Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Teaching challenges for me

One of these days I am going to get "one" photo where all 5 boys are looking at me! LOL!
We were in the midst of helping them dress for bed. When I thought of giving it another try! LOL!! 
We actually have 5 pairs of matching jammies this year. So I am going to try again when we can coordinate that!
Here I said Noah's name and only he and Pauly looked!! LOL!

My Julius in the camo shirt has serious ADHD. In a few years we may consider trying medication. In these pictures you can see his constant fidgeting. He is beginning to disturb his brothers during school time. And it could start interfering with his school work. So far I can work his wiggles into his IEP! LOL!  

 I know I say it all the time but this boy has little angel wings and a halo. He is such a sweet soul. He's playing legos here with big brother Samson. Samson dislikes the "toy" pieces of the lego sets and Noah dislikes the lego blocks! Perfect!

 Don't mind my mess behind them. :o) I was asked to make some special prayer shawls for a dear friend's red hat group. The other boxes are storing yarn. 

The boys always keep busy. Samson has chores and school work. The little boys and Mercy have school and play. Samson likes to join in during free time. 

When the little ones aren't doing their school activities we use Montessori resources to teach them adaptive living skills- setting tables, putting their things away. The hard part of this is that with their years of having nothing, owning nothing, they do not view their things as "theirs". They don't even claim possession to anything. We all say "this is Noah's" or "this is Jacob's", but they don't really care. 

A dear friend wrote on her blog about how quickly they change physically for the better once they are home. But their minds take much longer to heal and learn. So we plug along. :o) 

They'd prefer to do school or play than help out or develop independent living skills. I'm hoping and waiting for a little light bulb to go off in their heads one day! LOL! I had thought watching our 4 non SN kids, Samson, MA, SP, Tom and I that they'd get the idea. But not yet.

I'm glad they can have school till age 22 for special ed. It has been a blessing for Samson. That way we can work at their pace.


  1. Sounds like your school days are very busy like ours. Organized and flexible. That is what we do too. Many of my children are getting to the age we need to make a plan for them to transition into what they will be doing as an adult. Most will live here always and maybe do something small out in the community. Carolyn just got discharged from therapy as they can not get her to progress anymore even though she tries her hardest. I see the same in her school work as well. Each child is so different. We are working on more and more living skills and less and less book work now. God is so good! Many blessings upon you all!

  2. I just love reading your blogs i consider you an incredible mom teacher and life coach! One need only look at your family to see happiness. I think i have it so hard with just two little ones but you amaze me!

  3. Elizabeth, it is very hard to consider putting a child on medication for ADHD. I have a grandson who is severely ADHD along with other problems. He has been on numerous medications - including some that scared me. Most recently, he has been put on Straterra which is not a controlled drug. He is doing pretty good. He is a sweet natured child anyway but sometimes the other drugs made him angry when they were wearing off. He doesn't seem to have that problem with this one. The only problem I have seen with this new one is he is sleepy in the morning but I think it will get better as he gets used to it. It is hard to put them on medicine but my grandson couldn't function without it. He still struggles but is doing better. Just plan on monitoring and adjusting when you do put him on meds. Sometimes you just have to do it to keep peace at home. I will be praying for you with this matter.

    1. Thank You (((HUGS)))
      I have only had 1 other son on ADHD meds. He is 39 now. :o) Yes we went through several meds even back then that were worrisome. But he like your grandson needed the med. He could not even draw or write or concentrate without it. I tried stopping it several times and he'd say "Mom I need my medicine."

      I have a 20 yr old son who is not special needs who reacted to a asthma "pill" and a med to help his bladder when he was school age, both made him incredibly angry- so that ended that!!

      We just got a new health insurance so we will try meds slowly! Thank you for sharing!


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