Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The night life

                                  This was Mosie at Easter.

It's night time right now. It's midnight. 
My work day really starts now.
Filing, paperwork, progress notes and goal sheets, all get sorted in the night. I answer e-mails from work. Check on M.A. through the night, when she wakes off and on.
Unless there is a baby here, it is the perfect time to get these things done. Being up with a baby and working at night was hard for many years. As much as I miss those babies, I'm enjoying this new wonderful quiet time. 

A time when no one is up in the night thanks to Melatonin and 1/2 a benadryl. (After 2 and 3 years home, three of the boys have not been able to either fall asleep or stay asleep. And Mercy has Sotos which for many Sotos kids, means difficult sleep)

No one needs me as I work in the night. Of course occasionally I have a sleeper by me with tummy aches, or sore throats.

The bad part is my 4 little "go-phers" are sleeping so I can't have any one get me anything I might need. Or if I want a snack! ;o)  

             Mosie says- "Dad , please, could we take this off now?"

I can't believe it has been a whole month since I've posted. Where does the time go?

I had started a massive de-cluttering project last fall. I de-cluttered 2-3 hours a night. As often as I could. It took me a long time just to get one room done. So in May I escalated to doing it every night possible. I really wanted to get it done by the time we travel to the lake. So everything else we do took a back burner. 
Until tonight. I had to catch up on work- so no de-cluttering tonight. We'll resume Friday night. The only room left is SP's.

I'll have to have Tom take a picture of our stacks of donation receipts. The Salvation Army thinks we are have lost our minds.
Tom even rented a dumpster for the garage. He threw out very little :o( But I managed to fill it up. Living in a house for 37 years, means lots of stuff. My dear friend Bobbie moved from her house after living there 38 years and she told me "Don't ever move!" Because it was so hard for them to get rid of it all right then. Since then she's moved again and each time gets easier after that lesson. :o) 
            Mosie makes everyone happy- because he is so happy!

I can't donate the holiday decorations until fall because the Salvation Army prefers to sell them close to the holidays. 
Right now we are sorting, and putting everything away in the same area. No more crafts on every floor and every room of the house. Now they are in the craft room or the basement craft area. Everything is at our finger tips now.

My craft room has not been this "empty" in 10 years! (right before I got pregnant with Isaiah)
My bedroom closet the "catch all" for everything- has never been totally clutter free! Now it is!

Our basement was being transformed into a school room before our 4 in a row babies came. (Faith 2001, Lysa 2002, Kitty 2003, and Isaiah 2004) For 4 years those babies took up every minute, especially my pregnancy, then a health scare for a few years. And after that, followed 4 years of adopting 5 boys.

With God's perfect timing we did it all!
I can't wait to get started de-cluttering up north next. Especially since it is for sale.

A few things I was sad to see leave, were our hand-me-downs. No more hand-me-downs, this is the last of the kids. (These 6 youngest kids ages 6-11 are so hard on their clothes there is little to "save" for giving away. They get washed to death and are well worn quickly.) Watching the last crib and porta crib leave here was bittersweet. No more babies. 

                                         Mosie is tired of being the bunny!

I have a new hired person to help me with paper work for the gals. I asked her if she could tell how old Mosie was. She said she had a neice with DS. So she guessed 6! We were shocked she guessed so close! He is 9. Most people think he is 3 or 4.

Mosie is AMAZING!! He came here 15 pounds, barely able to sit up himself. He now walks on his own! He is AMAZING!!
Mosie can sleep well on his own. He even naps. He is just a LOVE! And he does not trust or like strangers. He's completely bonded. 

This little bunny (Pauly) has Autism. Sleep comes hard. Worries are many. He is uncomfortable around fun, laughter, and play.  
Unless he initiates it himself. When he's ready. When he feels safe. Then he will laugh and scream with joy. We can never predict when it will happen, or why. It doesn't happen when we wish it would. But he lets us know- it's there. He's only 6, he's our baby bunny. Maybe when he's older there will be an anti- anxiety med he can try. Altho we love him just as he is. If it made him feel better, we'd do it.

                                 Pauly is posturing "HELP!"

           And now Pauly has given up! Silly old bear! I mean bunny!

Now this rascally wabbit could give Bugs Bunny a run for his money! Julius is too smart for his own good! He is cooperating here, but he has plans to pay us back for this. LOL!

Julius does not find this "cute"!! As soon as we were done he found something he thought was funny and cute. Pushing Mosie off his stool. Which of course we did not find cute at all. If any of the boys trips or falls, you can bet Julius stuck his leg out or pushed a back with his hand. He has a little ornery streak we are working on. He's just too quick and always thinking. We have to keep him occupied! Next week he turns 7.

 Noah is the sweetest bunny on the planet. This boy loves life in a quiet observant way. He loves being in the center of every happening. If you stop by he will sit and observe you. If he takes a liking to you he will sit on your lap or hug you. Even after Gabriel left home, each time Gabriel visits, Noah is always ready to hug and hold on to Gabriel. He remembers Gabriel and he remembers all Gabriel did to bring him home. Noah is such an angel. He makes everyone feel important. And because of that we spend our days doing the same for him. We are so blessed by him. Next week he turns 11.

And that was our Easter entertainment! Noah above proud to be a bunny!

You may notice that Jacob and Mercy did not wear the bunny outfit.
They both can cry and scream so loudly that........well..........we just gave up. There was no way they were going to stop crying until we took it off!!
I didn't mind. 
But I still want to get a picture of Mercy in her Mulan costume. And so far- she refuses. That I do mind! :o)

And now it's 1:00 a.m. M.A. is still sleeping, she'll be up soon to potty. My dogs have been waiting to go out for the night!LOL! I have not completed any of my work. But I did finally post here!

My next post here will be about some exciting new Therapeutic items from this wonderful company- The Ark

They sent us some chews to try and we purchased a few feeding items that will be coming soon. They have lots of different therapy tools. They are American made. Please visit them as they are a wonderful company!

((((((((((HUGS))))))))) with all our LOVE to all!