Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The many faces of a LOVE named Julius!

This is Julius' 3rd year camping.
It may not be his favorite thing to do!! But he still makes the most of everything he does! LOL!!

He's not big on sitting. But he'll comply if we ask him to! ;o)
He's grown so much! His hormones were so out of whack 3 years ago his urologist thought he was a girl! He was so thin you could still see the "soft spot" on his scalp that has since closed. He had hyper thyroid until last year. He had the worst case of undescended testicle on the left side they considered removing it! The pediatric specialist saved it!! Now he is the picture of health!!

Out of all 5 boys from our favorite Country Bulgaria- these two are the loudest and most active! They keep you hopping! They know it! And they LOVE every minute of it!!

 Moses is the big brother, Julius respects his 3 older brothers Moses, Jacob and Noah. He does not respect his baby brother Pauly who is 3 months younger than him. Poor Pauly. I have to watch them! Pauly loves Julius too much to get upset about it.

Julius loves all physical activity, including throwing food, bowls, ripping books, eating foreign objects (PICA). He keeps us on our toes! So we schedule his day with lots of activity! However Mr. On the Go will sit very nice next to mom and nap with me if I'm out of energy from our chases! He also sits nice for church, altho he tends to be quite loud! He prays and instead of singing he does the sign for sing to the songs. (We sing acapella )

He used to sit in the wagon to play tether ball, then he used the chair, and now he can play standing.

Oh how he loves to throw anything big or small!
Noah is fascinated to watch him! Noah can't throw the big ball yet.

He'll throw all day long if we let him! After a while we get tired! :o) We take turns fetching the ball!

He does a few signs but does not use them on his own. He copies mine.
He'd rather make "sounds/noises" that don't mean anything right now. He has a "loud noise" competition with Mercy. They constantly copy sounds. They try to out do each other. Sometime I say "Mercy no!" and the kids say "No that was Julius!"  Julius tends to "win" their competion by being terribly loud!

Waiting for his turn in the wagon!
He's really good about learning his self cares like dressing, brushing teeth, eating.
It's a JOY to see him learn quickly. He's very bright, but gets bored easily. He loves to help and participate.
In homeschool it's always a challenge to find educational materials that won't bore him and he can use everyday. He goes through lots of them quickly. Like sewing cards, bead strings, color matching, sound books. He's also hard on the materials, so he has his own. This year we are working on writing his name.

He has great sleep patterns. No bed time helps like Melatonin for him or Moses. He still takes an afternoon nap after a full morning of leaping and jumping! The only thing that helps keep him near us outside here is his shoes and the un-even ground! He walks barefoot 80% of the time, so his new shoes aren't quite broken in enough, he has to balance himself in them a lot on uneven ground! At home the yard and deck, the house are all flat level surfaces he can run on!

He makes lots and lots of faces! LOL! I think he gets cuter everyday! But then I might be biased!! ;o)

                                                   And well, he thinks he's cute too! LOL!!

                 Here he's trying to bug Isaiah (the camera man) with sticking his tongue out!

                 And putting his leg high in the air- which he does at the most in-opportune times!!

                                     But then we just LOVE him too much to let it bug us!!

He's a superb dancer! Here you can see MA is entertained by his "moves" :o)
(They are in the bunkhouse.)

                                                                                Go Julius!!

                                                                       Go Julius!
Even Jakie turns around to see!
And notice MA is putting her chin into her sweatshirt to cover her nose!! A little habit she has!

What a guy!!
Home 3 years and completely part of our family.
I no longer remember when he wasn't here!
We LOVE every minute with him!

Whenever one of the 5 boys is off to the Dr or having a surgery, we feel that empty spot they leave.
They give us such JOY!
God has filled our cup to over flow with blessings!!
Thank You Lord! 

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  1. What a sweet and active boy. Just like boys should be! Love the dance moves and all the cutie pie faces he makes. They are all so wonderful. How very blessed you are! Blessings!


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