those he loved in his home country. And we know he LOVED every one there. Even those that hurt him. And he especially LOVED those that LOVED him like his Baba and volunteer friend. Because that is just how Noah is. He truly is a living angel. He is the closest to following Christ of all of us here. He always LOVES, he always forgives. We are incredibly blessed to have Noah teach us everything he was born knowing. The beautiful gifts God blessed Noah with. Oh what JOY! 

Our cup is overflowing!


  1. Your paragraph about Noah reminded me of the verse that says something like...And Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord! They all are darling. I could just kiss all their little sweet faces! Your helpers remind me of my helpers around here. They are invaluable at meal times. Blessings!

  2. Happy birthday Noah xx what a big handsome boy you are x hugs and kisses from Donna xxxx


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