Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, August 31, 2014


If you can help Antonio and his beautiful family~
Please go here~ http://www.gofundme.com/deng2g

They also have a beautiful blog here~

They have 3 foster babies too! :o)
I love their blog and their hearts!
If you can't help the fund, please pray!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where's Waldo??

Oh! my! Where oh where have we been?
It's not easy to move 15 people and 3 dogs to many places.
In fact people usually shy away from us when we are all together! LOL!
So we went to the woods on 8/11.

                                                     A beautiful end to a day at the lake. :o)

We have entertained many possible buyers of our (property) favorite place to be.
We will be passing it on to new people to enjoy it very soon.

I bought a new camera.
Isaiah helped me learn to use it. Tom down loaded it on my lap top.
The girls will learn to use it next, but for now, Isaiah is our photographer! :o)

See the birch tree on the ground? The swing was hit by the tree but survived. Only a broken brace on the left side. We bought this swing for MA. But now that she's in a wheel chair she can't get down here anymore. It's too "hilly" to wheel her. She doesn't mind not using it.
We will burn it soon, along with our big picnic table that has grown moss.

We bought a dumpster and threw away $450.00 worth of trash. Isn't that funny, it's like paying for everything you toss..............again!
Here's my happy camper Tom!
We have very little left here. 24 years worth of camping stuff gone in 1 week!

                                                          Isaiah's view of the lake!

Samson has celebrated every birthday here since he was 3 yrs old. (That's Snow our 6 yr old 120 pound Shiloh Shepherd :o)
Well except last year, when MA was so sick she nearly died. We couldn't bring MA up and we don't "camp" without her!
We had not been here since July 2012, right before the 3 boys came home that September. Gabriel had mono from the trip, Tom was sick, so we stayed home. And then in June 2013 we nearly lost MA. So it was 2 long years till we could get back.

                                            Loving memories have been made here for 24 years!
                                                                   We THANK God!!
p.s. more photos soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ark Therapeutic Services Inc has been so kind to us!

A while back we had heard from Ark Therapeutic Services telling us about their products. I wrote about a few of them in another post, but for the life of me I can't find the post- OY!

So anyhoo- They sent us a few chews (above) to try. Noah is our biggest chewer. He chews everything and anything. He can't have a blanket or pillow or a loose sleeve! He will soak it with saliva chewing on it. So we make sure that he has plenty of oral chews! 

After the chews came I looked thru their catalog and found some fantastic feeding items that we could not wait to try!! We ordered them and tried them before we got time to try the chews.

This is the large Flex cup. Noah was drinking from a bottle. The small adaptive cup we had was too small for him. This large Flex  cup was perfect. (link below under Mercy's picture) He loves his large Flex cup!

 Pauly is our "straw" drinker. He easily uses straws. I put the link for his covered cup below under Moses' picture. Pauly uses a regular straw with no "lip lock" with this covered cup.

To the right you can see the "Right Bite" It is purple and a piece of bread is in it. This is used to help Julius, Noah and Pauly take correct sized bites of their bread and butter. It can also be used for crackers etc. We love it! I put the link below under the picture where Lysa is helping Noah eat.

(Jacob has swallowing issues from ataxia and can't eat bread or chew bites, Mercy hates bread and crackers, Moses is learning to chew small things like peas right now- no bites yet)

On the left you can see the large green Flex cup by Mercy. She loves her large Flex cup too! Julius and Mosie have the covered cups with the straws and the "lip lock" to help them suck. Pauly has the Lolla cup (link below) because he's a straw pro! The Lolla cup can use the "lip lock" as well. Pauly doesn't need it. He likes the flexible straw the Lolla cup has. 

Moses has the same cup as Pauly's cup, but with a different straw that has a "lip lock" for Moses. (Isaiah had accidentally given Moses the wrong spoon here! LOL! His hand is not that big!) 
I don't know about your house, but at our house banana stickers always go on the forehead. Moses is no different! :o)

This is Noah with the "Right Bite". At first he thought it was an oral chew. But then he understood it was for eating. He is now able to eat his own bread, muffins and crackers without it!! He learned to take bites easily using the Right Bite!
(Silly Mercy tried to avoid Tom in every picture!)

The white covered cup Julius has is the same one Pauly was using in the photo above, with a regular straw. Julius (blue shirt) is using it with a "lip lock" that helps him sip. Kitty is giving Julius a bite of bread with the "Right Bite". Pauly is using his favorite cute "Lolla cup"! Which also comes with a flexible straw cleaner! :o)

This is the link to the large Flex cup Noah uses in the photo above, and Mercy is using here.

And then we tried the oral chews! Julius has Pica and this chew smells like fruit. He really likes the smell and it helps him keep from eating/chewing things he should not. 

Julius normally does not like Therapeutic chews. But he likes the smell of this one! 

They come in different sizes. Julius likes the large size. 
Noah likes them too. But he does not care for the fruit smelling ones. Noah has enjoyed the various sizes (see the above first photo) Noah has a forceful chew and often destroys chews. These have held up very well.

Please visit Ark's website. (link at top) I think they have so many amazing products! They are made in the USA and the people are very friendly and caring. We are going to try/buy some more this Fall after the boys have a short vacation from school.

Two lovely years! Noah- Moses and Jacob completed their 2 year post placement report!

Every morning at 6 a.m. you will hear Moses pull out the gait trainer (from under the dining room table) and run with it! He can pick it up, throw it down, drive it over bumps. You name it and off he goes!

It's very loud and it goes on until he gets in his chair for his oatmeal! Moses taught himself how to manipulate the gait trainer. We did not think he was strong enough! 

We got the gait trainer for Noah, but Noah puts his entire body weight on the gait trainer; so it does not move as fast or freely as it does for Moses! Noah doesn't understand its use.

In 2 years Moses has shown how incredibly smart he is! And he taught himself to walk, all by himself! Everyday he shows us he can do anything and everything he wants!

One afternoon Mercy wanted to eat. She stood at the top of the stairs waiting to go down to the table. Because we're not always sure what she understands, I told her "Come here, you need to have your diaper changed and then you can eat" Nope, she wasn't coming. So I told her again, "If you get your diaper changed you can go eat" Nope, she wasn't interested. Moses walked over to her,  (he is half her size) and he pushed her towards me! She stopped half way to me and he pushed her again. He did this until she got to me!! We all clapped and told him what a big helper boy he is! 
Isn't that amazing! 
Moses is really smart, he knows a lot more than we give him credit for. Because of his size he's often picked up when he refuses to do something. He hates that! We try to respect what he wants, but sometimes we err because we are in a hurry. 
I cried with JOY that he did not lose his will to be the 9 yr old he really is!!!
Moses is completely bonded to us!! 

Two years later and no more bottles for Noah! He drinks from his own cup!!

oops- sideways almost works! LOL!

Two years later Noah is just one of the kids!! And he knows it!

He loves to be included in goofiness! He has a delightful sense of humor!
Noah is completely bonded to us!!

Two years later and Jacob can stand up, move chairs and he has strength! When he first came home he was 9 months post op brain surgery and very weak. 

Two years later he still avoids strangers, and he often refuses to get to know new people. But today our adoption social worker Amy was here, doing our last post placement for Bulgaria. We LOVE Amy she is amazing! As usual Jacob avoided her with his back to her, vocalized his dislike of what we were doing. And did his own thing away from us. And then 2 hours later. He moved onto the chair by Amy. Touched her with his foot!!!!!!!!! And looked directly into her eyes!!!!!!! Oh Jacob!! You are AMAZING!!  

Checking out big sisters vanity table and books. Always curious! Always interested!!

Looking sweet and handsome! He's going to get lots of attention from girls in about four to 5 years! LOL!!!
Jacob may turn his back on us, but he can do that because he knows we are there, and we are never leaving. And he depends on that now with complete trust.
Jacob is completely bonded to us!
Praise God! We give God the glory! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Noah and SP

 Yup, Noah is back in SP's chair! And he has her bunny! LOL! How he manages to climb (it's a slow careful job) into the chair without everything falling off is amazing!

SP has bad posture (I do too) and doesn't sit up in any chair. Noah sits in her chair the same silly way, slouched like she does! Only he does have good posture! LOL!

People still aren't attracted to Noah. I've said this before. They just don't take the time to get to know him. Because of his FAS they don't think he "looks" like he has Down Syndrome. When they see our boys they say that they love kids with DS!, and then they say " oh! he has DS too?". Yup, he does. And that's what makes his heart burst with LOVE for anybody and everybody. He has the extra LOVE chromosome! So I cry when he's over looked with prejudice. :o(

Today, Saturday, SP was home. (SP does not have DS but she has a disability) And she sits in her chair Mr. Noah! 
But Noah says that's o.k. He just wants to give SP some LOVE! 
(SP wears soft mittens so she doesn't hurt herself)

Noah tells SP some reeeeally interesting things about his day!

                                 He thinks maybe he wants those mittens?

 But he'll gladly take a hug instead! :o) Noah does not know that SP is not naturally an affectionate person. Affection does not come easily for her. But who in our house can resist Noah?? No one!!! Not even SP! So SP will gladly hug "the baby". She fondly calls all 5 of the boys "the babies"!!

 Even if you are done hugging Noah- he will give you more hugs! :o) 
               Noah says~"Yes Dad, take lots of pictures, I LOVE SP!!"

                                   Noah's smile lights a room!

                                        Noah thinks SP gives great hugs too!

O.K. SP I'll go sit down with Jacob now! Thank you for the LOVE!!

Almost walking!! He won't take that step without a hand or something to hold on to. But he's so close! He's almost walking. He doesn't have the drive Moses did to walk. But we hope he will walk one day!

I wish you all could come here for a (((HUG))) from Noah! :o)

Friday, August 1, 2014

In memory of Tommy

If you would like to help~

Tommy you continue to live in our hearts and through your "brothers" from Pleven.
We LOVE you.