Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Teaching challenges for me

One of these days I am going to get "one" photo where all 5 boys are looking at me! LOL!
We were in the midst of helping them dress for bed. When I thought of giving it another try! LOL!! 
We actually have 5 pairs of matching jammies this year. So I am going to try again when we can coordinate that!
Here I said Noah's name and only he and Pauly looked!! LOL!

My Julius in the camo shirt has serious ADHD. In a few years we may consider trying medication. In these pictures you can see his constant fidgeting. He is beginning to disturb his brothers during school time. And it could start interfering with his school work. So far I can work his wiggles into his IEP! LOL!  

 I know I say it all the time but this boy has little angel wings and a halo. He is such a sweet soul. He's playing legos here with big brother Samson. Samson dislikes the "toy" pieces of the lego sets and Noah dislikes the lego blocks! Perfect!

 Don't mind my mess behind them. :o) I was asked to make some special prayer shawls for a dear friend's red hat group. The other boxes are storing yarn. 

The boys always keep busy. Samson has chores and school work. The little boys and Mercy have school and play. Samson likes to join in during free time. 

When the little ones aren't doing their school activities we use Montessori resources to teach them adaptive living skills- setting tables, putting their things away. The hard part of this is that with their years of having nothing, owning nothing, they do not view their things as "theirs". They don't even claim possession to anything. We all say "this is Noah's" or "this is Jacob's", but they don't really care. 

A dear friend wrote on her blog about how quickly they change physically for the better once they are home. But their minds take much longer to heal and learn. So we plug along. :o) 

They'd prefer to do school or play than help out or develop independent living skills. I'm hoping and waiting for a little light bulb to go off in their heads one day! LOL! I had thought watching our 4 non SN kids, Samson, MA, SP, Tom and I that they'd get the idea. But not yet.

I'm glad they can have school till age 22 for special ed. It has been a blessing for Samson. That way we can work at their pace.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cupid's Birthday!

 Every February our "Cupid" has his birthday!!
This year he turned 10!!
Can you believe that the tiny little boy on the top sidebar of my blog is 10!!
We bought him a new size 4 suit. But sadly it is too tight in the body already. The pants of course are too long. But what a surprise that he's grown so much! He is in a size 5 sleeper. (with legs rolled up) But he wears size 4 boys shirts and size 3 pants.

In this picture (above) he's "yelling" into his hand! LOL! He thinks he's a "tough" guy! LOL! He also slaps his hands together as if to say "Watch out! I can get you!" But he'd never hit anyone. He just likes to act tough! 

He loves his little brother Pauly so much; that when he sees Pauly stuck "in" his autism, he gently takes him by the hand and they walk together to find something else to do!
He is so smart! And he is so sweet!

 He's watching TV here. Big brother Isaiah took the pictures for us.

We have been blessed that his silly baby teeth are falling out on their own as the adult teeth push through. In the meantime it's a "mess" in there. His dentist will not put him out or pull any until they are done falling out. 
He was so tiny before, it was too risky for anesthesia. As he grows it will be less risky. He had been put out twice for other medical procedures when he was tiny and it was very worrisome.

When Moses first came home he liked to "tickle" the back of his neck. It was a kind of nervous habit. He's almost doing it here. But he hesitates now because we ask him to "Put your arms down Mosie"!! He is gradually learning to relax his arms. He's learning to relax and hold them to his sides.
 He's very expressive with his hands. He vocally mimics sounds for me but does not like to say words. We have a new augmentative speaking device coming for him. It holds 1 word or phrase with 1 picto. I can't wait to see if he likes it. 

He shies away from our "speaking" board that I load for all of our non speakers. It has 6 openings. We also have a go-talk, a talk and learn and a new speak and learn we just received today! LOL!! So we are always switching things up to encourage him to use "words".

          Just chillin! And checking out what Dad is doing to the right.

He's thinking this suit is not as comfy as his fleece jammies we took off of him! :o)

               Arms up when he doesn't want to do something!
If he doesn't want to cooperate he gets upset that we can just pick him up if need be! LOL! He feels humiliated. 

 Silly boy LOVES to laugh! And we LOVE to laugh with him!!

Cute as a button! You can see why we call him our little Valentine Cupid!

 Isaiah trying to get a nice close up for my side bar!

We are losing cooperation here, his eyes are glazed over! LOL!!

                                            "Just let me watch TV Isaiah!"

                          "Oh Isaiah you are soooo funny!" (silly boy!)

                                O.K. People!! I'm outa' here!! 
                                He's "telling" Isaiah he is done! 

Are we SUPER BLESSED or what?? This big boy in a little body gives us so much JOY every day! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You MUST read this~

This is a story of an auction item. Be prepared it is heart wrenching.

This is a story of what orphans have by Julia. It too breaks my heart. It is so true. It is why I collect things from Bulgaria for my boys.

The only thing an orphan needs is a family. Plain and simmple. Let's devote our lives to making this happen!

Monday, February 2, 2015

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!



PLEASE!! Read the post at Julia's blog and click on the links!


Also PLEASE make sure to visit and bid on these 2 links~



You see Isaiah had a birthday. 
And he is so very very LOVED by his brothers and sisters he received too many gifts. You may wonder if there is such a thing as too many gifts! LOL! But yes with 11 children having birthdays here, it can get to be a lot!

Isaiah knew we could donate these gifts to the Salvation Army. We love how the S.A. was there many many times for our mentally ill son. But Christmas Season is over and donations like these would not help the S.A. get top dollar.
So he wondered aloud about an orphan auction.
And that's when we found out that indeed a Dear Precious Sister in Christ, Julia! was having an Auction to help 3 orphans come home!

Isaiah knows how the Auctions and others helped his brothers come home. And he wants to help as many orphans as he can come home. He adores his brothers!
So he asked to donate these two gifts that his sister Grace gave him.

Here he is with his donations- both brand new, sealed, never opened.
(He designed and ordered the Tshirt he's wearing for his birthday.)
Isaiah turned 11 in January! My baby is growing up too fast!
He was just 5 yrs old when he asked me to have another baby; because he did not like being the youngest of then 15.
I explained to him that I was 52 (then) and it was hard enough having him at 47! LOL! He was a HUGE surprise!

Isaiah's request is a big reason that 5 boys from Bulgaria and a little girl from the U.S. are now a part of our family! We can't remember living without them!

 My Sweet surprise from God!

Faith was putting the dogs out as we were taking these pictures- she wanted to support Isaiah's love of orphans! Her birthday was 7 days before Isaiah's in January. Our 2 January babies. (Our 3rd January baby/daughter Molly is in Heaven 2010)
Poor Isaiah trying to hold his pose as his energetic sis joins in. We used to call her Tigger! LOL!!