Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Julius 2 years home!

Each boy is so individual.
Sometimes when I say "my son" I'm surprised that people ask- "which one?" I think they should know who, just by what I'm saying about them! LOL!

Each boy is so unique.
Even with the same  diagnosis of Down Syndrome- it does not affect each boy in the same way. For a couple boys it's the thing that least describes their challenges.
Like Pauly, Autism robs him of so much. Down Syndrome is nothing compared to how the Autism affects him.

Pauly has been home 2 years also. But I'll share about our "Ju-Ju-bean" first.
After all he's older than Pauly by 3 whole months! He's 6 years old now. Where has the time gone?

Julius can no longer remember not being with me.
Secretly I love that. I am a momma figure to him.
Not in the same way as my kids who were never orphans, but in a way that he's building a very special relationship with me now.
Because I am his constant. Dad and I are both his constant. Brothers and sisters are great- but everybody needs to know- who's in charge here! :o) Mom and Dad.

Oh yes, 2 years later and he still spits.
Why? Because he can! And he loves attention, so if they don't pay attention to you when you are being good/quiet- spitting makes them run to you! LOL!!
Even Noah (age 10) does not want to be reprimanded for "No spit!" But Julius...........well Julius craves attention more than most!

Julius and Bella Mercy are the highest functioning of the 6 youngest children. Both copy negative behaviors..........for attention. Both "talk" louder.....and louder.....and LOUDER over Tom and I when we try to talk to each other. Both want us to stop talking and look at them. It's pretty funny when you realize what they are doing! And they compete against each other to do it.
We have had other siblings have the same kind of personality clashes with each other over behaviors like this! It's always surprising.
But as unique as we think we are, human nature is pretty predictable! :o)

                               "Nope Dad, that wasn't me!" LOL!!

Some days I think to myself- how am I so blessed to have this special little person in my life? He brings us so much JOY!
He is so much my boy.
Yes the first 6 months with him were harder than I'd imagined. But when the switch turned on in his precious little mind, and he knew he was home...........it was too easy! It was too much fun! It was like he'd been here with us forever!

And now I can ask him to do anything.
And you know what- he LOVES me that much, he LOVES that hard, he will do it for me if he can.

Look at this precious face, these beautiful brown eyes. He's so beautiful he makes me cry tears of JOY! Fearfully and wonderfully made!

A long time ago I learned that if you brag on your children that are adopted- people get quiet! LOL!!
If you brag on your birth kids, people will share their own birth kid's incredible capabilities! LOL!
But if they haven't adopted, they can't compete! LOL!!

Oh precious Lord Thank You!
Thank You for these last 2 years, to LOVE this boy.


  1. Brag On! Brag on ALL your kids though because I love hearing about each one. ;) Julius is a beautiful little boy. Just looking at his face, one can see a boy who has learned to LOVE and be LOVED!

  2. Such a beautiful boy! Lisa L.

  3. I'm ashamed at how infrequently I comment, but I check your blog all the time, Elizabeth. I love hearing all about your boys and the rest of your beautiful family including your newest addition. Congratulations!!! She is so lovely. I made Allan read your latest post about Noah and his funny faces. I feel like it it such an incredible bond between us that I have met that handsome young man and his baba (and his brother Jacob!)

    I'm very interested on your upcoming post about Paul and autism. As we have suspected all along, our pediatrician recommended this afternoon that we pursue an autism diagnosis for Niko in addition to the Down syndrome. Since he's the first child I know really well with DS, I'd love to read of the differences in behaviour you see in your kids with dual diagnoses versus run-of-the-mill DS. I'd also love to hear if you have different parenting strategies in general and also specifically to encourage social engagement. Do you think any of your other boys have autism, or just sweet Pauly?

    When we first looked into adoption, autism was something that scared me. Now, I'm thankful how God has been at work in me, and the label "autism" wouldn't really change much in our world. I think it would just be a descriptor of a little boy we already love and enjoy so much. I think the main benefit of the label would be accessing more resources. At least in our neck of the woods, there is so much more available for autism than DS.

    Lots of love to you!

    1. Carol!!! It's so good to hear from you!! (((HUGS))) I'll get to Pauly soon! ;o)

  4. He certainly does those beautiful brown Bulgarian eyes!!! Blessings, Jennifer


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