Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Please help Harper come home!

The wonderful, beautiful, precious family that is adopting Harper, was one of many who helped us with donations to help our last 3 boys come home.

So I am begging you please for Harper's sake! Please help fund them!
I do not have the gift of helping orphans like Julia does. She is amazing! I do know the Lord can use my voice to help them!

Here is Harper's tax deductable donation page~

and here is their beautiful blog that helps many, many orphans~

Thank You! And God Bless you!
No amount is too small!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beautiful fall days

 We have had some absolutely wonderful 60 degree days back home in the City! Now that the sewer/alley/water/street construction is OVER!!! (YEAH!!!!) we can eat dinner on the deck! :o)
Mercy likes to pace, so she's inspecting the area until her dinner is ready! She's a "eat and run" girl!! :o)

Still waiting!! She eats independently so she gets her own bowl and sits. But there's no table here! Not yet! This folds over into a table/bench!

 Moses is in the play house! (from the 90s) He wants to eat at the play table!
We also have a nice big plastic picnic table.

What a big boy! He waits so nice! In fact all of the boys are so sweet and patient with us as we hustle to bring out the food!

Jacob does not like his dinner interrupted. We are still feeding him. He doesn't have the hand coordination yet.
BUT!!! NEWS FLASH!! Jacob took TWO steps walking on his own today!

Pauly has a special bowl with a handle on the side. We encourage him to hold it as he eats. With his autism he sometimes forgets he's eating and gets distracted by "tapping" his teeth with his spoon.

Julius our show off, eats circles around everyone! LOL! He likes lots of foods and things like pumpkin muffins. The others are quite finicky and may only eat some foods only if they are mixed in with things like potatoes or soup. Not Julius, he is a food connoisseur!  He'd also love it if we took pictures of him only!! Silly boy!

Julius is bugging Noah here! Noah, always the love bug reacts in his typical fun Noah way! He is such a doll!

 Noah is done eating so he crawled over to the playhouse. He's not walking on his own yet. But he does walk along the walls, furniture, etc. He just won't let go.

As the sun began to set the temps dropped. The boys didn't mind as much as Mercy. We all went back inside. It's such a blessing and a gift from God to have a nice place to eat outside! The Squirrels cleaned up for us! ;o)

God is Good!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

19 years old

While we were up north at the lake Samson had a birthday!
His gifts were given at home early before we left.
He turned 19!
He is getting the wagon to fill it with sticks from the yard.
The fire pit is behind him.

Samson has chores now. He used to help everyone. Now he has his own jobs. Of course he still likes to help! He tilts his head to "see". His visual field is where he tilts his head. That makes things like picking up sticks harder for him.

This year we'll try glasses again. He hates glasses and adjust them constantly. Eventually refusing to wear them. I'm hoping his new prescription works. He's verbal with few words that can help the eye Dr. He likes to sign but forgets, and forgets how to do some. When he remembers he signs so sloppy I get after him. He thinks it's pretty funny!

Although he looks happy on vacation............he isn't really happy to be at the lake. He's glad we are done there. He prefers to be home.
But we will be 8 miles away on 19 acres next year, I hope he likes it.
So far he's refused to get out of the van to explore it.
Hopefully he'll like it next summer.
He has fought depression off and on and we've tried medication. We haven't found a med that helps. But fish oil and coconut oil do.

When we adopted Samson 16 years ago. We drove home from TX with him and then we left home for the lake! He hated going outside at the lake but eventually came out to sit and pout at the picnic table with his back to us. Now on occasion he sits at the picnic table facing us. And he likes being outside when it's warm.
But he tells MA and SP every day that we are going home! And they throw a fit and squabble with him and each other about it. MA says no we are not going home, SP says she doesn't care she's going home, and Samson says we are all going home. We tell him not to say that..........it only lasts maybe 1/2 a day! OY!

Samson had a serious heart condition that required surgery but was not repairable. We worried about how many years we'd have him. We "worried" a lot since our daughter Joy had died. His heart condition actually improved! Now it is back to its original level of concern, but new oral meds can be tried. We no longer "worry" now. God has shown us that enjoying him is much more fun than "worry".

Here is the biggest birthday gift he got! A whole new makeover for his bed and wall! He loves it!
He had a Vikings football theme before. He's very hard on his linens, and of course things just aren't made to last anymore. :o(  This comforter does not like the washing machine.....sigh.

The white spots on the wall are where he picked stickers. He doesn't usually pick stickers, but they were worn and curling and he "fixed" them! I need to touch up with paint! A few years back he had a MN Wild Hockey Team logo on his wall that he bumped into as he "made his bed" or got on and off. Each time he tried to fix it, eventually it fell off! He was actually relieved! LOL!! It was curling on the edges!
Samson is still in Homeschool until he turns 22.

We are so proud of his accomplishments! He is a gift from God!