Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, June 30, 2014

Julius & Mercy

Julius and Mercy decided to share the rocking chair. But Julius bumped his nose on Mercy's head, as he was getting up into the chair!
Here he's trying to "sign" to me not to wipe his face/nose. I tried, but 7 yr old's do not like their faces wiped!
Both of these precious pumpkins are the same age. 

This is my precious Miss Mercy's new hair cut. As soon as I did it, I loved it! We thought she looked adorable! We loved her last style as well. But she could get more food in her longer hair. She likes to wear her hair over her face, even when she eats!
She wasn't happy to have me wash it every day, so I came up with this style.
She sat very nice as I cut it.
Altho since then I've tried to trim it and she's not happy about that! ;o)

Look at that face on Julius- what a guy! He and Mercy compete by being very vocal for my attention. They only compete when "I" talk!!
Silly kids!
 Now he's giving dad directions as he takes their pictures!

More signing as he talks. He's our only "signer". Pauly will use a sign now and then. Pauly signs for music, he loves music.
Moses thinks signing is strange. He's not interested. Jacob and Mercy would rather "talk", they don't respond to signing. Noah is quiet until he thinks of a long story he wants to share!

For speech we use a "Speak and Learn". They press the word button over and over to hear the name of the picture/item. Like "ball". They just can't hear it repeated enough! They are all very good listeners- but no speakers yet.

Most of the kids are not at all interested in Sassy. Moses and Noah love our big dog Snow. He towers over them, and kisses them. Sassy is closer to their height and for some reason they don't like that! 
Mercy just does not care for dogs. Julius loves all animals, Julius loves all 3 dogs. So if Julius is o.k. with Sassy, then Mercy is o.k. with her too!

Julius has always had a fascination with hair and now fur!
Julius has Pica, he eats non-food items. He eats kleenex, paper, dog hair from the floor. We have to really watch him.
Sassy is checking out what Mercy had for lunch! (on her shirt)

Julius, ever so confident with his friend Sassy!
Sassy is very gentle.

 Mercy is wishing Sassy would just go away! It's good to have a brother to distract that pesty dog!

Mercy can hide behind brother. Julius is trying to see what he can get Sassy to do!

There! She just wanted to sit with them! Silly dog!

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