Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A new 18 year old! Samson Malachi

This very handsome young man is the "baby" of our 2nd group of children.

Our first group of kids ages are (and would be ages because 3 are in Heaven) 37,37,34,32,30 and 26. (one 37, 30 and 26 yr old in Heaven)

Our second group of kids ages are 23,21,20,18 and Samson now 18 too!

Our last group of kids ages are- 12,11,10,10,9,8,8,6,5,5 !!!!! (next month the last 2- 5 yr olds will turn 6, so it will be 3- 6 yr olds)
I think we need a 7 year old! LOL!!

 Samson was 3 when he joined us. He was 6 months younger than Gabriel. Gabriel was quite excited to have a brother who was "3" like him...........until he saw him in person!! I don't know why but sibling rivalry set in within moments. So we did not talk about them both being 3. Which bothered Samson none. We talked about Gabe being 3. And truthfully Samson was so delayed he was far from 3 yrs old developmentally. He had just started walking.

I have blogged about Samson's start in our family here~ 
In 2010 when I started this blog I wrote about him. And more about him in early 2011. Around 2012 Samson lost interest in being blogged about! LOL! He stopped asking me to post his pictures. And to be honest I was so busy with Julius & Pauly coming home I was fine with that!

He was going through his teens. He was busy. Adolescence has been rough. Including a little depression.

And then Gabriel turned 18 in February and jumped into his chosen life of total independence. Samson was the last child in his age group left at home- he was alone, he was sad. Life seemed to have passed him by. His favorite number one mentor and brother was gone. I know Gabriel doesn't notice, after all he's 18, but I hope when Gabriel is settled into adulthood he remembers Samson. Samson never forgets Gabe, and Samson would love to be a part of Gabe's life. Just as he's a part of his sister Grace's life. He has a new suit for her wedding!!

So after Gabriel left we had some adjusting to do. "We" (Tom and I) had dropped the ball. Samson rebelled. Samson was ready to move out too. And if he couldn't, he could check out mentally!

Ouch! This mommy's heart was hurting for him.
And I made some big changes.
Now this BIG guy is in charge! Now he has his own purpose. Yeah minus the Independence- but one thing at a time!
I'll post some fun pictures of his "in charge" activities soon.
He's still in homeschool, grade 9 this year.

We celebrated that God allowed M.A. to live and see his 18th Birthday!

When we adopted Samson from TX, M.A. and our Susie (our gal who had DS and died from alzheimers at age 44 after living here 16 years) came with us. We had 5 of the kids along too. Only 1 of our children traveling with us was white! Believe me in 1998 this did get attention! Grace found it quite humorous! TX helped us rent a $300 a night suite for $80 a night!! It was 2 floors. We loved it, it was so much fun! A kitchen, living room etc! There was a Laundromat to use at the hotel too! We stayed 5 days! We drove to TX, it was our 2nd trip driving down. (we did 3 total driving trips to TX, for 3 of the kids)

Our first trip to TX we flew- after that I said no more! It was the Blizzard of 1990 here with 3' of snow- we flew home into a closed airport. Tom almost killed us driving us 70 miles home from the airport on the closed Interstate with a 1 month old baby. It only took us 4 hours. OY! Travels with Tom!

Samson was born with a heart valve problem that could not be fixed. So the Dr in TX did his best to mend what he could.

When I took him to his first pediatric cardiologist visit in our City, the Dr (who drove up from the University of MN) told me
"The Dr who did Samson's surgery is a very well known Pediatric Cardiologist who had just moved away from working at the University of MN. He is the best there is!"
I get chills typing that- God sent the very best pediatric cardiologist from my state to TX so that when Samson was born, he would operate on my son! Thank You God!!

Samson's growth was affected by his heart, he is 4' 11" and 130 pounds of muscle. That muscle due to his black heritage has meant he has had very little hypotonia.

His heart used to beat too slow for his age. The leak was a level 4 but after joining our family it went to a 2!!!!!!!! But now it's back to a 3. He will take medication if anything is more concerning, he's stable for now. But he does tire easily and needs naps and at least 10 hours sleep.

M.A. says "O.K. Samson I think this is enough pictures!" LOL!!

Because our baby Joy had died from heart complications I was afraid. How long would I have Samson. With God's gentle prodding I realized it didn't matter. It was going to be just fine, no matter what happened. God is with us!

After Samson arrived home we took him to our city's very first Pediatric Cardiologist. The Dr was brand new from Medical school. He too is black. Samson loves him. His Cardiologist's name is Dr Chip, and he has given him excellent care for 16 years! (Dr Chip is an adoptive Dad of 2!!) Samson knows that he, himself is black. He had never lived with white people before us. But thanks to his foster families love and kindness towards us, he accepted us. (He is drawn to people of all colors and especially loves people who speak foreign languages!)

I just realized as I typed this- soon he will have to move on from Dr Chip because Dr Chip only cares for children!!......................oh! no! (sniff-sniff-cry) How can we trust anyone else? Praying God has a special Dr for us!! :o)

The frustrating thing for us now is getting his SSI to continue from childhood. In TX he qualified 100%, they sent the SSI to him up here. Now SSI says he must re-qualify, get another blood test for DS and see their Dr not ours. What a waste of government money! ugh!
This is why we've only had 2 out of 17 children adopted receive government funds! Too many hoops!

Here's the gang having Birthday cake.............before the littles in their high chairs get their cake everywhere! LOL! No candles for Samson- fire and Samson don't mix! LOL!
The Iron Man cap is from me, Big sis Grace and her soon to be hubby (in 3 weeks) got him a book, drawing paper and cool crayons. I ordered him a super cool Spiderman jacket but it did not arrive in time. :o(
We don't "wrap" gifts here. Wrapping paper is a luxury- we can spend those $$ on diapers! ;o)

Don't mind the dining area- its become a conglomeration of donations for the pregnancy resource center on the end of the table, and my glass collection that did not sell in the curio I'd hoped would be empty. :o(
The table is real wood and we've shortened it from the 10' it was to make room for high chairs. The worn-ness on the table shows 20 years of use. School books, dinners, crafts. It has been well loved!



  1. Happy 18th Birthday, Samson! I've been wondering what you've been doing and wishing for some pictures. It looks like your birthday was wonderful and your cake looks super yummy! (I LOVE chocolate!)

    I enjoyed reading the post on Samson. I know you've been posting about the youngest kiddos and you don't have a lot of spare blogging time, but it's good to see Samson again. I've missed him.

    Don't worry about your love-worn table. I'm impressed with all your glassware right there in the dining room! You are courageous. haha

    (((Hugs))) to all. I hope Grace will allow you to write about her wedding and include photos.

    1. Hi! Yes we'll have pictures of the wedding and I'll post it on the other blog!! :o)
      Tom broke the first piece of glass, and it was my favorite!! The kids have only broken 2 or 3 pieces. No loss, we had enjoyed them!I think I miss the lamps they busted more!! Ha-Ha!


  2. Happy Birthday Samson!!! Gods blessings be upon you and your family!

  3. Happy birthday Samson!

    Eliz, I just thought I would give you this idea we do in our family, in case you think it is fun: we "wrap" presents in pillowcases tied with ribbons!

    Any kind of pillowcase works, but we have something special too. All my kids have pillowcases that we made during a family reunion that are colorfully decorated with fabric markers--all the relatives wrote their names and drew little pictures on everybody else's pillowcases, so all the kids have this fun memory of the reunion, and reminders of all the people who love them, even if from far away. But then each child's name is written on the "open" end of the pillowcase, so it is easy to see who the case belongs too, and when I use the pillowcases as wrapping, you can see who the present should go to. : )

    I use sheets as wrappers for the big things--a brown or white sheet tied up with a big red ribbon looks so pretty and festive under the Christmas tree!

    So, not saying you need to start wrapping. But just thought I would tell you how we do it, for free. : )

    1. Great idea Blessed! I'll just use the kid character pillow cases we have already! Thanks!
      We do put things in a big shopping bag- I hold it and they stick their hand in the bag and pull out on gift at a time till they have them! But Samson doesn't like that! He would like the pillow cases!

  4. The neat thing about gifts that don't arrive on time is that they stretch out the birthday fun! Happy birthday, Samson!


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