Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cuteness alert!! Moses!

                                         "Dad help me- I'm trapped!"

This guy is big and strong now! And super fast! If you see him crawling quickly through the hall way and it looks like he's alone.............he's not! We are running as fast as we can behind him. He does not like to be "fenced" in! LOL! He wants his freedom! Once in a while he escapes to the bathroom and them calmly crawls out like "O.K. that was fun!" We just stand back and watch in awe!

He commando crawls and does a super fast 4 point crawl! He was afraid to stand out side his bed- but now he is standing lots of places!

Moses has doubled his weight in 10 months! He's 30 pounds!

When Julius & Pauly came home to us, they were 3 & 4 years old. They tried to run everywhere-  away from us! They were very hard to console. They were not happy. They were scared. When the older kids played the kitchen set with them, with"play" food, they thought it was crazy! They weren't interested in anything. They were too young, and too far behind developmentally. They didn't even "mouth" things till we showed them!

When Noah 9, Moses7 and Jacob7 came. They were older, they sat, they watched, they didn't want to escape anywhere- what was escape anyway?! They had been dependent for 9 and 7 years. They didn't leave our side! They were behind developmentally, but they had years of experience- they had learned! And they knew they liked us..........(well maybe not Jacob, but he was 9 months post exploratory brain surgery, he had a good excuse.)

I have to agree~ older special needs orphans do fit into the family easier.

                       "C'mon Dad! This is serious- I'm not laughing."

Now the older three have learned that they can wander. They love to explore! They are interested in everything!
They no longer sit! They try things! This gets our speedy boy Mosie into trouble- as he crawls 90 mph towards the top of the stairs and stops on a dime! LOL!
We are now a gated community! LOL!

All 3 older boys have a healthy respect for stairs. J & P did not, and learned the hard way.

Noah will still feel frustration or become over stimulated from so much freedom. He no longer lives in his orphanage crib, he has a bottom bunk bed, but he only sleeps there. (Although some nights he's like any 10 yr old- he's not tired yet!! LOL!!) So now when he wants to be alone he crawls into the empty bottom bunk in Samson's room, where they play. He surprised us all when we saw him do this- but we understood. We gently pull him out. He'll allow us to hold him like a baby at these times. We don't want him to be alone. We want to teach him to come to us when he's overwhelmed.

Jacob's independence surprised us! One night at bed time Jacob decided to throw himself out of his bottom bunk over the bed railing! We were shocked! The floor is carpeted with a rug on top- he wasn't hurt- we wondered if it was an accident........... until he did it 3 more (separate) times!! He wants to explore! Not go to bed! We had to very firmly tell him no, to get him to stop. And he did stop. Now once in a while he "hangs" over the bed rail- we watch for this before he falls asleep. We catch him quickly and tell him "no" and he will stop! Thank goodness he doesn't nap, so he's the first one to fall asleep!

                                     "Fine I'll taste the darn thing!"
                      "And make a pitiful face so you'll feel sad for me!"
       "But I can't do that for very long- because I'm just too darn CUTE!"
Tomorrow our favorite Adoption Social Worker is coming! We will complete Julius and Pauly's 2 year post placement report for Bulgaria (~ the Country of our heart!)
TWO?........YEARS?.......... Oh my heart is FULL to BURSTING!
How do I contain ALL the JOY that God has OVER FLOWED my cup with?? My boys my LOVES!
We are truly truly SO BLESSED!


  1. You have so many busy boys now...what a huge progress they are making!!!! I'm sure it helps to have so many amazing big sisters and brothers to encourage them to do new things also!! blessings, Jennifer


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