Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Paul Follower and Mercy Redeemed

Two children, born the exact same day, worlds apart, with a similar story. Their parents weren't able to accept them with their disability. Does that sound harsh? I can tell you that if it was me, nothing would separate me from my child. I do have an adult birth child with a disability, chronic disabling mental illness. And no that does not make me better than anyone.

Pauly was born in Bulgaria where families are poor and resources are few. Mercy was born in America the land where we are supposed to have the "best" of everything.It didn't matter.

Both born on the same day, we don't know what time to see who came first!

Both families could not cope. Pauly went to an orphanage. Mercy went to mom, dad, grandma, a nanny, an adoptive family in IA, and before we said yes, several other families said no. How could a 5 year old (Mercy) be so alone in this big world?

Pauly had a heart surgery alone at 6 months. He coped by developing autistic qualities. He's afraid to stop using them. He's stressed 24 hours a day. He can barely relax enough to sleep. Sometimes I just cry wishing I had been there for him when he had his heart surgery. He is such a lost soul who can only LOVE. He wouldn't hurt anyone, but he has been deeply wounded.

You might be able to tell they did not want their pictures taken! There were a few yells and grunts with frowns and heads down! But this was good enough. Then I let Mercy run away and Pauly tell me all about how he hates wearing shoes! LOL!!

They bless our lives so much. We Thank God daily for them!
Sometimes it's hard when there is no extended family who cares how they are doing except my mom- "Grandma". I want to walk up to strangers to tell them how amazing they are, but they avoid us like the plague in public. Their loss.

So my sweet pumpkins- (we don't have a "baby" of the family, we have 2 babies of the family.) :o)
We are doubly happy to see you both turn 7!! You both bring sunshine into our lives!!
I LOVE being your mom!

We also have a daughter Joy, now in Heaven (she had DS) who was born on their birthday as well in 1988!


  1. I wish we lived closer. I would love to be an "Auntie" to your beautiful family! Blessings and hugs to you all.

    Sue from NY

  2. Happy Birthday, Paul and Mercy! You are both such beautiful 7 year olds with the best mama ever. It's been great reading about the fun you and your siblings have had camping. I know you have both gone through so much pain already in your short lives, but I also know God will continue to work in your hearts to heal you and to show His love to you through your very loving family. When I was little I had a picture on my wall with a cute little mouse and the quote, "God isn't finished with me yet." He isn't finished with you either! I look forward to continuing hearing the things He is doing in and through you.

  3. A very happy birthday Paul and Mercy!!! They are both looking so grown up lately I can not believe they are seven already. Children grow up so quickly. What a blessing that God entrusted them to you. Like virtual twins. What a blessing you are to them as well. Such an amazing family put together by God himself. Love and blessings always!


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