Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Day!

 You take 3 sisters and 1 brother, ages 9-10-11 and 12 and they wrangle up their 5 brothers, that absolutely MUST become pumpkins for October!
(Noah 10 left- Moses 8 right) And here are the results!

 Now these two boys knew exactly what was happening- because they have been here three Octobers now! But they weren't impressed with the tradition!
(Jacob 8 back left, Julius 6, Pauly 6)

Last year we had only 1 pumpkin outfit that fit Moses. After October there was a sale on these- and how could I resist? The only bad thing was none of the costumes fit Mercy. We did not know she was coming when I bought them.

                    L to R~ Jacob 8, Julius 6, Mosie 8, Pauly 6, Noah 10
                     Mission accomplished- 5 pumpkin boys! LOL!!

 Now you might think we have a favorite pumpkin.
But I hate to tell you it is just not true. Each pumpkin has the most distinct personality- we just cannot choose a favorite.
Mosie our smallest pumpkin is not as cuddly as he looks. But he is so absolutely adorable! He wins cutest pumpkin!

 He does not even have to do a darn thing to make the cuteness meter blow up from overload!! Oh how we LOVE this boy!!

 Julius 6, is one smart pumpkin! He's always one pumpkin ahead of us on everything. His adorable innocent look fools only those who do not know him! :o) Oh how we LOVE this boy!

 Noah 10, is our "great" pumpkin. Older, wiser than his younger brothers. He takes it all in stride. He's even tempered, kind and sweet! Oh how we LOVE this boy!

Pauly 6, is our pumpkin pie. His heart is always on his sleeve. You can crush his little feelings so easily if you don't notice his little attempts to be near you. He hugs and loves with every ounce of his being, and yet his fear of rejection often holds him back. Oh how we LOVE this boy!

And this is Jacob 8, our "Peter-Peter pumpkin eater"!! He will be your best friend if you have food and share with him! He entertains us with his amazing xylophone playing and now- singing! He has the sweetest little voice when he sings. But don't tell him or he'll stop! Oh how we LOVE this boy!!

So do you see what I mean? You just can't have one favorite pumpkin!!

I have to tell you though, that we never have a bad day with our boys. Never. They give more to us than we give to them. They find JOY in every day. And they share it with us constantly. Our cup over flows.

So when this young lady~
has bad days and negative behaviors are a chosen way to get attention. Especially in the middle of the night. (she has horrible insomnia) Or her frustration leads to self injurious behaviors.


We wouldn't have the love and patience without the LOVE that these boys share with us so freely.

Do you see how we did not just save their (the boy's) lives~ they most certainly saved ours as well.
It was only by the grace of God that we are the ones who God chose to parent these precious children.
Never think for a moment "we" did anything!
God is so good!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

900 diapers a month later

Maybe you remember last year?
We put all 5 boys on the couch together!
This year you can see the results above! LOL!!
Yup 100% ALL BOYS!
Below is the most semi-calm photo we could get.
However in their defense if we practiced daily- we could get something not as fun but more posed!

Now compare those 2 pictures! September 2012 and September 2013.

Even we can't believe how much they've grown!

September 2012~Julius, Noah and Jacob wearing size 3T, Pauly wearing 2T, Mosie wearing 18 months.
(Julius 5,Pauly 5, Noah 9, Mosie 7, Jacob 7)

September 2013~ Julius, Pauly, Noah, Jacob wear size 5T and are outgrowing 5T as I write. Mosie wears size 2T and should be in 3T soon.
(Noah 10, Mosie 8, Jacob 8, Julius 6, Pauly 6)

                              Our Princess had a birthday! 6 years old!

And yes, 6 children in diapers. No subsidies or government funding, and 900 diapers a month. Thank the Lord for Amazon Prime and free shipping!
No complaints here! :o)

(((HUGS))) and prayers everybody!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Therapy puppy

Our Honeybee works hard. Even tho she's just a baby.
She's only 10 weeks old here. And she's already started her job! Loving her people. Encouraging them to be the best they can be!

Please excuse the fact that Noah is wearing Pauly's size 3T shirt! LOL! Not sure who dressed him?
And the food on him is from finishing breakfast. Hungry guys let food fly!
And the need for a haircut! Well, I have been begging him to let me trim it and he refuses. So I've dreaded doing the shaved head. I do so love his hair! But if he won't let me trim it..............

Honeybee fascinates him! We have to be careful, Noah's curiosity makes him vulnerable to puppy scratches.

Noah studies her and watches her. He "tells" us all about her with his sweet voice and his little words like "byo bga k". No we don't know what that means, but the way he "talks" is so gentle and with great purpose, you just have to agree with him! We love every minute of it. He has such a soft heart. If Julius steals his toy he cries with anguish and sadness our hearts break with him.

Noah is not able to repeat words we say to him. But he mimics the sounds of others voices! He's so good at it he can fool us into thinking we hear someone else!

There is so much for Noah to see and learn about on a puppy. Good thing she has small teeth. They may be slightly poky, but they aren't able to hurt much.

               Noah likes her but he's not quite sure yet what she's good for!

Noah likes tongues. Noah still enjoys a random spit. Wow! look at that tongue Noah! LOL!

                              Yup, Noah's tongue still works too! :o)

Honeybee is beginning to wonder if Noah does anything besides watch!

            Noah likes everything about her. But what do you do with her?

                 Yes! We can touch tongues! That is what she's good for!

We are still waiting on the Chromosome test results for Noah. They said the Kabuki test was too $$. But if he does not have DS, they might pay for the Kabuki test.

Noah is now walking along the furniture! He won't take any steps without hanging on. But to see him walk along the furniture is exciting!
We looked high and low for a used gait trainer, but no luck. We might be able to get one made out of weighted PVC pipe! Insurance won't pay even with our PTs recommendation.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome Readers from GOMI

I'd like to clarify a few things for my precious GOMI readers.
Yes God says we are ALL precious in His sight. It says that in the Bible.

Your postings about us on GOMI have been less than truthful.

Tom and I are 59 and 56 years old. We aren't older- we're old. We have no problem being old. We have raised children for 37 1/2 years. Children with and without disabilities. WE ARE QUALIFIED. We have training in Foster Care, Waivered Services, Disabilities, Developmental Delays..........and I could go on and on. We have done Child foster care, Adoption, Adult foster Care, Waivered Services, sheltered un-wed birthmoms, to name a few of the services we've provided with County, State and Federal licenses. We've worked with non-profit agencies as well. We work under the supervision of Social Workers and Case Managers.

We are not "religiously driven". We are members of the Church of Christ a non-denomination church that does not follow religion, but follows the Bible. We express our beliefs. We follow Christ. We are led. Not driven. Yes, there is a difference. I imagine you have your own beliefs as well. Did I attack them?

We have adopted 7 children with Down Syndrome- but one may have been misdiagnosed.

We have 15 people in our teensy house, not 14.

We do not do OT/PT we have hired professionals who come into our home. Since they don't live here, we do things as well for our children to educate them and help them learn. Teaching adaptive living skills through Homeschool as well as using curriculum. I am a trained Adaptive Living Skills teacher for the Adults in our group home as well.

I can legally post pictures of my daughter that we have custody of. I only share medical conditions of my children that my readers can use or relate to. My children have many medical conditions that I will never post about to protect their privacy. My daughter was here for months before I posted a picture, or told anyone.

I find calling us and our precious children "assorted people" rude. First you come off as caring about the children's privacy/identity/adoption etc and then you call them "assorted people"?

You also mentioned this- and I quote~
{For a taste of how aware of adoption issues they are, a recent quote about their 18 year old's birthday says the child's "growth was affected by his heart, he is 4' 11" and 130 pounds of muscle. That muscle due to his black heritage has meant he has had very little hypotonia."}

Obviously the poster is unaware of adoption issues. Because my son's heart condition, lack of hypotonia, his stature or his heritage has anything to do with adoption. If he was our birth son his prognosis would be the same. And his heritage is what it is. Are you racist?

So now that I've become really popular attracting a lot of attention on your website I just wanted to give you the facts. And since I could not do so directly to you, I knew you'd be anxious to come here and read more about our spectacular family and beautiful life. So since you are all coming to see me here, I can respond to you here!

Remember, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
In Christian Love,
you know who we are ;o)

M.A. and Honeybee

                                   (M.A. is laughing hysterically here!)
Well I changed her "call" name to Honeybee. There was no way she could have a regular name when she is so incredibly special.
She is not like any dog we've owned!
She's not a Shiloh Shepherd like our Snow. Or a Pembroke Corgi like our Squiggy. Or a Great Pyrenese like our Bouquet and Babe. Or even a Pomeranian like our Lilly. (we've had many dogs in 38 years!)
Honeybee is a British Labrador.

M.A. has never been able to hold any of our other puppies. They did not have the "trust" to be held. They could get hurt or hurt her. They never could have been held by anyone who may hold them in a unusual way. But Honeybee can!
Honeybee trusts M.A.

 M.A. is very happy about the puppy's name change. She did not approve of a dog named Mary! LOL!

It's so cute that M.A. is feeling a huge responsibility holding this 12 pound puppy. Honeybee is really not that difficult to hold! :o)

 In fact Honeybee prefers to be held! At all times! By anyone!

She is truly the most "people dog" we have ever had! Some of our dogs like kids but ignore the adults, some like adults but bark when the kids get rowdy.
Honeybee LOVES everyone. So it's a good thing she'll wear a harness that says "Do not pet I am working!"
She will need to learn to ignore those outside our family.

What a blessing to have such a well rounded puppy in our lives. We are enjoying her so much!

I hope you won't get sick of puppy pictures because we have pictures of Honeybee with everybody! And they are too cute not to post!

We thank God for our precious new canine companion, who is soon to be my mobility dog and our Therapy dog!
Love-love-love this puppy!