Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Thursday, February 27, 2014

When time heals wounds

Last year mid March this little/big pumpkin entered our lives. 
If I just told you it was hard- I'd be lying.
satan fought a strong fight against it. Isn't he silly? Doesn't he know God already won?
This top picture was a frightened little 5 yr old who wanted to go "home". But she had no home.
We wanted to be that home. We wanted to be her family. Some days we thought that might be impossible.
She was about 46 pounds. Quite thin.
She was emotionally fragile, she was broken.

And now, she's 53 pounds and 6 years old. It's almost 1 year later. Miss Mercy has grown and blossomed. She has taught us things we never knew we needed to know and she has helped us stretch and grow as parents. We are a stronger family thanks to her. Amazing!
She adds so much to our lives! We just LOVE her to pieces! 

We sent off our 1-1/2 year report to Bulgaria for these three bumpkins! LOOK AT THEM GROW!!
Mosie is in size 3T clothes and 4 sleeper!!
Jacob and Noah are in 5T clothes and size 6!! sleeper!??
They are huge and heavy! LOL! 
They are curious! Opinionated! And busy busy busy!

So we had to buy 4 of these gates. I LOVE them!! They self close behind you! Samson hates them- the lift and un-lock makes no sense to him! We use one for the bathroom, one for the steps, one for my room and one for Isaiah's bedroom. So they can "run" through the hallway from Samson/Noah's room to the girl's room. 
We can leave them open to my room and Isaiah's room when we are in those rooms. (Isaiah's room is Mosie, Jacob, Julius and Pauly's room too. But there's only room to sleep in there! Isaiah has his stuff all around.)

Jacob and Noah used to share a bed. Until Noah let us know that when Jacob wakes up at night (which is often) he is mean to Noah. So Noah refused to share the bed. Now they each have their own bottom bunk bed. which makes sense, they are the biggest physically. Now Jacob can have a blanket and pillow in his bed. Noah chews up everything he can get his hands on. Even his shirts and jammie sleeves!! No pillows and blankies for Noah. So Jacob is enjoying his very own pillow! And Noah is loving sharing a room with Samson. They are becoming very close! Samson has to hug him and tuck him in and tell him "shh!".

Where does the time go? And who knew how BIG these boys would grow so quickly!!??    

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  1. They are, indeed, blossoming beautifully. Getting huge. "Son-flowers" you might say. Esther


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