Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Keeping dry at the lake! :o)

This is the bunk house. It's really a "garage" because due to the zoning and building codes, you can't build a bunkhouse. You can build a cabin. If you build the cabin it must be completed as a house- septic, electric, running water. We could not afford that.
We get a lot of rain here. So it is a blessing to have buildings to keep dry in!

The phone company made us let them install the big ugly box straight ahead. It carries Internet, cable TV and a land line for telephone. We only use telephone. The telephone used to just have a tiny pole with a phone plug in! :o) Maybe the new family will enjoy the rest! I use a mobile 1 hot spot from Walmart to get WIFY.

MA can't come out and sit at the picnic table or collect leaves and rocks anymore. She is more than content to watch movies (DVDs and videos) and play cards in the bunk house. She is easily occupied.
She used to read, draw and write.
But ever since we nearly lost her last year, she has more of an interest in all kinds of card games.
She'll have cataract surgery in October, so not sure if "vision" plays a part in the lack of interest in the things she used to enjoy?
Wheeling her wheel chair in the wet clay/mud right now is not do-able. She has her own commode in the bunk house. The rest of us use the out house!

This is the "storage" garage. It holds a fridge, a small freezer, an old stove, a dryer, a paddle boat, and our dry food supplies,(oatmeal rice etc) as well as paper plates, Kleenex, etc!
It is about 2x the size of the bunk house.

SP watching a DVD. :o) She likes going for ice cream at the local gift shop. Eating out, shopping, And afternoon naps!
We used to visit my mom's cabin, about 10 miles from here. But mom doesn't come up much anymore. They are trying to sell as well. But with so many cabins for sale the competition is tough. The new people who bought our place will build a cabin here! The garages are a bonus to them. We are taking our 5th wheel and outhouse.

                                       Jacob and Noah playing at MA's feet in the bunkhouse.

Oh! The JOY MA gives!! We just adore her! And so we spoil her. She has told everyone she knows for years that "she" has lake property. They have questioned her about this. But I told her "Yes  MA, You helped pay for it, It's not just mine, It's yours too!"

 This is my precious camera man Isaiah. He helped me "learn" the camera. He's incredibly smart for 10 years old!
Our 5th wheel is behind him, the ladies can't climb the steps to get into it. 7 of us sleep in the 5th wheel and 8 sleep in the bunkhouse.
When the rain stops we are always outside!

Having this precious baby at 47 was a gift I never could have imagined. He's on the side of the out house here! :o)

Back at home my SIL Dan put up new gates on our deck for the boys. Tom saw them today and said they look great! Hopefully when we get home the rain won't follow us so the boys can play out there! The road/sewer/alley construction is still not done filling in our yard. :o(
Julius grabs his and Moses' shoes to tell us he wants to go outside!! I don't think Mosie really enjoys outside as much as Julius does though! LOL!!

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  1. What a beautiful place! With all you need to have beautiful vacation! Everyone looks so relaxed and happy making wonderful memories. I pray the new owners feel the love and sweetness of the people that had it before them. Feeling the presents of the Lord there. God is so good. It has been very rainy here as well. Some days I long to send the children out side to play as they have so much energy. But it is not dry enough right now. So I let them ride on a few riding toys in the house to burn off that extra. Many blessings on you all!


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