Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Friday, May 31, 2013

Urgent! Please pray for MA

                                               She's in the ICU.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hair today gone tomorrow!

It was finally warm enough to cut hair! Jacob cried, but he liked the end result.
This is the only place Jacob stands independently- in the playpen. Otherwise we "hoist" him up on beds, furniture, the play kitchen set etc. to stand. He'll stand a while. But he refuses to pull himself up onto anything other than the playpen.

Jacob "talking".
He retreats into himself so much of the time, it is exciting to hear him "talk". Even though he refuses to respond to us at times, it doesn't mean he isn't thinking! He likes to slam doors and find trouble! If only he knew walking would help him find more trouble! His new past time is throwing. He throws anything with zeal. Some days the crashes are huge and it's an electronic toy that he now had the strength to throw across the room! What is it with boys and throwing! LOL!!

These guys stayed upstairs to watch a movie.  Notice Julius is feeling Isaiah's head. Julius doesn't want to feel his own head! He's a little distraught over his missing hair! LOL!

 And Lysa gets into the action giving Isaiah nice bunny ears! Noah was furious to have a hairless head! He cried and cried! He welcomed one of the caps put on his head!

The discoloration on Noah's forehead is from when he rocked in his crib in the orphanage. He pushed his feet against one side of the crib and arched his head back to push on it. He can't do this in his bed now, but believe me he tries! It's healed over but scarred.

This was the best picture with Pauly looking at the camera! He's so handsome!
Julius is already starting to "think" about trouble! LOL! Pictures are booooring!

So Julius decided to hit Noah. He's incredibly fast which is frustrating! Poor Noah- baby brothers are p-e-s-t-y!!!! And dad tells Julius "NO!"
Good boy Noah you are so big! Pauly is wondering what is Julius up to!?                        

So Julius tries to convince Pauly to join in the naughty fun. Hmmm.

(Here Julius is giving the "all done sign"!! LOL!! All done Dad! No more pictures!)
And he can't get precious Pauly to consider any of it..........so............

He takes poor Pauly's sock off!!!
Oh! Julius!
And Isaiah wouldn't trade any of them! He LOVES them all!
Non-stop motion at the Archer household! LOL!!
Blessing-after blessing!
Thanks for visiting us! (((HUGS)))

Monday, May 27, 2013

For the LOVE of Mosie

                                           He can be serious!

                                               He can be silly!

                                              He can be funny!

                                          He can be crazy!!! LOL!!

                 He can be irresistible! Those eyes are beyond beautiful!

Tom says it was worth everything to get Mosie home. He was in such a bad condition.
He sleeps like an angel! Before his tonsils and adenoids were out this boy barely breathed! And food came out his nose. No more!

He sleeps all night. And watches for momma every morning at 5:30 a.m.! Silly boy! I get up at 6 not 5:30!! LOL!

            Oh! it is so precious to hear him finally breathe laying down!
His favorite puppy and his Elmo sent to him from someone special in AZ!!

(the spots on the sheets happen every night, he and Jacob bite their tongues at bedtime :o( My little helpers change the sheets when they get him out for breakfast!)

                     Look at these chunky legs! Oh he is growing so big!

                    Every single day with Mosie is a day filled with JOY!

Today, Mosie is the same size Pauly was when Pauly came home in 2011 at 4 yrs old.
Mosie no longer wears size12 months or 18 months- but 24 months!! Praise the Lord!!

His hands and feet are still quite small for his body. But he's so strong now! The kids can barely carry him! He is practicing walking but he cannot bend his legs. He never learned how to use them that way. They are stiff and he fears bending them.

Next year he could be very close in size to Pauly.
Mosie's 2 1/2 years older that Pauly, but it would be a blessing to see Mosie that big!
It is a blessing to watch his thighs grow to a size we could not have imagined! And to see him grow longer and taller!!!

Sometimes at night I think about how much I LOVE these boys, and how much they mean to our family, and how they have been saved from a fate that I can't bear to think about.

And I remember ALL of you who gave $5, $10, $25, $50, even $1,000 and one family gave $6,000.
And I cry tears of JOY for all of your sacrifices to help my boys come home.

I can NEVER thank you enough.
God Bless you! You are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers. I am indebted to you forever.
You saved my boy's lives!
We LOVE YOU more than words can express!

I hope the JOY in Mosie's face repays you for your faith in us!
((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wrestling Noah style!!

Do you know a boy who does not like to wrestle??!! LOL!!
Here is one boy's favorite sport- wrestling Noah style!
To the left is Kitty's math book. She was working hard on her math until this big guy decided- time to wrestle!!

And she's down!
What gentle boy he is.
After years of living without family or learning how to socialize one on one with another child. This precious boy learned to be kind, to be gentle.
If you ever hear Noah cry, you know either he hurt himself or one of his little brothers hurt him............."Julius!!!!". Poor guy.
But he doesn't want to be mean back ever.

He only wants lots of physical contact to confirm he's loved. He had a Baba and a special friend Donna who showed him love. Now he enjoys love all day long! Now he pushes away if he's had enough love! :o)

Oh to lay on your sister and enjoy the victory of the win!

Mosie to the right says "Cool- huh- dad!"

Aaaaw! Sis! Why are you getting up! I won- I won!! C'mon accept your defeat!

Darn! Kitty wants to get out of this match and back to work!
But Noah's ready for round 2 and Mosie wonders if it's a good idea to throw yourself on your sister? Whad'ya think dad? Would it hurt?

Pauly is calling for back up! His new thing is to YELL LOUDLY "AHH" if he disapproves anything that is going on! Silly boy!

Recently I had a new health diagnosis that has slowed me down. I've needed to- go*ogle- goo*gle- g*oo*gle. Educate myself. A bit depressing, but I'm accepting my plight. Altho the Lord does get tired of my whining. I ask him things like "How many thorns can one have in their side?" ;o)
These boys help me remember- I am LOVED by them just the way I am! I won the lottery!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Play time!

The boys still have stuffy noses with Spring allergies added. Spring hair cuts were a week ago. Noah was fine with the hair cut. But he cried and cried at the loss of his hair! He seriously did not like the "feeling" of his head without his hair! Silly boy. He turns 10 June 3rd already!

My little "twins" Julius & Pauly. In 2 weeks Julius will turn 6 and Pauly won't be 6 until September.
The endocrinologist isn't sure she agrees with me about Julius' thyroid. We were referred to her because he had abnormal thyroid results. But the last 2 tests were normal. Still something is off, he's so thin. I think he fits the Graves disease profile. Now she wants to check him for Celiac disease. At my request she'll re-check thyroid too. I was hoping we could take a picture of his thyroid- not sure how they do that.

Julius still licks everything first. Some battles can't be won! So I'm sticking to the no spitting battle and backing off of no licking for now!

 Oh! Julius you are our funny boy! He loves attention. If he doesn't get any he can get very loud! And now he likes the attention he gets for his silly antics! Pauly prefers to observe! Sweet boys! These are the only 2 who can walk.

Noah's field of vision causes him to tilt his head back like our Samson. He is getting so chunky- I love it! He's built quite sturdy. He's rapidly outgrowing his 5T jammies! He wore a 3T just last September. Both he and Jacob are in 5T. Julius grew 2 sizes in a year after his surgery that Noah had a month ago. Wonder if now Noah too will have the same growth spurt.

Mr Funny Bunny can laugh and laugh until you'd think he couldn't laugh any more and then he does!! The biggest thing on him are those huge brown eyes that you can melt right into!

After dinner we put jammies on. Bed time comes so fast, 7 p.m. They don't nap so they are tired. Then we can change and tuck them in quickly.
Mosie, Julius and Pauly used to nap. But no more. :o(

One of our bestest loveable big helpers Kitty.

                                                  "I know I'm silly!"

Big brown eyed boy. He's also out growing his clothes so fast! First 12 months- then 18 months-now fitting into 24 months- getting ready for 2T!!
Jakie was having his diaper changed and missed the pictures! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finally pictures! Thank You Tom!

 Did someone say that little boys can't play inside a Princess tent?

Ooopsie! They forgot to tell these brothers! LOL!!
Mosie loves tents!
We bought our visitor a tent to play in!! And the boys couldn't resist!

Pauly thinks he's busted so he's acting "cool" here! LOL!!
"Not me Dad- Nah- I didn't go in there! It's purple and pink!!" LOL!!
And Mosie says he was just lookin!!

 There's someone special with a silly sock on in there!!

"So Mosie, should we go back in after Dad leaves?" (says Pauly)
Mosie says "Well let me check if anyone else is watching in the hall way!"

They have a Camoflauge tent they love to play with Isaiah. So now every tent is fair game!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


After the tummy flu, SP brought us home a cold! Waking up first thing, to do 5 nebulizer treatments in the morning is tiring! LOL! But I guess 5 out of the 11 children here isn't bad! And poor SP, coughing-and coughing. She had her neb too.

Homeschool is proceeding. The 3 boys are learning so much so fast. Communication lags, but they are feeding themselves and eating snacks with us. We still have to feed them to get enough calories in them. They are so satisfied with so little food it is frightening. But they will finish their food if we feed them.

Jakie stopped walking on the side of his left foot! Yeah! And he is fascinated with the vacuum, so if we want him to stand and bear weight in the playpen, (then he can hold on to the edge) he will walk around it on his own hanging on. Then he goes around and around the playpen just to see the vacuum! That is huge. That is the first thing we've seen pull him out of his world of fear. Machines! He loves machines! We are having fun with this!

Jakie was blessed with normal sized tonsils and adenoids! No more surgery!

The other boys are equally fascinated with the vacuum. No fear of it at all!
I remember when each boy saw our big 120 pound white fluffy dog Snow. They all climbed right over him with no fear of what he is! They ignore him totally. Well except our little monkey Julius- he licks tongues with Snow- Julius licks everything!

Jacob still hates strangers and new places. He still cries a very sad cry in new places. He has bonded, but is still not sure about us! Trust is hard for him and who can blame him?

Noah still, will not take a step on his own. We are looking for a used stander. Insurance won't pay for one. He is too tall for the baby toy walkers. (the Melissa and Doug Alligator walker is Mosie's favorite!) Is there such a place that sells used adaptive equipment?
If the kids are small we can use toddler furniture and adapt it. But Noah is growing bigger. He is learning so many physical skills now that help him get around and climb and sit. But we still catch him often, laying flat on his back, head and neck arched rocking. Poor baby- old habits die hard. He'll even crawl into any of his sibs beds to do this.

We decided to leave his tonsils/adenoids in, they are large but they don't interfere like some of the other boys, no snoring, no feeding issues, no infections. No more surgery for Noah!

Noah is always curious and would visit a stranger if they asked. He hasn't really "bonded" yet. He's still searching. But I think he'll figure it out! He still loves everybody here, he's so happy!

This little guy, Pauly is getting his 2nd set of tubes put in his ears. The first set fell out very quickly-I think we should have received a refund! He gets frequent ear infections. He's going to see the Endocrinologist for his Thyroid because they can't stabilize his meds.

Two years home now, I can't remember life without him. :o) He's my baby. He is very bonded to us in his funny little quirky/autistic ways. He's my teddy bear!

He still has many autistic behaviors that aren't going away. He does have better eye contact, and he responds to his name. He laughs to let me know he loves me. But otherwise he just kinda zones out and hammers! His favorite thing is "hammering". If he doesn't have his little hammer he'll use a large lego or something similar! Tap-tap-tap is the sound we hear when we know he's busy! He plays a mean xylophone too! LOL!!

Julius, my thinker! Always into something! He re-arranges our house daily, throws valuable knick-knacks in the garbage. He puts toys in dresser drawers. Busy- busy- busy boy! He put his socks in my shoes!! During his multiple time outs he sits next to his big brother Samson. He is fascinated with Samson. They are best buddies. Julius will always pat a head, smooth someones hair with his hand and hug them! Unless............you ask him to! LOL!!

Two years home now- he is definitely an Archer! LOL! He is very bonded to us.

He feels empathy for people. When we've had our visitor here these past weeks,(since mid March) and our visitor cries..........Julius cries too. (I wrote a little about our visitor on my other blog) Julius used to be a feisty little fighter, but no more! :o) (Throwing things at Noah, Jacob and Moses.)
He's having some difficulties with understanding language- sentences- he loves signs. He definitely has Apraxia. That frustrates him, so he only wants to use his signs saying "dat-dat-dat-dat"

We aren't going to take his tonsils/adenoids out either. He is a candidate, but again, they aren't bothering him. So no more surgery!
But we still have not figured out his hyperthyroid- I'm getting concerned. We waited the 3 months the Endo suggested, so Monday we'll find out more. I definitely think its a concern, he has all of the signs.

Last but not least! This Mosie boy is growing fast and furious. In his little playpen bed he stands so tall I thought he was standing on a toy!!
He still needs his Orchiopexy, probably in June. He is horrible after surgeries, he needs so much hands on care. I am already worried. But at least he'll be "bigger" for the surgery.

When he's big enough to share a bottom bunk bed with a brother. We'll move a boy into a toddler bed in his spot. Not sure who yet!

His personality has changed so much. He used to have to make continual noise/chatter. But now he has times of quiet and times of "talk" that are more appropriate. He still LOVES LOVE!! He lives for LOVE! He won't accept affection from strangers. He likes his familiar family people! He knows us all, he LOVES us all! He is completely bonded.

Tom says over and over that saving Moses was worth everything. Loving Moses is worth the stress and struggles of bringing them all home. To save Moses' life was overwhelming. He could have so easily died. Like so many of the children did there.

This past week I shredded hundreds of papers and documents from these two International Adoptions. We of course kept the important things. I had 2 file boxes stuffed with notes and e-mails and copies of documents in triplicate- just in case!!

We are done. No more International Adoptions. Shredding each document was freeing. We did it. The adoptions are complete. The boys are here. No waiting no worries. Our boys are ours!

At our ages we have to have a Will and Guardians for the boys. It is alot for anyone to take on when/if Tom and/or I die. Adding more children would be foolish at our ages- who would care for them, we can't live forever! The Guardians we have can't take more than what we planned. We want the boys kept together.

If you've been a long time reader you know we wished hoped and prayed for a little girl. More than anything in the world Tom dreamed of his little Bulgarian girl. His one last trip to Bulgaria. We tried, we begged, we had no shame in pleading. We asked about the girls that weren't chosen. The Lord shut that door. We no longer qualify to adopt from the country we love.

But don't be sad for us! God is good. A while back I posted about "Syndromes" http://theroaddownhome.blogspot.com/2013/04/syndromes.html
We are actively learning about a new Syndrome from our visitor. God has truly blessed us beyond our hopes and dreams.

I can't say now but when the time comes, I can share how when God closed the door to Bulgaria, He opened another door we never could have imagined. And He is so good to us even though we do not deserve it! His Will is always much better than ours! We Praise Him with humbled hearts. Thank You Lord!
we Praise God!!