Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Did she really bite Dad's toe?

Cute as a button isn't she? She has come a long way since she joined us last March.
She had used crying and tantrums as a means to communicate everything she did not like. And there was little she did like.
Now she only cries for reasons that make more sense. Things we can figure out.
When she cried for no reason, she seemed a lost soul.
Now she belongs. No longer lost, home for good at long last.

Communication is still challenging for her. Some days she does not let me know she "hears" me unless I have to discipline her. I want to communicate during our happy times too, but she's not ready yet. So when I tell her I love her or ask for her hand to give her something, she's not responding or wanting to listen. For now we pretend she does!

But if she hits her chest in anger or slaps her face, or taps things loudly to show she's not happy; she listens when I warn her that she may receive a time out. And she settles down.

Today washing her hair she let out one loud cry. I told her no crying. She did so well. She listened. Crying leads to tantrums, tantrums lead to hitting others (even me) and self abuse.

She gets it. She's trying! She has the maturity of a 3 year old. She'll be 6 next month. It's hard for her.

She has lots of life experience. First living with birth mom, then living with birth dad and paternal grandma, then living with a pre-adoptive family about 9 months, then visiting 2 more pre-adoptive families, and finally us.

But then being carted back and forth from March to June, due to legalities.

She had no say in any of it.

Only about once a week now. (not as frequent as before) She just can't handle things. She just can't get herself together. She completely loses it, and we can't reach her.

This is often from lack of sleep. She has a very hard time falling asleep. But she is learning to do that now too. So if she needs help we have to give her her medication, only about half a dose. She knows what it does, she was on it for years before we weaned her off. It makes her drowsy. It calms her down. Once all her medicals come we can get her new medicine from her new Dr to help sleep.

She's an absolutely beautiful child. She is so sweet. I am so thankful God sent her to us! We did something good for God to bless us with her! Thank You God!

And yes, we don't know why, but after Tom changed her diaper and as he was changing her brother Mosie's diaper, she bit his toe- hard!! LOL!! We have no idea why! But y'know Dad's not one to pay much attention to little girl's moods, so she figured out a good way to get his attention! LOL!! She's very smart!

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  1. She really is a beautiful child. I'm so glad she finally has a permanent home.


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