Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Did you know Cupid had a birthday!

 Did you know there is a "real" Cupid? Who shoots arrows of LOVE into un-suspecting hearts?? 

Yup, his name is Mosie!

"No Mosie! Not now- leave your clothes on" He prefers to run around in his Cupid sash and diaper! LOL!

Today Cupid..........I mean Mosie is 9!

 It's Mosie's birthday today!! 
We are also celebrating 18 months home!! 
He is now 35 pounds and 37" long! He now wears size 3T shirt- size 2T pants size 6 shoe! (previously he wore size 12- 18 months, weighed 15 pounds,wore size 2 shoe)

And has he bonded? 
Oh my Mosie is completely bonded to everyone in the family! Strangers are looked at cautiously. Family is always preferred. 
Is it any wonder why our hearts are so love sick for this precious boy?

 He tries to pretend to be the calm cool guy who is large and in charge!

But who is he kidding? LOL!! He can't fool us! He's just a bundle of LOVE and FUN and JOY!! 

We call him "thunder thighs" now. 
I know that has an insulting kind of sound to it. But not for Moses. He has the thighs of a football player now. Once his thighs were so thin I was afraid the older kids would accidentally break him. Now he can stand and he wants to walk.....I mean RUN, so bad. He can climb anything if you hang onto his arms. He thinks he has super powers- and we agree!! SUPER MOSIE!! 

(pictures are out of order here :o) sorry) This is pre- hair cut (Dec.) when I let all the boys go shaggy over the Holidays because they hate hair cuts. Mosie never had hair before he came home. I LOVE his hair!

                                             Mosie and Kitty play the piano!

This is Mosie's bed. The cover is so he won't tumble out or grab things his siblings leave within his reach- like pencils!!!??? He has an extra thick mattress in the crib that makes him stand higher. He was too tiny to share a bed when he came home, and now he likes this better than a bottom bunk.
(Julius & Pauly share a bunk except at nap. Julius and Pauly are very close coming home together and Julius understands Pauly's autism. Noah and Jacob have their own bottom bunk. They used to share but Jacob has been mean to Noah in the night. So Noah let us know he was NOT sleeping with Jacob any more. We gladly moved him to Samson's room. Noah and Samson are thrilled!)

 Moses does not want to be carried! He tries to turn himself around and escape and "run" rather than be carried!! So for Tom to take him to the Dr we bought one of the larger back pack carriers- it holds up to 50 pounds and Mosie faces front behind Tom's back. He accepts that better! LOL! He hates strollers too! Tom can't "walk" him at the Drs! And he'll Houdini himself out of stroller seat belts! LOL!!

Because he's such a good boy we accommodate his requests!!
Someone once suggested that the boys do not talk back? 
Watch out! If Mosie is mad at you he slaps his chest firmly with one hand and yells "Eh!" Meaning NO!! :o)

 We have new gates!! And I love-love-love them!! One for the bathroom, one for my room, one for the steps.one for the boy's bed room. They run through the hallway between two bedrooms to play in. They can peer over the gates into the forbidden areas. 

Often once I shut a gate when I'm going into the bathroom, three boys will be standing on the other side looking like I'm going to let them in with me too! LOL! Of course they go into the bathroom to brush teeth- but not alone! And I prefer to not let them in while I use the bathroom!! LOL!

Moses doesn't believe in hallway rugs- so he throws them! Poor Mercy then trips over them. :o( 

 He's strong enough to 4 point crawl super fast and pull himself up on everything. Sometimes he crawls with one leg up as if to get up into a stand- soon?! :o)  He gives the gates a good shake- he's so strong! He ripped his bed tent off repeatedly until Tom zip tied it on! LOL! 

He now comes to us for diaper changes and things. Noah and Jacob will not "come" if asked ever. But Mosie, Julius & Pauly come when called.
He wants to be big in size so bad. He is big in his mind. He's not babyish like Julius, Pauly and Mercy at age 6. He acts more mature. Understands "good" behavior more. He's quite frustrated that he can't physically do what his brain is ready to do.

But it's coming Cupid my LOVE, I just know it's coming!!

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  1. Happy birthday dear little Moses! I love watching you grow and change. A special hug from Hope here in Missouri. :)


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