Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Play time!

The boys still have stuffy noses with Spring allergies added. Spring hair cuts were a week ago. Noah was fine with the hair cut. But he cried and cried at the loss of his hair! He seriously did not like the "feeling" of his head without his hair! Silly boy. He turns 10 June 3rd already!

My little "twins" Julius & Pauly. In 2 weeks Julius will turn 6 and Pauly won't be 6 until September.
The endocrinologist isn't sure she agrees with me about Julius' thyroid. We were referred to her because he had abnormal thyroid results. But the last 2 tests were normal. Still something is off, he's so thin. I think he fits the Graves disease profile. Now she wants to check him for Celiac disease. At my request she'll re-check thyroid too. I was hoping we could take a picture of his thyroid- not sure how they do that.

Julius still licks everything first. Some battles can't be won! So I'm sticking to the no spitting battle and backing off of no licking for now!

 Oh! Julius you are our funny boy! He loves attention. If he doesn't get any he can get very loud! And now he likes the attention he gets for his silly antics! Pauly prefers to observe! Sweet boys! These are the only 2 who can walk.

Noah's field of vision causes him to tilt his head back like our Samson. He is getting so chunky- I love it! He's built quite sturdy. He's rapidly outgrowing his 5T jammies! He wore a 3T just last September. Both he and Jacob are in 5T. Julius grew 2 sizes in a year after his surgery that Noah had a month ago. Wonder if now Noah too will have the same growth spurt.

Mr Funny Bunny can laugh and laugh until you'd think he couldn't laugh any more and then he does!! The biggest thing on him are those huge brown eyes that you can melt right into!

After dinner we put jammies on. Bed time comes so fast, 7 p.m. They don't nap so they are tired. Then we can change and tuck them in quickly.
Mosie, Julius and Pauly used to nap. But no more. :o(

One of our bestest loveable big helpers Kitty.

                                                  "I know I'm silly!"

Big brown eyed boy. He's also out growing his clothes so fast! First 12 months- then 18 months-now fitting into 24 months- getting ready for 2T!!
Jakie was having his diaper changed and missed the pictures! 

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