Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, June 28, 2013

Because you ALL mean so much to us- we Thank God for you!

This is MA home with "her" kids.
Home at last!
These are our 4 oldest at home. (Samson has a bad cold and is in bed)
This is my Faith Blessing-12, Elizabeth Beloved- 11, Katherine Devoted- 10, Isaiah Michael- 9.
These 4 are my very best helpers , without these precious 4- I'm lost.
Can you see God's LOVE shine through their eyes!
MA adores them. Just as she adores the boys. She calls the boys our babies!

MA is left handed. Here she is feeling behind her to "pinch" one of the kids teasingly! She is so much fun!
She is wearing her Shiloh Shepherd T shirt. We have a white Shiloh Shepherd named Snow. She loves him. She saw I had a Tshirt with Shiloh Shepherds on- she made me buy her one too!

Every day we are together is a gift from our Heavenly Father, filled with so much JOY.
MA is JOY!
The boys are JOY!
These 4 beautiful children are JOY!
Serving each other in LOVE is JOY!

Our cup over flows! Each day a gift!

God Bless you ALL for loving our MA with us! For praying for her. For praying for us.
We LOVE you dearly!


  1. What a wonderful surprise to see these beautiful pictures! MA looks so good and so happy to be back with the others! The smiles on all the faces are precious. You are so blessed to have those good helpers with you each day. Praise God!

    Barb M.

  2. I am so happy to see her home - her real home - with all of the love surrounding her. God Bless! Lisa L.

  3. SO happy to see her home !! I'd been thinking of MA and you the past few days,, worrying that you hadn't blogged recently. Glad you're all back together again :)

  4. So nice to see you all back together again!! God is good!

    -karen g

  5. Love seeing these "welcome home" pictures of MA with the bigger kids. Just look at all the beaming faces! MA looks so happy to be back. And she has a bit of a teasing side, doesn't she?! haha
    Praying for you and your precious family. Love you!

  6. Oh, Praise God! It is so good to see her home again. I will be praying for strength and healing for her. And as always strength for you and your man as you are Gods hands and feet to all those you serve. God be with you!


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