Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The HUGE miracle in the little body :o)

When we got to northern MN, Mosie was terrified.
So we put him in this little grocery cart to help him feel safe.
He was not impressed.
He hated the trailer, the bunk house, he wanted to get back in the van and go home.
We LOVE him to much to let him limit himself this way.
My cup over flows with this boy every single day!
What a blessing he is to us all!

Nature did not impress him.
He likes physical guy stuff. Cars, wrestling, standing on furniture!
He couldn't see a reason to be here.

Kitty helps him appreciate little flowers.
He LOVES his older brothers and sisters.
Just don't call him the baby.
Size does not define the man  boy!

Once he became braver we tried the stroller.
He's o.k. with strollers, but prefers walking.
We always start the boys playing tetherball in the stroller.
We didn't have to even explain it to Mosie- he figured it out!
It's a ball- balls are guy things!!
He's LOVING this!

                                                                   Get it Mosie!!

                                           YES!! He did it!! Mosie-Mosie-Mosie!!! Woo-Hoo!!

                                                           He really likes tetherball!

                                                                       And he hits it!!

                                           You have to taste the ball to really get the game!

                                                           YES!! Every time he hits it!

                             Ooops! " hey! Isaiah is there a reason you think I'll wear this tacky hat?"

                                      Now to become one with the ball before throwing it back!

                                       WOW! Look at the strength in those arms!! Go Mosie!!

            He got so excited, his fears were forgotten and he wanted to run with the bears!!! 
                                 Now he wants to play like everyone else- standing!!

But darn it! This ground is not flat! And these shoes still feel too new. He's going to have to slow down!! :o)
Slowing down is not Mosie's style!

                                                       He'll have to think about this.

                                                               Still thinking. :o)
                                              Goodness he's so darn cute isn't he??

                                      O.K. he's ready! This is do-able! Where's the ball!! :o)

And there he goes!! Don't mind the extra long shoe laces we had on these shoes. He doesn't have a problem with them if they stay tied! Darn shoe laces.

                                       Hmm, it's slower playing this way on un-level ground.

                                                      C'mon ball Mosie's over here!! :o)

                                               There!! That's much better! Thanks Sis!!

                                                       Ready? Cuz I'm going to throw it!!

                                                     Good catch Sis!! Now back to me!!

                     But now he's thinking where can he run to? Isn't any of this ground even?

                                                      Silly boy doesn't give up that easy!

                                              Until he starts losing his.........................


                                But nope! I fooled you didn't I!! I don't fall anymore!! I'm BIG!!

                                                             I'm 9 now, I'm Mosie!! I can do it!

When Tom picked up tiny little 7 year old Moses to leave Pleven, the staff said "He's a bad boy, he doesn't eat." We realized quickly that Mosie had his own agenda. And we were very blessed to be the ones to help him realize all that he has dreamed of doing. It wasn't that he didn't want to eat or do as they asked. He doesn't like to be talked down to. He's smart! He likes choices. He had ideas. He hears the beat of a different drum.

He doesn't appreciate how cute he is! Guys are just guys, they don't look "cute" they do guy stuff! He likes to push me away if I try to love him up more than he thinks I should!LOL!! He figures things out so quickly and amazes us with what he just seems to just "know". He wants to "talk" now, but not just talk- he wants to have a roaring booming voice! He wants authority! He's humiliated when I pick him up off a foot stool after telling him 20x he's going to hit his head if he keeps standing on top of it! He thinks he's too big to be picked up, that we should not be physically able to lift a boy so HUGE on the inside! That we should have to ask him nicely and maybe then he'll stop these daring feats! LOL! or he'd LOVE it if we wrestled him off!

He gets stronger every day. He takes running leaps at Tom's back as Tom sits on the floor next to Noah. He pulls back on Tom's neck with both arms and can just about pull Tom backwards!
He only does this with Tom because getting Daddy's attention is a reward only an orphan boy could understand!

He's over joyed when Tom shows everyone how strong he is when he "walks" up the front of Tom!
God is Good!


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share each precious child with us. It was wonderful getting to know them better. Blessings - each and every one.

  2. I always think of Moses as sweet and cuddly. He is so small. Now I have a new way to think of him. What a sweet BIG boy he is. Big boy in a little body. You are a treasure Moses! Blessings!

  3. What a cutie he is! I do enjoy learning a little about each of your children.


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