Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ark Therapeutic Services Inc has been so kind to us!

A while back we had heard from Ark Therapeutic Services telling us about their products. I wrote about a few of them in another post, but for the life of me I can't find the post- OY!

So anyhoo- They sent us a few chews (above) to try. Noah is our biggest chewer. He chews everything and anything. He can't have a blanket or pillow or a loose sleeve! He will soak it with saliva chewing on it. So we make sure that he has plenty of oral chews! 

After the chews came I looked thru their catalog and found some fantastic feeding items that we could not wait to try!! We ordered them and tried them before we got time to try the chews.

This is the large Flex cup. Noah was drinking from a bottle. The small adaptive cup we had was too small for him. This large Flex  cup was perfect. (link below under Mercy's picture) He loves his large Flex cup!

 Pauly is our "straw" drinker. He easily uses straws. I put the link for his covered cup below under Moses' picture. Pauly uses a regular straw with no "lip lock" with this covered cup.

To the right you can see the "Right Bite" It is purple and a piece of bread is in it. This is used to help Julius, Noah and Pauly take correct sized bites of their bread and butter. It can also be used for crackers etc. We love it! I put the link below under the picture where Lysa is helping Noah eat.

(Jacob has swallowing issues from ataxia and can't eat bread or chew bites, Mercy hates bread and crackers, Moses is learning to chew small things like peas right now- no bites yet)

On the left you can see the large green Flex cup by Mercy. She loves her large Flex cup too! Julius and Mosie have the covered cups with the straws and the "lip lock" to help them suck. Pauly has the Lolla cup (link below) because he's a straw pro! The Lolla cup can use the "lip lock" as well. Pauly doesn't need it. He likes the flexible straw the Lolla cup has. 

Moses has the same cup as Pauly's cup, but with a different straw that has a "lip lock" for Moses. (Isaiah had accidentally given Moses the wrong spoon here! LOL! His hand is not that big!) 
I don't know about your house, but at our house banana stickers always go on the forehead. Moses is no different! :o)

This is Noah with the "Right Bite". At first he thought it was an oral chew. But then he understood it was for eating. He is now able to eat his own bread, muffins and crackers without it!! He learned to take bites easily using the Right Bite!
(Silly Mercy tried to avoid Tom in every picture!)

The white covered cup Julius has is the same one Pauly was using in the photo above, with a regular straw. Julius (blue shirt) is using it with a "lip lock" that helps him sip. Kitty is giving Julius a bite of bread with the "Right Bite". Pauly is using his favorite cute "Lolla cup"! Which also comes with a flexible straw cleaner! :o)

This is the link to the large Flex cup Noah uses in the photo above, and Mercy is using here.

And then we tried the oral chews! Julius has Pica and this chew smells like fruit. He really likes the smell and it helps him keep from eating/chewing things he should not. 

Julius normally does not like Therapeutic chews. But he likes the smell of this one! 

They come in different sizes. Julius likes the large size. 
Noah likes them too. But he does not care for the fruit smelling ones. Noah has enjoyed the various sizes (see the above first photo) Noah has a forceful chew and often destroys chews. These have held up very well.

Please visit Ark's website. (link at top) I think they have so many amazing products! They are made in the USA and the people are very friendly and caring. We are going to try/buy some more this Fall after the boys have a short vacation from school.


  1. Thanks so much for this information. I think I will be ordering a few things for my kids.

  2. I will have to look into what they have! Great informative post!

  3. Great resources here! Lots of bald children- hope you haven't had an issue with lice as we have!

    1. They had just had hair cuts. I used to cut it even shorter! They won't sit still for a regular cut so we use the second lowest level with the clippers. :o)

  4. Love to see pics of the boys ☺hows my special boy noah x would so love to see him again x love to all xxxx


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