Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Monday, June 30, 2014

Julius & Mercy

Julius and Mercy decided to share the rocking chair. But Julius bumped his nose on Mercy's head, as he was getting up into the chair!
Here he's trying to "sign" to me not to wipe his face/nose. I tried, but 7 yr old's do not like their faces wiped!
Both of these precious pumpkins are the same age. 

This is my precious Miss Mercy's new hair cut. As soon as I did it, I loved it! We thought she looked adorable! We loved her last style as well. But she could get more food in her longer hair. She likes to wear her hair over her face, even when she eats!
She wasn't happy to have me wash it every day, so I came up with this style.
She sat very nice as I cut it.
Altho since then I've tried to trim it and she's not happy about that! ;o)

Look at that face on Julius- what a guy! He and Mercy compete by being very vocal for my attention. They only compete when "I" talk!!
Silly kids!
 Now he's giving dad directions as he takes their pictures!

More signing as he talks. He's our only "signer". Pauly will use a sign now and then. Pauly signs for music, he loves music.
Moses thinks signing is strange. He's not interested. Jacob and Mercy would rather "talk", they don't respond to signing. Noah is quiet until he thinks of a long story he wants to share!

For speech we use a "Speak and Learn". They press the word button over and over to hear the name of the picture/item. Like "ball". They just can't hear it repeated enough! They are all very good listeners- but no speakers yet.

Most of the kids are not at all interested in Sassy. Moses and Noah love our big dog Snow. He towers over them, and kisses them. Sassy is closer to their height and for some reason they don't like that! 
Mercy just does not care for dogs. Julius loves all animals, Julius loves all 3 dogs. So if Julius is o.k. with Sassy, then Mercy is o.k. with her too!

Julius has always had a fascination with hair and now fur!
Julius has Pica, he eats non-food items. He eats kleenex, paper, dog hair from the floor. We have to really watch him.
Sassy is checking out what Mercy had for lunch! (on her shirt)

Julius, ever so confident with his friend Sassy!
Sassy is very gentle.

 Mercy is wishing Sassy would just go away! It's good to have a brother to distract that pesty dog!

Mercy can hide behind brother. Julius is trying to see what he can get Sassy to do!

There! She just wanted to sit with them! Silly dog!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And now rEfOrM dot net wants a piece of me- OY

I thought go*mi (or is it goomi, or goobi?) was dumb. But now I've been criticized by a new lovely bunch of coco-nuts. rEfO*rM.

I say rEf*OrM what?
Both sites should be re-named GOSSIP dot com.

My error? Trying to set them straight. Right?

Yup they take what I write and twist it. My boys sleep in hallways, 6 are in one room, two to a bed. Walking through a bedroom to get to my bedroom is bad. (I won't tell them how many bedrooms I can walk through to get to mine! ha! ha!) Tom works at an imaginary place. I have 4 kids do the adult share of our work with the boys. It's sinful to have a crockpot or bread machine cooking in your 18' x 29' bedroom. We are depriving everybody of everything. The group home adds insult to injury. Lord help the kids for having "them" here. Guess that's why we look happy? Go figure.It was all a surprise to me. Young people- they know everything.

Makes one tired just thinking of the energy they put into worrying about things they have never seen. It's the internet gO-fOrM people- am I going to explain everything? It would be a boring book. And I write this for us, not you.
But HEY! Thanks for the stats on my blog- helps me get recognition for having such a popular blog! Woo-Hoo! :o)
I've had some lucrative offers to sell on here now!

Since I don't want to waste space/a post giving mean people attention.

Here's Jacob playing a "mean" xylaphone!
(If you are a rEfO*rM reader, no Jacob is not in the closet, but he might be under a bed?)

Sorry for the small type- I started this on another program and when I switched I was too lazy to re-type.
Jacob is telling Isaiah that he can do it himself. :o)

                                      Now that Isaiah has moved Jacob can play much better! LOL!

                                                  "Go Jacob!" He can hit those keys really loud!

                                     Well except when he wants dad to stop taking pictures!
                                                Don't you love pink cheeks on little boys!
                                                                          He's tired.

Maybe I should change my blog name to "how many people live in this mouse house" LOL! Oh darn- that name was taken.
Hmm, are we thinking of adopting again yet Tom? Yes! I think the County also called about 2 new Group Home clients too. Cool!

Monday, June 23, 2014

For the love of Noah

In our living room there is a chair, for S.P.
It is her chair. 
But Noah seems to think there must be something very special about that chair.
So he does not want to sit on the love seats. 
He wants to sit in S.P.'s chair.
Here he has S.P.'s "soft collar" (neck brace) carefully tucked under his arm! 
So sweet!

You can tell he got up on this chair very carefully.
He did not knock S.P.'s things off of the chair as he got up.
In fact he has claimed the soft collar under his arm!!
The red chair pad, and lavender mittens, sit with the soft collar on the chair, when S.P. is not sitting there.
Noah does not have great vision or coordination, those things would be easy for him to knock off of the chair.
But he doesn't!
He even likes her things!!

He likes to sit here every day, any time of day that S.P. is not sitting in it!!
If she sits in the chair he does not go near her.
If she's not in the chair- he is in it!!
This time he knocked a mitten off!

When Noah "relaxes" he stretches out stiffly and tries to lay on his back.
After many years of lying down, this is natural to him.
He is unable to "sit up" and relax.
Often we still find him in this laying position.
We either sit him or stand him to encourage him not to lay.
When S.P. sees Noah in her chair she laughs and says "Where am I going to sit?" :o)

Pictures just don't do him justice. He is such a funny, love. 
And sometimes he makes the same silly faces S.P. does! 
But they have completely different personalities.
S.P. is feisty, Noah is easy going!

 If ever anyone is going to lick the dog, or lick anything or anyone for that matter! It's Julius.

 If Sassy is going to lick anyone- it's Noah!

 My precious little man telling me what he thinks! He has the sweetest soft voice. 
And he's so incredibly quiet.
Although every once in a while at bed time he wants to talk..........and talk...........and talk! 
So we tell him "shh".
He's one of the three that has a hard time sleeping. 
He's up at 6 a.m. and he's just not tired at 7 p.m.
Some nights you can hear him "talking" at 3 or 4 a.m.
We tell him "sh" because he wakes up his brothers. 
When they hear him they think it's time to get up!

Noah has filled out a lot. And he's very heavy.
Julius is 7 and he's about the same height.
Julius is built thinner.
They both wear 5T.

Every chance I get I hold that face and kiss it!
And he reacts as if he's been kissed and adore his entire life.

You can see him here-

He's the last boy on the right "Sonny". That was how he "was" in 2012.
It breaks my heart. He was grabbing and clinging to anyone and everything for love.

Now, he IS loved completely. Now he can either accept love or reject love. Because it will never again be taken away!

Thank You God for the JOY you put in this precious boy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 These pictures were taken "mid" de-cluttering. (April) So please excuse the "extra" stuff on the table. Many were donations that had no box!
This is a typical dinner for five boys, 1 girl, and Samson. 
They eat dinner early, from 3-4 p.m. Samson chooses to eat early too. He could eat at a more peaceful time later. My 4 helpers will eat later at 5. They prepare a lot of their meals themselves now. No time for that with hungry boys!
(That's Jacob age 9 with the "soul full" eyes.) 

The kids are seated (left to right) Samson 18, Pauly 6 (hard to see him), Noah 11, Jacob 9, Moses 9, Lysa 11 standing, Mercy 6 (red dot shirt), Kitty 10 standing, Julius 7. 

Julius must be kept away from disrupting others at meal time.
My Mr. Monkey is bored easily and entertains himself badly. :o(
He is quite immature for his age. But some little monkeys just need more time.

 Noah was sick, so we let him use the bottle to help him drink more liquids. He normally uses a modified sippie cup. But he does not care for it. Her prefers the bottle. So when he needs extra liquids we let him have what he prefers.

Pauly has a cup and straw here. Julius and Mercy use the adaptive cup. Jacob is still fighting drinking out of anything. We still use the syringe. Moses is using an adaptive sippie cup. 

Those are the 20 oz Cali bowls we love.

 Julius, Noah, and Pauly eat their side dishes (veggies, bread etc) separate now. We don't keep them on the table. When their bowl is emptied we give them the next item/bowl. Otherwise food mysteriously disappears to the floor! LOL! 

Mercy, Noah, Moses and Jacob like their food combined in their bowl. Mercy refuses to eat bread, but if it's mixed into her dinner she eats it. Jacob and Moses hate lumps or chunks of diced foods like veggies- so if they are mixed with smooth foods they will eat them easier. Noah is just kind of lazy about eating, he figures if he empties one bowl- why are we giving him another? LOL! Silly old bear!

 This is the view from the end of the table looking out. Again- our dining room is now clutter free, much of what you see is gone! 
Hmm looks like the kids put something in the napkin holder?!

The door straight ahead leads out to our 12' x 24' deck. Since the construction (road/sewer) tore up our entire yard and there's no side walk, the kids can play on the deck if it doesn't rain. :o)

 These two boys have very tender hearts that are pure with love. We carefully make sure that others know that being mean to them is never an option. If their hearts are hurt- it makes us cry. They don't have a mean bone in their bodies. They just love.

They are now under the watchful eye of big brother Samson. 

Samson, Julius, Moses, Jacob and Mercy may argue and fight. But even Samson understands that hurting these two boys is not fair game. And he is very protective of them. 
But he most definitely enjoys a good squabble with everyone else, especially Dad!!

Our blessings continue to overflow from our cup, and run like a river. Each child such a precious gift. Each child fearfully and wonderfully created by our Precious Lord and Savior! I just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE and adore these kids!