Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, March 13, 2015

Time to Eat!

Jakie waiting for his dinner. 
It was cold this Sunday so some of us stayed in our jammies.
We attend our Church livestream. The internet can be such a blessing! It also brought us 5 precious boys from a Country across the ocean!
(behind Jakie our glass collection we sell for diapers- LOL! It is a blessing. :o) We enjoyed it, but now we have more important needs.)

 I had noticed this punpkin (Julius) who writes with his right hand was eating more frequently with his left hand?
(on the shelf behind him is our tea party supplies for the older 4 kids. :o)

And then I saw this. :o( 
Some helpers are not being careful which hand they help the boys eat with!! OY!
So Jakie here is not happy at all to eat with his left hand. Showing my helpers their error helped Jakie try harder to hold his spoon!! 

But Julius refuses to use his right hand to eat now! So now I'm wondering if we should let him use his left hand to write since he's so good at using it for eating? OY!

This was another problem. My helpers were using a large (Mercy) handled spoon for Pauly, and his hand is too small to hold it!!
Julius above is using the correct adaptive spoon size for him and Pauly.
Mercy uses the large handles because her hand strength is poor and she has long beautiful hands/fingers.

My helpers are doing fantastic jobs helping. Especially since the boys need less hands on help from me. I couldn't get everything done without my loving caring helpers! During the boy's meals I cook for MA and SP and the older kids. Dad was watching, but he is less observant and had not noticed the things I mention. ;o) I guess I have to check up on their progress myself more often rather than go by verbal reports! :o)

Miss Mercy has a new habit that needs correcting! (always sumthin! like her mamma!) She now likes to put her head "in" her bowl!! Here she's giving me the look- "don't touch my food!" LOL!
I wish I looked this cute when I was cranky! ;o)

Mosie and his brothers do not like to "hold" their bowls as they eat. The bowls do have rubber grips on the bottom. But when we eat out the bowls don't! So we encourage no wild/free hands as you eat! ;o)
Of course it takes time! We get excited when all we have to say is "hold your bowl!" as a reminder and they do it! Otherwise we do hand over hand as we ask them to hold the bowl. Soon they listen/learn to respond to our verbal requests on their own.

They teach us patience every day. And with such adorable faces- who wouldn't want to be patient for them!

Noah is getting the hang of feeding himself. He is so proud! He laughs when his food comes and he concentrates hard on it! This is amazing because he's such an easy going boy that you could easily think he doesn't "care" about learning skills. Especially since he is lower functioning. But he does like learning things that excite him. Finding out what they are is some times hard, but always worthwhile!

You can see Kitty at the end of the table is quite bored! She's standing there so Julius can't throw food onto the floor- he does that for fun! Such a little mischievous monkey! 
If you have ever watched the"Noddy" show? It used to be on pbs. We have a Noddy video called "Bunky" about a naughty monkey who says he's a "Bunky". A Bunky is a "Bunny-Monkey". We call Julius our "Bunky" LOL!

Spring came to MN quickly and we bought another picnic table/bench for the boys to eat outside! Sunday is supposed to be 66 degrees!! Hoping we can have our dinner out there! We'll take photos!

Tonight we have our Family Fridays dinner. (that we have every Friday) Big sister Grace and her husband Dan always come! So much fun!

((((HUGS)))) to all! God is GOOD! 

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  1. They are all making so much progress! It is just stunning. It took a long time to teach Zeke to feed himself. We are still working on independent toileting cleanliness. Now the toddlers are having to be taught to self feed. They have no interest in feeding them selves at all, I feel like I am feeding children all day long! They will only eat for me. K will eat for anyone though. Always something to work on. When they master a skill it is just fireworks!! Love and blessings!


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