Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Superman!

This is where Moses sleeps. He loves it! 
A twin size bed is too huge for him and a full size crib is also too big. He hated them both. He has grown very quickly from size 18 months clothes to size 3T in only 18 months! But in the last 6 months his body seems to be taking a break. No matter how many calories he eats right now, he's not growing. He is also very very active and burns a lot of calories off. :o(

Noah and Jacob had growth spurts, and slow downs too. In fact Noah is so stocky and solid right now, he's not short he's compact! Noah's hands are huge now compared to 2 years ago and super strong!

 Mosie likes to stick his arms through the bars. He finds lots of treasures next to his bed to pull in with him! LOL! The tent cover is so he does not fall/jump out!! YIKES!  My little monkey boy is trying to escape now! He CAN unzip this tent from the inside by himself. But he is a sweet boy who listens when mamma says "no-no!" :o)

 So when mamma says "no-no" he does this! :o) Presses his face up to look out! Silly boy! 

Best of all! He taught himself to walk! 
When he came home he could barely get up to sit on his own. 
We knew he wanted to walk and RUN!!! But he was stuck in that tiny body. We never imagined!
We have been working with Noah on walking for a year now. Mosie always watched.

 Mosie started crawling over and pulling out Noah's walker on his own after every meal! We keep it under the dining room table. We thought it was cute. We just watched him! Isaiah is watching in case he needs help! Mosie doesn't want help! 

 You can see MA in the background laughing at how cute Mosie is as he teaches himself to walk! Little does he know that MA tells everyone that he is a little baby!! She doesn't believe he's 9! He might be little - but inside he's my Superman!

Look at the sheer will and determination in one tiny 9 year old boy! Sometimes we cry thinking what could he do now, if he had not been deprived.
He does not need a walker anymore! He walks on his own. He even loves to walk backwards!! Now he's ready to run! And we know he will! Believe it or not Samson was 15 when he started running! He "ran" to play football. Before that he refused to run! But not Moses! He will run very soon!

 September 2012 in a playpen in the hotel in beautiful Bulgaria.

 (dad cut his hair that day)
Home at last, Sept. 2012.

When these 3 boys came home we could see they "knew" things. They were 7,7 and 9. But they couldn't show us what they "knew". And they couldn't talk. Moses has Apraxia. Everyone who saw him assumed Mosie was like a baby. But he was not. His happy face and beautiful smile made others think he was severely delayed. But he is NOT! He is very bright, and reads people very well!

Yesterday Mercy wanted to go down stairs to eat dinner, but she needed a diaper change. She stubbornly stood at the gate at the top of the stairs not wanting her diaper changed. I called her to come to me. nope. I told her if she wanted to eat I had to change her diaper first. nope. As I talked to her I didn't realize Mosie was watching. If I call someone for a diaper change and they don't come, Mosie usually "vocalizes" his frustration over it. I was never quite sure why! :o)

So yesterday Mosie walked over to Mercy and pushed her away from the gate towards me. She walked about 3 steps from the small push. But she stopped again. So he continued pushing her to me! And then I took her hand. He was very distressed that she was not following my directions!

The whole time we were cheering!! Telling him "Thank You Mosie!!", and "big boy!" He was bashfully, self consciously laughing, looking away as we clapped! We were so surprised by his actions! Mercy could have cared less about the whole ordeal! LOL! She was changed and she quickly scurried off to eat. Mosie walked around as though he had grown a foot taller! ;o) He was pleased!

This is what I mean! Never underestimate what they know/understand! 

Mosie and Julius do like to "enforce" rules. Even though they break them! ha! ha! We knew that! 
But there was a lot of big boy abstract thinking for Mosie to step up and help with his sister like that!

Am I totally unbelievably blessed or WHAT!!?? LOL! 
Oh! How I THANK God for these boys! (and girls ;o) 


  1. What a smart and helpful boy! Kids sure do know more than what we ever think! Just look at Mercy and her KNOWING she needed to come to get a diaper change and would not!! Now that is smart too! Love seeing and hearing about the children. God bless you all! Hugs from the North Georgia Mountains!

  2. I'm always thrilled when I check in here and find a new post, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for blogging! Love you!

  3. That Mosie. .He's just too cute. :)


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