Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, January 30, 2015

Just a few pictures that make me smile!

My son, my precious son Noah. 
I love saying that. 
I LOVE being his mom!
To say his name and see his eyes light up with recognition brings us all such JOY!
He is 11 and 1/2 now. The same age as Tyler in Bulgaria who needs a home. (post below)
Noah was 9 when he came home- and he was the easiest of the 5 boys because he was older. Being "older" did not make caring for him harder. He was much more flexible. He loved being with us.
Julius and Pauly were 4 years old when they came home and it was harder for them being younger. They always ran away from us!

 Noah's heart has only LOVE. He doesn't understand jealousy, or anger or hurting others. He doesn't want what everyone else has. He's always satisfied with what he has! He doesn't understand arguing, he never raises his voice. He only expects LOVE from all of us here and everyone he meets. He gives so much more to everyone than he receives in return.
He blesses our lives so much.

New Minnie Mouse slippers for out little "polka dot gal"!!!
She cracks us up as she stomps through the house in these like big foot! ;o)

I never get to dress her up in the morning because her 3 older sisters beat me to it every single day! They LOVE going through her wardrobe and mixing and matching outfits for her!
They do not put as much effort into dressing their brothers! LOL!!
So I'm always saying- put that cute red shirt on Moses! Mercy hates getting dressed or change into jammies so you can hear her complain loudly as they fix her up. It's a sensory thing.

 She likes to hide in corners and under things. She doesn't sit still for long unless it's in a corner!

She has a habit of "chewing" her hands and putting them in her mouth. We bought her this little musical toy "vanity" this year, hoping she would like it. Last year she was not yet playing with toys like we had hoped. She likes it!

This year she is actively playing with toys more than tossing them about the room or biting them. Her favorite toys are her musical puppies she sleeps with. We can see improvement in her comprehension of what we say. Children with Sotos tend to be delayed and catch up later, usually around adolescence. This is different than the boys having Down Syndrome, they gradually learn most of their lives and don't "catch up" like that. The boys like repetition and Mercy prefers to learn and see "new" things, or have things presented in different ways. For Noah everything he learns has to be hand over hand. He doesn't understand a lot of language. You can't tell Noah to "get a toy". You have to walk him to a toy, have him pick it up and tell him good job!

The boys like to do activities as a group. Mercy only likes to observe.

 My LOVE MA eating some birthday cake from Faith and Isaiah's birthdays in January.
MA turned 58 in December! :o)

Silly MA! She's telling my photographer Isaiah "I'm watching you!" I never have to worry- she has kept an eye on our children for 28 years now! I am so blessed! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Laugh, cry, LOVE!

I am biased.
I LOVE Bulgaria. The people there are wonderful. It's a beautiful Country with a History that makes us wish we too were Bulgarian.
Our hearts are there with our boy's birth families.
God has truly blessed us with FIVE of the most precious blessing/boys; all from Bulgaria.
The boys have been a part of our lives 4 years now.
We do not take the precious gift of my boys lightly.
We cherish them with great JOY.
That is why I cry.
Because these 2 boys, Tanner above and Tyler below, have large grants on Reece's Rainbow. And yet neither has been adopted.

These 2 precious boys would bless whomever brought them home. Please isn't there anyone who could be their mamma and pappa?
I haven't been able to even think of writing about the JOY in our lives here, while these boys continue to wait.
My heart aches for them.
It has worn heavily on us.
Julius and Mercy heading upstairs to get ready for bed. Both 7 years old/ Julius older by 3 months.
(MA in the background :o)
Julius always the goofy face! :o) Always ready for a hug- with a little mischief. 

 Kitty helping Noah up the steps, Julius watching.
Look at that little belly on Noah!  Such a good eater! At 11 1/2 he's maturing more physically. Almost into size 7!

Julius finding the toys he hides just for himself! They go to Moses' train, but not if Julius gets them first! He's fast so he always gets to them first!

 Mosie " mowing the lawn" with his lawn mower. Mosie loves to push things. He was always pushing the little tykes plastic rocking chair everywhere!! Crashing into walls, rolling up rugs! Until we found him the talking lawn mower!
Can you believe this is the same boy on the top right of my blog?
Next month month he turns 10!!

 Pauly (7) and Mosie sharing a toy. Pauly taps his teeth with toys. His autism causes him to have repetitive behaviors. Tapping his teeth helps him calm himself when he's stressed. It's hard for him to relax. We teach him to try other things to relax. So far he has rejected the OTs suggestions.

Jacob the "contrarian" as Dad likes to call him! When we smile he frowns. When we all goof around he avoids us!! He too will be 10 soon. Growing like a weed, he too is almost in size 7. Such a little man!

Isaiah (my photographer) can get Jacob to smile. Jacob adores big brother Isaiah- when he feels like it! It's always worth the wait to see this angelic face!

Samson...........not from Bulgaria, but just as darn cute! LOL! Creating his lego artworks. He doesn't like being interrupted! And don't even dare try to show him "how" to use his legos! He doesn't like to create with others!! 

 Precious Pauly says no pictures please Isaiah.

Miss Mercy and her popcorn poppers. One in each hand in case brothers want one! You can tell if she's sad, happy or mad by how hard or soft she presses the popper. 
The pink leotard over her jammy is not a fashion statement, it is a diaper digging deterrent. ;o) 

We would add Tanner and Tyler to our family in a millisecond. Our hearts ache for them. As we share our JOY we cry at their loss.
Please help us find them a home/homes.

We just needed to get that out before we share our JOY in 2015.
Thank You for reading!!