Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, November 3, 2014

What a difference another year brings!

Noah has grown so fond of living here after 2 years. It warms our hearts. He no longer cries for what he remembered, and he loves his routines, his school work, and his family. He is actually understanding things that I thought maybe were too hard for a boy who never had a family. He is proving that I am wrong! What a LOVE he is!

Noah never has a bad day. I am in awe of this every day! He responds to requests now, like "come here". He understands "no". At bed time he lays down if we tell him. Like any little boy he just has to see if he can get away with playing instead! His days flow so smoothly now. I can remember when getting him to understand, and meeting his needs wore me out. Not anymore! I'm energized by him!

Pauly, sweet and precious. He has become so independent in his routines. He can follow simple 1 part directions like, sit down, go down stairs. His autism makes progress slow. And he is hard of hearing. But he laughs throughout his day everyday with JOY! To let us know, his life is happy! And he LOVES us!

He just started vocalizing loudly! We love it! But he doesn't do it if we ask, so we wait. And then we clap and praise him when he does. It's coming! I know for sure now! It's coming!
Mosie and Pauly are the same size now. Mosie is just a little shorter.

Julius, such a big boy now! He and Pauly are both 7. But Julius is so tall! Julius wears size 5 clothes- almost into 6. And a size 7 sleeper, a little long, but the 6 is too tight in the body. He's as tall as Jacob and Noah (9 & 11 yrs) But not as heavy!.........yet!!
Julius understands everything. Follows lots of directions. Gets into less mischief. ;o) And he loves to help the other boys follow the "rules". Like shut the gate, or pick up toys. Julius dresses himself and cleans up. He loves to help! He and Pauly still nap in the afternoon with Moses.

This guy, is amazing. Walking, running 6 months now. We were working more with Noah and Jacob to walk, but this guy said HE was going to do it himself! LOL! 
He too likes to help his brothers and Mercy follow the "rules". Pushing them to us if we call one by name and they don't come.
BUT!!!! Mosie is a stinker, if we call his name and he doesn't want to come..............he doesn't!!! And there's no one to push him to us! LOL!!
He just graduated to size 5 sleeper, the 4s were too tight in the chest. He wears size 4 shirt and 3 pants. He's incredibly strong! If he doesn't want to do something he can hold onto your hand with a vice grip!

He likes his picture taken! He loves his daily routines. He loves baths. The only thing he hates is brushing teeth. He follows one part directions..........when he feels like it! :o)

 He is such an independent boy now. He easily follows our requests. He loves cars, and he watches TV with Noah and Jacob when he isn't busy checking up on us!

Just last year we carried him everywhere! This year it is sheer JOY to see his progress!

Last year Jacob still rejected us. He cried a lot, he only wanted to do what he wanted to do! He did not want to be around any of us. Of course he was only 1 year post op brain surgery. Now 2 years. He is an entirely different boy! He responds. He's curious. AND he wants to walk! I would get so tired last year after a day of teaching Jacob daily living skills as he rejected learning. This year he responds and cooperates willingly. It is so much fun! We are still waiting for him to come to us, to trust us, for what he needs on his own. I know it's coming! He doesn't follow directions well, only because he's a stubborn guy. But that's o.k. That's how he survived. He does listen, and he does know what I'm asking. 

 Soon Jacob! Soon you will be walking! It feels like a miracle after all he's been through. And with his ataxia from his brain cysts, we thought his balance was too poor. Nope!
(The shelf behind him is empty because Julius is fascinated with re-arranging the figurines that were on it! LOL!)

Silly boy, thinking about how he can open the gate! :o)

After our 8 week vacation camping, Noah, Moses and Jacob remembered our "home". They were glad to be home. They remembered their beds. They had really enjoyed camping too. It was so exciting to see that they are retaining so much information. They are understanding things that last year I had thought maybe weren't possible for them to understand. After all they had never had family, been outside on trips away. They also had more memories of Bulgaria than here. Again I was wrong. Their potential for figuring this family thing out is huge! I just need to be patient! :o)
We are more excited than ever for their futures! God has truly blessed them, AND us!! We Praise God and Thank Him. Our cup continues to over flow!

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  1. I love this post, the precious pictures and all the updates. I am always amazed, when we get a child, how far God brings them along. Even when doctors or people say they will never do this or that...God proves them wrong. Your hands are full of great things...may God richly bless you and always give you the strength to do what He has called you to do. Blessings!


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