Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The babie's of the family

Only 6 months ago. Pauly and Julius were like twins! They are only 3 months apart in age. Both 5 years old. The youngest- the babies of the family!

They came home together August 2011 and they have grown very close here as brothers. They had a full year here before the 3 older boys came home.
Last summer they decided to share a play pen up north for sleeping and then a bottom bunk bed at home. They sleep so sweetly together. Well except when Julius decided undressing Pauly was fun! LOL! The sleep sack stopped that! ;o)
The bottom bunk still works great for sharing~but~ they are to big to sleep in the playpen together this summer!!
Pauly is still in a size 3T sleeper. Julius is in a size 4T sleeper.
Julius is tall and wiry! We tried to tell his endocrinologist he's too thin, but he's 50% weight and 70% height for DS. So she does not share our concern.
Pauly is plump and cuddly like a little stuffed bear!!
And Pauly's blue eyes (our only BG baby with blue eyes!) are captivating! He really has more of the all American football hero look!
They feed themselves now! Pauly practises here with his spoon and a bowl of cheerios as he plays picnic!
Between the wet spoon and his habit of licking his upper lip- we fight chapped lips.

 HA! We caught you Julius!! Still the spitter. Spit- spit- spit. It makes him crazy happy. :o( I've found nothing yet to replace the joy he gets from spitting! darn!

Julius loves sign language. And he picks it up quickly and uses it very appropriately! Only with me. He knows the others aren't understanding his signs. Why waste time!! He hesitates to make sounds to communicate. Definitely seeing more signs of apraxia. And yet hearing him make great sounds throughout the day.
Julius' favorite sign is "all done"!! I say- Julius give your sister a hug! Julius signs- "all done". I say- Julius take off your shirt. Julius signs- "all done"!! O.K. I think he thinks this is the universal sign for "no way"!! LOL!!

While Julius is in constant motion watching, learning, jumping, leaping, living!
Pauly is laid back- laughing, loving and watching! LOL! If any of the boys I feed cause trouble (spit food on me!) Pauly will copy them! Today he leaned in to see why Jakie wasn't swallowing his breakfast and I kissed him. That seemed to help him see it wasn't worth trying the same thing! But he's thinkin about it!
Julius doesn't need to copy anybody acting out. He has his own original stuff to try!

The 3 new boys love going outside. It took Julius a year to even dare to enjoy the outdoors, or a shopping trip with dad. His anxiety caused drool soaked shirts. Now he loves outside!
And Pauly is still thinking about it. Thinking if he should just look out the door or actually go outside!
All 5 boys should be so ready to play on the deck in the playhouse any day now. If spring ever decides to get here! LOL!!

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