Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cupid's Birthday!

 Every February our "Cupid" has his birthday!!
This year he turned 10!!
Can you believe that the tiny little boy on the top sidebar of my blog is 10!!
We bought him a new size 4 suit. But sadly it is too tight in the body already. The pants of course are too long. But what a surprise that he's grown so much! He is in a size 5 sleeper. (with legs rolled up) But he wears size 4 boys shirts and size 3 pants.

In this picture (above) he's "yelling" into his hand! LOL! He thinks he's a "tough" guy! LOL! He also slaps his hands together as if to say "Watch out! I can get you!" But he'd never hit anyone. He just likes to act tough! 

He loves his little brother Pauly so much; that when he sees Pauly stuck "in" his autism, he gently takes him by the hand and they walk together to find something else to do!
He is so smart! And he is so sweet!

 He's watching TV here. Big brother Isaiah took the pictures for us.

We have been blessed that his silly baby teeth are falling out on their own as the adult teeth push through. In the meantime it's a "mess" in there. His dentist will not put him out or pull any until they are done falling out. 
He was so tiny before, it was too risky for anesthesia. As he grows it will be less risky. He had been put out twice for other medical procedures when he was tiny and it was very worrisome.

When Moses first came home he liked to "tickle" the back of his neck. It was a kind of nervous habit. He's almost doing it here. But he hesitates now because we ask him to "Put your arms down Mosie"!! He is gradually learning to relax his arms. He's learning to relax and hold them to his sides.
 He's very expressive with his hands. He vocally mimics sounds for me but does not like to say words. We have a new augmentative speaking device coming for him. It holds 1 word or phrase with 1 picto. I can't wait to see if he likes it. 

He shies away from our "speaking" board that I load for all of our non speakers. It has 6 openings. We also have a go-talk, a talk and learn and a new speak and learn we just received today! LOL!! So we are always switching things up to encourage him to use "words".

          Just chillin! And checking out what Dad is doing to the right.

He's thinking this suit is not as comfy as his fleece jammies we took off of him! :o)

               Arms up when he doesn't want to do something!
If he doesn't want to cooperate he gets upset that we can just pick him up if need be! LOL! He feels humiliated. 

 Silly boy LOVES to laugh! And we LOVE to laugh with him!!

Cute as a button! You can see why we call him our little Valentine Cupid!

 Isaiah trying to get a nice close up for my side bar!

We are losing cooperation here, his eyes are glazed over! LOL!!

                                            "Just let me watch TV Isaiah!"

                          "Oh Isaiah you are soooo funny!" (silly boy!)

                                O.K. People!! I'm outa' here!! 
                                He's "telling" Isaiah he is done! 

Are we SUPER BLESSED or what?? This big boy in a little body gives us so much JOY every day! 


  1. Oh those checks. VERY kissable! Happy Happy birthday sweet Moses! He looks adorable in that outfit! Love all the new pictures of the children in the side bar. Boy, they are cute and growing fast! Much love from the Deep South in the North Georgia Mountains! Blessings!


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