Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Noah's first time camping

I forgot to mention that Julius and Pauly have camped with us for 2 years.
But this was Noah, Jacob and Moses' first trip.
We were concerned that so much outdoor time would be hard for them. But they LOVE it!
They weren't able to go camping with us before because they came home August 2012 after we had been up here, and then 2013 M.A. got sick.

Noah's face expresses everything he's thinking.
He's always thinking that you are his best friend!
He is very bonded to us.
He comes to me when I call him. He may hesitate, but he comes!
He likes to be with us, just hanging out, just loving each other!
He watches strangers with interest, but he stays near us.

Once in a while he gets sad.
But not often.
Now he lets us hold him when he's sad.
He has a hard time stopping when he starts to cry.
It breaks your heart.
He puts his whole heart into every emotion he has.

He still chews everything he gets his hands on.
We bring things for him to chew on.

He LOVES going outside!
Today he was a little sad, so Tom asked him what was wrong.
He went to the door, he wanted outside.
But it's nap time, he'll have to wait.
He doesn't take a nap, but Mosie, Julius, Pauly and Mercy do.

This is his "orphanage" position. He likes to do this laying on his back.
He stiffens himself.
We ask him to sit upright.

He has a wonderful sense of humor!
He LOVES to smile!

What JOY he brings us all.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE being his Mommy!

He's curious and gentle.
He likes to inspect new things.
But he never knocks things over or gets into things. He just looks.

He has quit "spitting".
I don't know about the girls from orphanages, but all 5 of our boys were super spitters. :o(
It's nice now to only hear it occasionally.
Now if we say "Noah- no spit!" He stops.

Time to play ball!
But Noah doesn't really care for balls.

 He wonders why we have this "thing"!

He LOVES affection. He LOVES kisses and hugs.
He no longer clings to people for the affection he longed for.
Now he gets his fill and has his activities he enjoys!
It's amazing to see how confident he is!

We are still working on getting him to walk.
He walks along walls and furniture. But he won't let go.
He pushes his weight on the gait trainer too hard, so it doesn't help him much.
We hope and pray he'll learn to walk on his own.
But if not, he does assist us when we transfer him.
He is such a blessing to all who know him.
We Thank God for a boy with such a LOVING heart!


  1. What a sweet blessing straight from God himself. Just by looking at him you can see the love and gentleness in him. God is so good to give us a flower garden of different personalities in our families. I love them all but the cuddly sweet ones are extra special.

  2. Love makes him beautiful! I think he gets cuter all the time!


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