Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Boys and their toys!

 Since the boys don't understand birthday gifts or presents. We carefully introduce them to new "things" every 6 months or so. We frequently need to update their electronic toys. As they grow and learn, they graduate from manipulating toys that were for younger children. So we have to buy them slightly more challenging toys to manipulate.

Above is Noah and the picnic basket that talks and sings. Noah manipulates very few electronic toys. So it was a big deal to see him carry this basket!

He prefers his chew sticks. And once in a while a stuffed toy.

He carries this in silly Noah fashion! LOL!

Giving the boys the new toys at one time overwhelms them. However we can easily introduce Julius and Moses to one new toy each. They are always willing to explore a new toy. The other 3 boys will not notice anything different about a new toy unless it does something specific they like. They can't tell me what they want, so its hit or miss with them.

Jacob is finicky about toys. Altho yesterday I saw him holding Mercy's Fisher Price Laugh and Learn (girl) puppy. Something he'd never choose if it was his!! Jacob was holding the puppy toy so lovingly, I was quite surprised!! Which was funny because Mercy has dragged "pretty puppy" everywhere and pretty puppy is quite dirty. Sadly she can't be washed! Oh well at least she's well loved! :o)

This ball is a new soft laughing ball. All of the boys like to throw. This ball can be thrown and it "talks" to them.
 We bought 5 new toys and 2 electronic story books. One toy was destroyed during shipping. :o( They had shipped it in a bag.

Up above by Noah's picture there is a gate so that they can't get into my sewing area. I put the new toys on the floor behind the gate so they could see them. Then I gave them 1 new toy every few days. This way they knew the new toys from the old. When Moses and Julius saw the new toys- they could not wait to try them all! They would have climbed the gate if they could! A few times Mosie squeezed past someone to get to them! 

We donate the toys they outgrow unless they are too chewed up! LOL!

Pauly is trying the new ball out. He likes the sound. But this is not the kind of toy he prefers. He likes toys with handles or strings so he can dangle them in front of his face. Part of his autism. We discourage him from doing that. We encourage him to carry them by the handle/string instead. He likes that too! :o)
 Mosie says this ball is great! But do we need a picture! LOL!

 Julius loves to play ball with this nice new ball!
His jammies are backwards so we don't find him naked! LOL!

THIS is Pauly's pride and joy! It is a lantern that lights up and plays music. But best of all it has a handle! Pauly loves that handle! If it has a handle you can lift it up and down!! 

Mosie loves talking toys. This little lamp says "off" and "on" and sings etc. They only make it in pink!! Why? Don't boys have lamps too?! 

 Jacob "reading" a new electronic talking book.

Noah doesn't look at talking books. But sometimes he likes to carry one because it is small- "hand" size!

Mosie LOVES automobiles and trains and planes. But he hates the sounds of sirens etc that come with the big boy cars/trucks. They are just too loud!! This little car is perfect! We sit in a circle and he "drives" (shoves) it to us. He'll even try to give it a "double" rev by "revving" its wheels twice before letting go! He's so darn smart! He needs practice to get the car to go straight. He squeels with delight when we get it straight back to him! 

When Mosie wants to play he brings you the toy he wants to play with you with! So darn cute! 

 Here he goes with his car! These size 5 jammies are getting snug! Only 3 years ago he wore size 18 months! 

 He loves when the toys make sound as they move. Some actually don't and he hates that!! He gets angry if the song shuts off while the play vacuum moves! 

 Pauly considering the book Isaiah handed him! LOL!! Hey where's the handle??!!

 Julius and Mercy love talking electronic books!
But Mercy does not like new toys unless they are musical and light up!

Mosie says "I hope you enjoyed visiting us with our new toys!!
Love you all for Loving us!


  1. Lovely pictures of the boys x hugs and kisses for my special boy Noah x love and kisses Donna xxxxx

  2. Hugs and kisses to all special hugs for my special boy Noah xxx

  3. How fun seeing the boys with all of their toys. I was just looking into toys for Matthew yesterday. I decided to see about a cheap tool set at Walmart since he'll be outside for a while with the nice weather. We'll be getting some bubbles too... It's nice how you don't have to spend much to give them something to do!

  4. I could just hug them all! We also introduce a few new toys every few months. We don't do birthdays big with lots of gifts. Just buy things for the children thru out the year as we see things on sale we think they would like. I have toy bins that we rotate ever few days so the children don't get board with the same toys every day. Our living room that they play in is smallish. But they all have their favorites that we leave out all the time. I guess for security. We have had to do pajamas backwards on a few of our children as well over the years. One of our foster children, we recently have started being able to put them on frontways again. He has matured so much, Glory to God. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful pictures of the children playing. It warms my heart. Blessings, susan

  5. Very nice ! Also- remember that colors don't matter. Pink used to be a boys' color because "it was a strong color!"


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